Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blog a Review

If you haven’t quite got all your holiday gifts purchased here is a book you can add to the list, Unfinished by Suzanne Gravelle. It is a true account of one woman’s extraordinary trip, taken over the course of a year, to discover the truth. A story that puts you on emotion’s edge, so close to falling off that the reader begins talking to the author. Sort of like the locked door that no one dares to enter, but Suzanne Gravelle does, all the while you are saying, ‘don’t – don’t do that’. Yet, she does because she must.

Unfinished is the story of betrayal, it is an opening of Suzanne’s soul to the unknown. Courageous and daring enough to sell her beloved home in Nova Scotia, to leave her family and quit her job, Suzanne embarks on a solo trek across Canada, a blonde in a Mercedes SUV, to confront her fears. Life is cyclical and if we do not take the reins early on then what haunts us will return. The betrayal in Suzanne’s life is masked by superficial promises, similar promises likely having been made before in her life by some other person, or another lost love.

The betrayal, this time, comes to her in the form of lover, Jack. He is somewhat of an archetype character that represents the many faces of a betrayed past. Some come into our lives for a long time, some short, and still others as teachers. Jack is clearly a teacher for Suzanne. His lessons are harsh and difficult to understand, but eventually she comes around.

Bravo to Suzanne Gravelle for stepping out of skin, for peeling back her comfort zone to track down the culprit of her past and of her present, allowing the author to be finished, and to complete her journey. Her children, grandchildren and the next love of her life will reap the benefits of her exceptional experience.

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