Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog a Dream Comes True

For those who know my story it has been a long but interesting journey to becoming a published author. I began many years ago with the dream of being a journalist but through life circumstance I traveled a different career path. A few days ago I was awarded second place for the Best Fiction of 2009 by the Connecticut Press Club, an organization comprised of journalists, and writers. The dream does come true for a debut author, one has to believe and have faith.

The guest speaker at the awards event was Wally Lamb. He received the Mark Twain Award from the Press Club. Mr. Lamb spoke of the writing process from his beginnings and how there were times when he couldn't find a word for the page. He often turned to his faith for guidance and found inspiration in his own spirituality. Good advice for all of us. The photo is of me, Wally Lamb and Judith Marks-White author of Seducing Harry and Bachelor Degree.

My thanks to the judges of the Connecticut Press Club for their recognition of Belly of the Whale.

This is a Good Day - have the best day every day.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mark this day on your calendar. Mercury has stepped on to the dance floor and is doing his cha-cha in reverse. Oh dear!! This puts communication in a spin so follow your dance partner's lead. Careful what you say over the next three weeks, and if you do not need to sign on the dotted line then do not. Travel has its delays and changes, a bit more than usual. If Mercury remained in Gemini things wouldn't be so bad, but as Taurus returns then watch how words slow down.

For those checking out No Days - our next blip comes on Saturday for about three hours. Before that the Scorpio moon reflects and asks us to dig deep into our psyches. There are no secrets with Scorpio. From 2:45pm until 9:45 pm dry out from all the emotions of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Welcome the Sagittarius Moon Saturday evening and bask in the optimism of this moon.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, May 1, 2009


Got to love the weekend and since it is May Day let's dance around the Maypole in our finest outfits because the moon is in Leo and we must make an impact. Presentation is the answer, if you are hoping to be noticed it is all about what people see. Today and tomorrow until 6pm you will be judged accordingly. Sounds shallow but it is the truth. Leo likes center stage and all the drama that goes with it.

Good Day stays until Saturday night...kick back for the evening and make no promises. Virgo Moon reflects on us Sunday and Monday until 9:30pm...Virgo asks us to be perfect and pay attention to details. This is a good way to begin a week that will end with Mercury dancing backwards. Have all your talking ducks lined up properly so you are not misunderstood later. We'll have three weeks of that. Yuck...

Have the best day everyday.