Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog a Lunar Eclipse

Word Wednesday

Two words: Lunar – of, involving, caused by, or affecting the moon.  Two words derived from lunar: lunacy and lunatic.  Strange?  Not really, in astrology the moon is symbolic of the ebb and flow of our emotions, some of us are more fluid than others and still more are deeply affected by the cycles putting our sanity to the test once a month.

Eclipse: the partial or complete obscuring of one celestial body by another or, and including, the period of time during which such an obscuration occurs.  Today-Word Wednesday-there is a Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon in the sign of Gemini at 9:46am eastern standard time.  This eclipse is visible in Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean and most of North America.  It will last or be obscured for a little over 4 hours. 

This phenomenon follows the Total Eclipse of the Sun experienced two weeks ago November 13-14. That lasted about 4 hours as well.  Symbolically for the sun’s obscuration, hours equate to years of an effect on the universe and the moon’s loss of light equals months.  So if you feel a bit crazy and tend to use words and gestures during emotional highs, expect that exaggeration to continue through March.  This applies more to folk born around late May and to those fortunate enough to have their moon in an early degree of Gemini.  Communication will be paramount and you will use any means possible to get your point across or connect with others, go viral! Check out gooddaysnodays on twitter for a daily look at what is happening.

The sun’s totality occurred in the sign of Scorpio.  Be mindful over the next four years of what happens behind closed doors-where there is no light.  Secrets and deceit can fester and grow.  Look for the cracks or the key to opening up closed minds and buried treasure. 

On a personal level this affects folk born around the 4rth-10th of November and of course anyone else who has heavy Scorpio early degree moon or planets.  The universe will hold its secrets and keep us in the dark for the next four years.  This is not Dr. Doom speaking just a way of raising awareness and staying in the light, being present and in charge, and of remembering who you are and what you are and to get a Gemini person blabbing about it!!!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blog Thanksmas

Word Wednesday

THANKSMAS – undefined in both Webster’s and the American Heritage Dictionaries.  Thanksmas – word for Wednesday – a family word, one word from two.  Like a favorite recipe handed down through generations, Thanksmas is a blend of ingredients.  Take a sprinkle of Thanksgiving and a dash of Christmas Eve, mix with a cup of Christmas, stir well and bake with love.

Thanksmas is celebrated once every two years-somewhere around Thanksgiving-a day before, or a day after.  All the hoop-la is forgotten.  No crazy, last minute shopping, no race to bake ten different kinds of cookies and no hurt feelings when the next holiday comes with another set of parents, grandparents and all manner of in-laws and outlaws.  Gifts are kept to a minimum, most for children, not for adults.  A Christmas tree, if the location allows, is hoped for in some shape or form.

Each Thanksmas brings its own delights, its extra chairs, new faces and missed faces.  Engagements have been announced, babies too and the circle of life goes round and round.  This made-up-family celebration has become a tradition of its own.  So much so that others often ask if this is a Thanksmas year.  Yes, it is, and we are grateful to come together in 2012, to create from scratch, another Thanksmas.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog a Nor'easter

Word Wednesday

The dictionary defines a northeaster as follows: A storm or gale blowing from the northeast.  That does not in any way say enough about a Nor’easter.  Last Wednesday we here in the tri-state area were just about getting out from under hurricane Sandy when up from the northeast blows that gale.  Let me tell you-seven inches of snow and one dark scary night say a lot more about that bugger than the American Heritage.  No boring details please.  Oh, maybe just a quick retell about me trudging up a long winding hill (my road) to retrieve my car stranded by an earlier road closure. Heart pounding in my chest I walked so fast I had to gulp air that felt hot and cold simultaneously.  Headlights glowed against the snow banks and I jumped wagging my $2 flashlight.  Finally a car driving in my direction stopped and followed alongside me until I reached my car.
Lord bless us and save us-I mean that was one glorious moment barrel butting out of a snowplowed barricade to get back to my house.

No coincidence that HUDSON CATALINA’s story is told during a nor’easter.  Her time frame is twenty-fours and this mother of four, wife and cancer victim must battle a loss of hope and go out on a scary night unaware of what lurks ahead.  The Holidays are upon us, do put HUDSON CATALINA on your list.  You can download the eBook or buy the paperback.  Amazon is user friendly. Stay safe and warm out of harm’s way, keep a shovel handy and upgrade your flashlight.

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Live each day well…or write a book.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog Power

Word Wednesday

I spent five days without power.  Simple definition in my American Heritage item number 8 – Electricity.  Startling what the absence of this power can do in our daily life.  Picture this- me-carrying buckets of brook water into the house reminiscent of a long ago frontier woman.  Heavy sweaters, gloves, hats, flashlights, wood stove cranking (not to mention hauling in the fuel for that) all very humbling.  Yes, I was inconvenienced but I wasn’t suffering.  Dark at 6pm I had my Kindle going or I found myself at the local Starbucks with other inconvenienced folk checking email.  The power returned on Friday night-I asked the big P if he had a good holiday-told him I missed him just a little.

Power has another definition-eleven all together in my dictionary.  Number one is the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively and number four is the ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority.  On this side of a national election we must become bipartisan even if it sticks in an unmentionable place.  As a country that stands on a platform of freedom we must remember our constitution and respect elected leaders.  At the same time we are in a country of the people-where the people have the power and the elected officials work for us-not the reverse.

Keep the power-play it forward.

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Live each day well…or write a book

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog a Paperback

If you are one of those paper people, the ones like myself that believe that books are Ipads made from trees then this post is for you.  Createspace and my publisher, Imajin Books, are promoting Imajin paperbacks from November 1 through December 14.

Take this opportunity to buy holiday gifts you can wrap and give to family and friends.  Each paperback available from Imajin Books has an amzing author behind it.  Check us out on Imajin's website and then go to Createspace and order one for yourself, mom, dad, aunt Sue, Uncle Charlie and all your kids.

HUDSON CATALINA is among the paperbacks available.  During my recent free eBook promotion on Amazon HUDSON CATALINA reached number one in suspense novels by passing John Grisham.  Whew! I still get chills on that one.

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Live each day well...or write a book.