Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monday Morning No Day...

Monday Morning will not begin until after 9:30am. Whatever you wish to do, please wait until after that time. Aquarius Moon leads us into the week. This moon asks us to step outside the box, experiment or be different. The energy of Aquarius will vibrate through Tuesday. Embrace the excitement of this moon. Wednesday will be a No Day. Maybe we all need to chill out for a while. After 5pm Pisces will take the spotlight. The Pisces Moon asks us to be compassionate and kind.

Tuesday is the release date for Kunati's Spring books. The Spring 08 authors are excited about the prospect of having their books in stores across North America. When you check out my site on Kunati, click onto the Spring 08 releases. Welcome: Belly of the Whale, Janeology, Hunting the King, Miracle Myx, Bathtub Admirals, and Madicine.

Remember to fight the fight against breast cancer.

Have the best day every day.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Day Friday...Good Weekend

Unless you are up early and have completed all your tasks by 9:30am, you will not have much more than spinning wheels for the day. Don't think about what you need to get done or whomever you need to communicate with because nothing will be as you planned. Around 11pm the Capricorn Moon takes over leaving the No Day behind. The weekend is two days of Good Days in the earth sign of Capricorn. Earth is dependable, loyal and serious about commitment. There is little room to waffle with Capricorn. Wit and wisdom mix for two interesting days.

The count down is on for the release of Belly of the Whale. People have contacted me saying their book(s) are in. The book sales have been brisk, for this I am grateful, but above all the hype the simple message of the story remains strong. Hope is the last thing to die, don't give up or give in...fight the fight.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here it is...A Good Wednesday

Mid-week and we've got our a Good Day ahead. We actually have two Good Days clipped on to each other. Sagittarius Moon is reflecting on us and offering lots of good humor and optimism. This moon is honest to a fault and folk on the planet will be tested in the ways of truth and beliefs. Sagittarius moon also speaks frankly, doesn't gloss over stuff, is blunt and to the point. This "shoot-from-the-hip" talk isn't meant to be painful (but, alas, it often is just that)no, this direct speech cuts through the nonsense and BS, gets to the core of the subject. Use this energy well. People may reel a little, but things can be softened with a good laugh.

My book, Belly of the Whale, has been in the mail for those who ordered through Amazon. There are people out there reading Belly of the Whale. This prospect is thrilling and scary. At last the Book Baby is born and the message of hope and survival is tucked into a hardcover and in the reader's hands. Come Tuesday, the official release date...then if the gods are will be on book shelves in libraries and stores. Got to love this life!!!

Remember to fight-the-fight against breast cancer for women everywhere...your mother, your sister, your wife, your girlfriend, your aunt, your cousin, your best friend and your neighbor.

Have the best day every day...

Talk later...
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Monday...

Most of today, Easter Sunday, has been a moon off the radar. Friday afternoon through early Sunday morning the Libra Moon drew us closer to someone special. Libra Moon helped us to negotiate or maintain a partnership. With a No Day today, we had no choice but to just take whatever happened. This was a good day to be with people that you enjoy and not think too much. The Scorpio Moon will ask us to think very intently. The Scorpio moon will asks us to dig deep through Tuesday at 8:30pm.

I hope you all enjoyed the addition of Cosmic Gossip on Friday's post. No reason why the blog community can't have their monthly horoscope up to read. Look for Taurus later in April etc...

FYI: For those who pre-ordered Belly of the Whale, you may have one in your hand right now, or will any day according to amazon's shipping dates. Seeing the book, in hardcover, after so many months was like birthing the baby. A truly amazing feeling, I hope that each of you who reads Belly of the Whale will take a minute to post a review on almighty amazon. Reviews are precious and necessary in the big photo of bestseller sales.

Remember to fight-the-fight against breast cancer.

Talk later...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Gossip of the Cosmos for April 2008

Aries can be impatient. This sign is eager to get on with life, there is little time to waste with details and generalities. Aries prefers to leave the small stuff to other folk. He or she does not tolerate waiting and will be the first to speak up and to get things moving.

Extremely competitive, Aries suffers from me-me-syndrome. Like the Vernal Equinox signaling Spring, Aries is first, wants to be first, must be first, will insist on being number one. Sparks will ignite when Aries is around, if you need to be motivated, Aries will light your fire. This sign is all about beginnings and the energy required to sprint off the starting line.

If you love an Aries, be sure to let him or her win. The game of pursuit is an important factor in romance for Aries. If you have other suitors, Aries will enjoy jousting with them to win your hand. In turn, you must be a competitor too. Keep current with his or her ideas and try to help with the follow through. Remember your sweetheart has a short fuse, so don’t over-react to his or her explosions. Their blow-ups are brief and generally forgotten quickly. Aries holds no grudges. This is good.

The best thing about Aries is his or her passion for romance. Aries is a fire sign, so he or she will find inventive ways to “heat things up”. Candles (fire) are especially effective. Enjoy your Aries partner’s optimism and spontaneity and you will be forever blessed with the warmth of his or her embrace and the fire of love never extinguished.

ARIES (March 19-April 19) Aries is having a birthday and we are heralding the beginning of spring. Aries is all about communicating. Your voice is almost lyrical and perhaps you are sprouting words like flowers this month. As the month progresses your tone will change but only to put your money where your mouth has been. Continue to be mindful of what happens at home. Move your energy in a direction that is productive rather than combative. Cosmic Advice: Good things remain on the horizon for your career. Pluto has begun its long sojourn in your house of public life and over the next decade and a half you will find your reputation more important than you ever imagined. Keep yourself away from people who do not have your best interests at heart.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Taurus will keep thoughts to his or her self for the first half of the month. This quiet has a purpose. Taurus is not one to speak up out-of-turn. Come the middle of the month Taurus will get a turn. Your advice is always a determination of the future and one that has been considered deeply. Watch the stock market, that “bullish” place of finances. There will be lots coming out of that sector. Cosmic Advice: Opportunities remain for Taurus in the community and on short trips. Your good fortune is also in long distance travel and may help you in endeavors concerning education or religion. Pluto takes up residence in your house of beliefs. When this cycle ends do not expect to profess any of what you hold to be true now.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Gemini will rely on conversations with friends and encounters with good friends the early part of the month. These will offer opportunities to Gemini, the kind that have long reaching effects on dreams and goals. From mid-April to early May, Gemini might want to keep some opinions to his or her self. Quiet your mind, quiet in general will be good. Not speaking has its rewards. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune is with others. The helping hands of resources beyond your own will benefit Gemini very well. Pluto moves into this sector for a long visit. This is the house of money, for starters, how and what happens to resources you hold with other people will never be the same again. What exists today will in no way resemble what it will be a decade from now.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Cancer quick step will end early this month. That wild dance you’ve been doing will quiet down. All that spinning and twirling will not have been in vain; expect your personal resources to now show the effect of the past few months. Your communicating may be a challenge but only in the sense that you may have to stand on your desk to be heard. You are in the public view and you want to be sure that fact is taken notice of. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune lies within your relationships. One-to-one encounters benefit you and cause you much joy. Too many suitors could be one problem, and only the best need apply. Connections with professionals will have excellent results. Pluto based here for the next decade plus will assure you that an existing relationship cannot survive unless you are willing to accept it completely transformed. This being unlikely…it is best to keep an open mind and see what the future holds.

LEO (July 23-August 22) Leo only has a short time remaining before he or she can come out from under the manhole cover. One more month of this cramped energy. Leo is feeling the awakening. Just a few days into May and you will be able to step into the light, meet folk head-on and slay a few dragons. Until then continue to get your life in order. Cosmic Advice: Meditate daily and be patient. If you choose to travel, do it early in the month. There will be more talk with authority and those folk carrying boss statuses. Your good fortune remains in your house of health and day-to-day. Pluto has taken up residence here as well, but his stay in very long. What kind of changes he will enforce can only be imagined. Do not expect anything about your routine to be what it is today. A decade from now, you will barely remember this part of your self.

VIRGO (August 24-September 22) Virgo is planted for the next four years. There will be no moving off the dime, it is primarily about learning lessons. Be a good student and pay attention, please. Opportunities exist where your friends are, these will affect your dreams and goal. Cosmic Advice: Expect lengthy talks involving wills, estates and the like. Money is the focal point. Talk will shift later in the month to broader topics. Your good fortune remains in the risks you take. Good fortune to those you love. Children and lovers will fare well and receive rewards or recognition. Pluto has parked his bottom here for the next decade plus. The extent of the changes he will make will be mind boggling. Keep a watchful eye on those you love.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Libra has challenges with career, but every challenge experienced pushes you towards your goal, forces you to do more and be all that you can be. Don’t think of what you encounter as negative, turn things around with your thinking. Talking to someone you trust in a one-to-one manner is the best approach. Later in the month you will have to talk about joint finances or insurance matters. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune remains at home; in your roots and your sacred space. Pluto resides there for the next decade plus and may push you to find another home, bring up what you considered roots and force you to plant again. Remember change is good, it is the seed of what will be, of what is suppose to be.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Scorpio must make adjustments in his or her thinking. If you think there is nothing to do, that everything is going according to plan, don’t get ahead of yourself. One can not align his or her self completely if the actions taken are not true to self. Your belief system may need review, are you using outdated forms of belief and pretending to believe in what you say? These are questions to ask your self this month. Scorpio may divulge some of this to a trusted companion, someone younger, a brother, a son. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune is with siblings and relatives. Local happenings keep you happy and expand your mind. Learning in a community setting or teaching in the same will bring you rewards. Pluto moves into this location and his affect will bounce around through the above mentioned people. The place you consider your home town may not be that place several years from now. Keep yourself open to change, people may come and go…it is not about them but more about you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Sagittarius will juggle the finances of others this month. Don’t put too much stress on your self, try to make adjustments that work in your favor. You may be talking about taking a chance, buying a lottery ticket or spending money on children, and/or a lover. The conversation will shift to what happens on a daily basis after you are done with that. Cosmic Advice: Good fortune is in your own resources. There are no issues of self-esteem, the issues can be inflated sense of self. Keep your head and ego in check. Pluto moves into this sector and will storm through your perfect financial plan like a tsunami. Ten years from now you will be wondering what happened and may find yourself in a financial place you never expected.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Capricorn is the only sign rejoicing over Pluto’s movement. The feeling that all that of the out-of-control stuff in your life is more predictable may be valid. Capricorn is of course, grounding. There is the all business attitude and don’t-mess-with-me feeling. The only sore spot is that Pluto is going to sit in your light for a long time. If you think you are used to the shadow of your ruler Saturn then you may not fare too badly. Cosmic Advice: Ask any Sagittarius you know how they feel about the last fourteen years of his or her life. Write down his or her answer. This information will be your bench mark. Good fortune is driving beside you in the front seat, so for now roll the windows down and enjoy the ride.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Aquarius has good fortune at his or her elbow. She is there to break your fall or whisper good advice in your ear. Be sure to listen to your angel, please. Mid-month the family is crowding around, lots of talking, lots of moving about. Travel short distances will insure that the whole family shows up at least once, all together. Cosmic Advice: Your stomach may remain an issue for about another month. What you eat is what you are. Hopefully by the end of this transit of Mars you will have a better diet.

PISCES (February 19-March 18) Pisces has good fortune in friendship, groups, and organizations. Become a part of the whole and you will feel more useful, here is where kindness matters. Money is in every conversation, and it is your finances that dominate the issues. This shifts mid-month to talking with siblings and other relatives. Don’t give more of yourself away than you have to. Cosmic Advice: Pluto has moved in next to your hopes and dreams. He has a reputation for not knowing when to leave. Change is his goal and he stays long enough to make changes that turn what you have planned inside out. Don’t push or pull against his energy. Let change occur, you may surprised where it leads you and what dreams come true.

Have the best day everyday…

Talk Later…

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Middle of the Week

The Sun moves into Aries and Spring begins, at least on the West Coast. Here in New England look for the Vernal Equinox to arrive on Thursday. The Leo Moon flipped off the radar and Virgo took over about 3am (Wednesday). This moon requires detail and attention. Nothing will slip under the radar. Cross those T's and dot those I's if you want to succeed. Earth signs require the physical plane to navigate the planet. Virgo is tactile and grounded, she needs the senses to perform at her best. Watch diet and health over the next 24 hours. This moon has a short stay. She'll be off by 3:30pm on Thursday.

There is a 3-day walk for breast cancer coming this Fall. Participants may be looking for sponsors. Please be generous when asked. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Good Green Monday...

The Leo Moon came late last night and welcomes us into Monday. For some who enjoy celebrating the wearing-of-the-green, this will be a show off day. Leo Moon asks us to put on a costume, dress up, change hats and perform. Expect people to display their expressive side. The best use of a Leo Moon is to be generous, don't hold back, take center stage and get the attention you deserve. This energy takes us through the day into Tuesday. After 2:30pm the moon will go off the radar for the remainder of the Tuesday. This makes your day brief in regard to accomplishing tasks. No use in doing what will have to be redone.

Wednesday is the Vernal Equinox. Spring is the seed of the future. Aries symbolizes the beginning. Be mindful of going forward, do not give up or give in.

Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight against breast cancer.

Talk later...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Until Sunday at Three

Let's enjoy this weekend. The Gemini Moon rolls swiftly into Cancer with only 14 minutes off the radar between 4:23pm and 4:37pm Friday. Enough time to take a break and get ready for Mother Moon to throw her blanket of security over us. Like the Taurus Moon, Cancer Moon likes to cluck and cuddle, she wants to take care of us, feed us, give us a warm place to hang our hat and get in out-of-the-rain. If you are involved in Real Estate this is a good weekend. Family matters also are highlighted. Money issues, more domestic than anything can be a topic. Sunday sees us clear to 3pm and then holds us in wait for the Leo Moon until 9pm.
Enjoy the next three days...

Astrology and the workings of the universe are often left primarily to horoscope columns and "entertainment". But, we are connected to the cosmos, we are not super human beings, what happens out there in mysterious space does affect us. We would be fools to think otherwise. Keep your self attuned to the hum of the universe, the music of its stars and lights. Look up and ponder the wonder of the sky. Remember also, to find the cure.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mid-Week Madness...A Good day

Mid-week and we have survived the time change, sort of. We still feel jet lagged but we love that it is light at the end of a worked day. The moon has been in Taurus, the sign of mother earth. There will be very little space between costume mindful in the space of minutes Wednesday, 1:26pm to 1:54pm. Gemini takes over and stays with us until late in the afternoon on Friday. The Gemini Moon asks us to communicate. The need for the written word is more pronounced. Gemini goes from here to there and doesn't like to be bored. Folk may seem restless and a bit nervous. Most of us will get by with less sleep.

I talked to a dear friend tonight who is going through radiation for throat cancer. He is a singer and a pianist in New York City. Our exchange was not long, but he told me that he was talking to another patient about treatment. This person said, "Mine are almost over." My friend answered saying that, "He had another six weeks."
"No," the other person countered. "You must talk about your treatment in days, days are easier. Say, "thirty days, that's what you have left, thirty days."

Life is all about mind set. Don't let cancer win the battle. Fight-the-fight today.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day Light Savings...No Morning Monday

Spring forward and rob me of an hours sleep. Sorry, but that is how I feel about day light savings. Jet Lag is comparable to this early time change. Hopefully many of you are struggling with lack of sleep too. The fact that Monday morning is a No Morning will not make the transition any easier. Possibly many folk will get tangled in that change-the-clocks excuse and get to work late. No worries, we'll all be in the same boat. The Taurus Moon takes over about noon and this moon usually brings us the opportunity to ask for what we need. Spending money is also a possibility of this moon, not just on small things but luxury items. This solid, dependable energy lasts until Wednesday mid-day. Use this valuable time well.

With the pending release of Belly of the Whale I spend an extraordinary amount of time online. My goal is to reach as many folk as possible and tell them about this fictional account of a young woman with breast cancer. The message is one of hope, I'd like to pass it on. View the book trailer from Kunati

Fight-the-fight against breast cancer.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk Later...

Friday, March 7, 2008

No Friday...New Moon...Gets Better

Did it feel like the moon had fallen off the radar? If so, you are getting better at recognizing the signs of a No Day. Things went well up to about 2pm, then as the moon changed hats we all got a little off track. This No Day goes on until about 9:30am on Saturday. Don't worry needlessly, the emotions of the Pisces moon need to drain off.

When the moon returns she will be in Aries and since she is in the New Phase, much can be accomplished with this fireball energy. Careful of those folk who are impatient. By now you should know that Aries wastes no time in getting onward and forward.

There is a beauty in spending time with other women. The camaraderie is unmatched. Breast cancer is primarily a disease of women. Help to fight-the-fight, stay aware. If you can spare three minutes, please view the new Belly of the Whale book trailer on the Kunati site or UTube. Feel free to comment. Once you see the trailer you will understand the message I am trying to bring to my posts.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mid-week...Mixed Day

Bless us all, we made it to another Wednesday. The middle of the week is always like getting to second base. The view is similar and the run to home about the same. The Moon stays with us in Aquarius until about 5pm. All that unexpected stuff has been over the top. Primary wins, trains paralyzed,and building collapsed all contributed to the "what-will-happen-next" feeling. After five, down shift and putter through the night. Pisces Moon comes in about 6am on Thursday. This watery moon oozes onto the seen with lots of dreams and no ambition. Watch for situations that are not in your best interest and for folk who can lie their way out of most anything. The new moon in Pisces will be Friday, but more on that later.

I am not an expert on breast cancer, or cancer of any kind. I know that staying aware is an effective tool against cancer, but not a guarantee to prevent its onset. We must all bind together to fight-the-fight and keep hope alive and well.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

No Morning Monday

Saturday we will have to set the clocks forward...this is our last week of sleeping late. Today, Monday we might wish we didn't have to get up at all. The morning will see the moon off radar. All manner of weird stuff can and will happen. After 11:30am the Aquarius Moon takes over but doesn't seem to help much. Aquarius energy keeps thinks a little churned up and offers mixed signals for structure versus freedom. We will navigate this high frequency until about 5pm on Wednesday. All things technical, electrical and that which comes to us through television are highlighted. Expect the unexpected.

I am passing on a website that requires only a click from you:
Once you click it will help insure that free mammograms remain available to those who otherwise would not have this type of screening for cancer.

Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight.

Talk later...