Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog the Super Bowl

The planet Mercury will be dancing forward again on Monday. Has anyone noticed how the "re" words have been in force the last few weeks? The most significant example was during the inauguration when President Obama was taking his oath of office. There was a brief moment of words out-of-order which forced the repeating of the oath and later the oath was taken again to insure that no one could question its validity. All under a Mercury retrograde.

Once this energy ends conversation and transportation gets easier and less confusion hangs in the air. We are moving into the second half of the week with a moon in Pisces. This sensitive moon allows us to express our feelings and to gain the empathy or sympathy of others. Using this kind of leverage can be successful for some. On Friday the moon changes into Aries the void is between 4:30am and 10:30am. Aries picks up speed and burns off any remaining residue of tears or sensitivity. With Aries there is little patience for emotion. Use this moon to accomplish much, be innovative and passionate. Aries will go off screen for the afternoon on Sunday. For those watching the Super Bowl she returns just after 5pm. For those betting money on the outcome of that game I predict the Steelers to win. This comes not from love of the game but merely from a formula for picking the Super Bowl winner and never watching football. Last year I picked the Giants.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog Google Alert

I have Google Alert. This nifty little daily do keeps me informed of where I am on the Internet. When setting up my Google Alerts I included several words that are repeated in blogs and articles. My name for one, the name of my main character in my book for another. When Hudson Catalina pops up, and she does every day, I know I am in for some interesting blurbs. The word Catalina appears on its own as well as Hudson, so I get info as far reaching as Catalina swimwear to USAir landing in the Hudson. Most recently I was alerted to an old Hudson being put on the auction block from the Steve McQueen collection of cars. I learned later that it sold for a measly $39,000. What a steal. My Good Days and No Days is also on alert which inspires me to continue following the moon.

Here it is Friday the 24th of January and the moon is in Capricorn. She took on that serious face just after 1am this morning. The weekend will reflect that all business side and allow us to get organized, floss our teeth and eat healthy. On Sunday the moon will vacate until 2pm...sleep late and read the paper. Aquarius moon brings surprises and high energy. Keep a watch for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Monday. This happens at 2:55am. You and I will be sleeping. Use the New Moon to begin a project and note that a Solar Eclipse brings significant changes. If that were not enough Monday rings in the Chinese New Year: Year of the Ox. We'll talk more about that next time. Till then...

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog a No Day at Noon

Good Days and No Days that’s what I spout about. The whole premise of my blog is to act as a guide for the best use of the universe’s energy. I follow the moon for the best measure and try to steer you around those No Days. The best use of energy is to simply let things be, not to sign or commit to anything…to wait until that warp ends. All this said it bothers me that the inauguration, the actual swearing into office of our 44th president will be at a void-of-course moon. If the timing is as the newspapers predict then the president-elect will put his hand on the bible at a few minutes before noon on Tuesday January 20th. The void ends thirty minutes later. Some years back people made fun of Ronald Reagan for dodging the void moon. Oh we never knew exactly what he was working around but it was clear that someone was guiding him to seek the best time for such important events. He successfully manipulated several occasions when he had to commit to his next move or next job and history records President Regan very favorably.

To date no one has asked me about the void moon for the 20th of January, no one has asked me if that is a Good Day to be sworn in as president. Since No Days do not bode well for success and often proceed in an unexpected manner, plans can change and we might hope that there are delays and the actual swearing in occurs later than scheduled.

For those paying attention the moon leaves Scorpio at 10:37pm Monday evening and returns in Sagittarius at 12:30pm on Tuesday January 20th; this moon is all about freedom and broadening our horizons, making promises and being optimistic. She stays in this mood until Thursday at 11:24 am and then leaves us with a No Day until early morning on Friday. Capricorn is more serious than Sagittarius and her all business face takes us into the weekend. By the way is the man in the moon really a woman? Something to contemplate…

Have the best day everyday.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog a Scam

There is much talk around about schemes. There are various tags for these: Ponzi, Pyramid, and Amway are three. Most scams involve investing, for some it is money, and for others, it is time. All these schemes are built on false promises and the lure of cash or dreams come true. Most people, like me, never made enough money to get caught up in a Ponzi scheme. Yet, folk like me are sometimes lured by getting rich quick or having a dream come true.

If you or anyone you know is involved in a questionable business contract and feels that there are unanswered questions, please contact a lawyer, an accountant or someone familiar with your particular business and become better informed.

Remember that Mercury is dancing backward and during this time it is difficult to hide information. With Pluto just entering Capricorn and Saturn at the tail end of its run in Virgo there are lots of folk being called onto the carpet. Confessions may not come easy but the facts are clear. Retrograde is all about returns, refunds, remittance, revenue, remembering, reviews, reasons and resolutions.

For this weekend think Good Days. The moon is in Libra and she will remain there through late Saturday until 9:46pm. Negotiations and compromise are suggested. Libra does well in two’s. Use this refined energy to dress up or turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. By Sunday the moon will have changed her face. The mask of a Scorpio will look down on us. This reflection stays through Monday. Scorpio can be harsh but loyal, brave but demonic, clever but destructive and secretive but resourceful. Best use of this moon is to clear away the rubble, all the garbage and start a clean slate.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Five minutes of the Bachelor,that was my viewing time, the last five minutes when he hands out twelve roses. Watching the faces of the women waiting was enough to remind me why I do not watch television on a regular basis. A blank screen shields me from hearing the laments of the wounded-unpicked females and spares me from being the voyeur on an intimate date. If you are a TV junkie please accept my and white old movies make my heart thump, and that's the truth.

For those more celestial minded we are paddling against the tide with Mercury in his backward dance. Please be mindful of communication glitches. Misinformation and misunderstandings are very possible. Reviewing and rewording are two good activities. returning to a place you have been before, reconnecting with old friends and reunions are suitable for this time. Gather your thoughts and put them in order, you will be happy you did three weeks from now.

The moon is in Leo until early-early Tuesday morning and then she vacates until 1:33pm and returns in Virgo through Wednesday and just into Thursday morning. A Virgo Moon asks us to be perfect. In order to succeed at this we must attend to details. Medical issues and things that require scrutiny work well. Write off most of Thursday until after 5:30pm when the Libra Moon joins us for three days. Remember Libra does best in two's. Compromise, negotiation and diplomacy can be used well with a Libra Moon.

Have the best day every day.


Friday, January 9, 2009

If you haven't already, please look up. The moon is full in the clear night sky in my corner of the world. She will be officially full at 10:27pm tomorrow evening but we will give her credit for looking the part twenty-four hours early. The mystique of a full moon brings us endless stories and superstitions. Her lantern is so bright that the icy footprints in the driveway glisten, the dog can explore behind bushes and trees using her sense of smell and the moons light. Creatures large and small can feel the tug of her beauty. She is like a woman empowered.

The moon is in Cancer this weekend, a sign most comfortable for the moon as she is ruled by Cancer. We should get in touch with our emotions this weekend. This full moon is very sensitive and may need reassurance from loved ones. Real Estate dealings and family situations are of significance. The cup can run over with a full moon in a water sign. Although she takes a break about 11:30pm on Saturday the energy is still valid and usually not bothered by the void of course rules. Leo takes over about 12:30pm on Sunday. If you are looking for some drama and a little bit of excitement, you can find that today and Monday.

Prepare yourself for the backward dance of Mercury. It begins on Sunday evening. Perhaps you have already felt the whisper repeat itself. Remember the "re" words tell all. Rewind, review, redo, and return are a few examples.

Have the best day everyday.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The snow plows are out in full force here in my corner of the world. There is something very insular about snow, it forces you to seek shelter and to burrow in. On a night like tonight this is a welcome goal. Speaking of goals, I haven't made any New Years resolutions, I wonder if that is a good or bad thing. Perhaps I should just stick to Good Days and No Days and not ponder more profound issues.

Wednesday is fast approaching. The moon will skid off the radar from early-early morning until just after 1pm, so do not expect too much from the morning. Gemini takes over with a mouth full of words and lots of gossip. So that the balance of Wednesday and all of Thursday will be Good Days. Communication is affected by the moon in Gemini as well as transportation and any mode of travel. Use the Gemini moon to get a lot accomplished, to write and to send information. She will change hats on Friday from early-early in the morning until just after 1pm almost a repeat of Wednesday before it floats nicely into Cancer to give us almost three Good Days. The Cancer Moon will be full on Saturday. We like Full Moons. This one allows us to finish up what we began two weeks ago and just in time before Mercury goes into his backward dance.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Well we made it...another year down and a new one begins. Consider yourself lucky and I do too, for being here with the people we love. The Pisces Moon has allowed us to cry a little, seek sympathy, beg some and plead a lot. Usually all this cajoling will get us what we want or save our bottoms. Early in the morning on Saturday the 3rd the moon will quickly move into Aries. All on fire this moon will get a few folks agitated and others a little testy...have patience with this moon as she is the seed and the inspiration for ideas. All of this fire will ignite our passions and stay with us until about 9:30pm on Sunday.

Taurus will usher in her goodness about 11am on Monday. Stay just off the line until then. Get ready for the backward motion of Mercury. It's coming on the 12th but you can feel the tug already.

Happy New Year...have the best day everyday.