Friday, February 29, 2008

A Good Day to begin the Weekend

We all love a Good start. This weekend gives us just that kind of beginning. Moon in Sagittarius stays with us until about noon on Saturday. Maybe we tend to go a little bit over the top with this moon, maybe we are too confident, maybe we laugh things off or perhaps we tell things the way they should be told. All these are possibilities with such a splendid moon. The off the radar thing goes into effect for about an hour and a half on Saturday, enough time for all of us to rein in and be more conservative in our actions. The Capricorn Moon will rule the balance of the weekend and although things will seem more serious, this moon sees the deadpan humor in life, this moon knows all. If you want to make a commitment, then use this moon to guide you on your path.

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Remember to stay aware in the fight against cancer...

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday...No Day

Sorry to all of you reading and listening... this is a No Day, but we can put it to good use. Just because the moon falls off the radar about 10am does not mean we can or should go back to bed (wouldn't that be nice)...let's be productive in other ways. If you are like me and lots of others there is a list a mile long somewhere that you need to attack. Get to the list!!! Cleaning and organizing are really-really good stuff on a No Day. Preparing for Thursday to send out emails and mail your income tax and all that personal interaction activity that a No Day frowns on. See what I mean, just observe today, just listen because you have the inside scoop and not everyone knows how to navigate the planet as well as you do.

The Sagittarius Moon joins us early in the morning of the 28th. For the next few days we can be more optimistic and find the humor in just about everything.

Remember also, that we can plan and plan but we do not know what will happen. Good Days and No Days are just a guiding tool and not the end all for outcomes. Sometimes good or not-so-good you have to do what you have to do. The best attitude is not to give up or give in. Keep the light of hope burning if only an ember on some days. Nourish your soul, put love in your heart and pass on a kindness.

Stay aware...fight the fight.
Talk later...
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mixed Day Monday

The Libra Moon departs about 8:30am. This will get us going with a bit of a start and stop. Beginning the week with A No Day can cause delays and disrupt plans in general. The Scorpio Moon takes over at 1pm. If people around you are trying to cover-up their actions this moon will not allow secrets. Anything requiring research will do well. This moon will stay with us into Wednesday. Tuesday is a Good Day, certainly better than Monday. Wednesday will be a No Day beginning about 10am. Use your time wisely. Plan your activities accordingly. Don't put anything off until Wednesday.

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Meantime stay aware...give your time to someone who needs a kind word or a smile. Fight-the fight.

Have the best day everyday.
Talk later...
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Weekend for Two's

Ah…the weekend. We’ve been under the spell of the Total Lunar Eclipse since Wednesday night and the fall off the radar is about 9:15pm Friday and then the return is early-early Saturday morning into Libra. The idea of a weekend in Libra is very pleasurable. The feeling of sharing permeates the planet and those in high places would rather negotiate and compromise than cause trouble. Relationship is key and anything done in two’s will be successful; count this weekend as a Good One. The Libra Moon asks us to be mindful of the other person. Since we are still in the Lenten season how about continuing the idea of kindness to others; a weekend in Libra Moon makes this possible.

Speaking of kindness, I heard the story of a family that followed through on a conversation had at dinner one night. They actually plucked a sixteen year old boy out of Baghdad and brought him to the USA into an upscale Connecticut town to finish his high school education. This took a serious amount of determination and to-hell-with-the-system mentality; kudos to this family and to those folk who stand up when life needs volunteers.

In the manner of awareness, keep the fight going, don’t be a slacker…cancer is the enemy.

Have the best day everyday…
Talk later…

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mixed Day of The Total Lunar Eclipse

Here is that day I've been blah-blahing about,it is a Mixed Day in our world of No Days and Good Days. The Leo Moon goes off the radar about 1pm and returns at about 7pm looking like the perfect Virgo. The space that lapse creates should be familiar by now. Remember, and even that is easier, since Mercury is going forward (Monday) allowing us more space in our craniums and more words escaping from our lips.

Virgo Moon is stuck on detail and that Total Eclipse should be amazing if the gods sweep the clouds out of the sky. I mentioned the government implications of these cosmic happenings, so Castro bows out...and Hillary will too, and well, no surprise that our candidates are such polarities. Is the US ready for Mr. Obama or perhaps what we really need is someone who we know won't fold even in the worst of circumstances.

Hang on this will be one heck of a performance. 10:01pm is the Totality...let's all look up at the same time.

Remember to purchase your breast cancer stamps from the US Post Office. Make a statement for awareness...

Have the best day every day...

Talk later...
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Monday, February 18, 2008

More on the Cosmic Event-Total Eclipse of the Moon

Check your time zones accordingly...but honest, there is NO reason to be indoors on Wednesday evening. The Moon will begin its cosmic performance at 8:43pm EST. It will take about another hour plus (10:01pm) for it to be Total. This ends about 50 minutes later and will be back to its old self at 12:09am. This event is one to note as there is so much going on in our mundane world. We here in North America will feel the effects of this Totality for almost four months...politically this is incredibly important. So do not go to sleep early on Wednesday night...I will hammer this into your head more before then... Meantime remember the No Day today is still in force until after 2pm. Use the Leo Moon after that to get some attention. it is, afterall, only about you.

Stopped to buy a birthday gift yesterday and found a display of pink-ribbon magnets, stationary, mugs and such. Proceeds ( a precentage) will go to breast cancer research. I bought some stuff, one especially moved me. A pink mug ( I need one for my tea) the phrase on it reads: "the universe knows...cherich the journey". Words to start my day!!!

Stay aware...stay healthy...fight-the-fight

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Mostly Good Weekend

Friday has been a Good Day with the moon in Gemini, and it will take us into the early morning hours on Saturday. So much by way of travel and communicating will have some people worn out by Saturday morning. The moon falls off the radar about 5am and returns about five hours later. Some might chose to sleep late, others will do best not going by a set plan. After 10am the moon rolls into Cancer giving us the comfort we love for the weekend. This is a wonderful moon to spend with family, around the house or cooking. The Cancer moon will last until about 4pm on Sunday when she falls off the radar and does not return until about 2pm on Monday (in Leo). This is a long weekend for many, Monday will be a bit confusing and unco-operative to those attempting to return from holiday.

Remember that the US post office has special stamps for breast cancer. These stamps cost a bit more but are worth the extra price to support the fight.

Stay aware...stay healthy...fight-the-fight...

Talk later...
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wednesday is a Great Day

A string of Good Days has taken us to Wednesday. The moon in Taurus remains with us all day: we should love this cosmic time. When you use this energy well, there is a certain satisfaction in what you accomplish. This is a sweet moon to bump into Valentine’s Day and then the Gemini Moon will cover us for hearts and flowers. The lapse off the radar is just after midnight to almost 7:30am Thursday morning. A Gemini moon looks for short-cuts and double times everything. There is the urge to write how one feels. Expect much poetry and sentiment written down. Cards will be given…cards that have something to say, maybe two cards or more because one just won’t say it all.

The WBCA’s – Think Pink-campaign is in full swing. It began February 8th and runs to the 17th. Women’s College Basketball is wearing pink this week to show its support for raising breast cancer awareness. Coach Kay Yow died last year of the disease and the cancer fund by the WCBA is in her name. Do your part in this worthy cause. Support women’s college basketball, wear pink to the game at home or in the stands. Stay aware, stay healthy, fight-the-fight.

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Have the best day everyday…

Talk later…

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sort of a Good day

Wake up to another Monday…this one still carries the Aries Moon and will provide us a Good Day until about 8pm. Expect your first day of the week back at the job to be a day of putting out fires, a day of impatience, a day of inspiration and of ideas. When this moon goes off the radar it will return about 4:30am on Tuesday dressed in the flowing robes of our favorite moon in Taurus. Be prepared to spend Tuesday and Wednesday asking and getting. You may also be tempted to overspend. Remember Valentine’s Day is Thursday so perhaps the stores will be doing brisk business in the sweets and bling-bling departments.

I saw something briefly about a hockey team that wore breast cancer pink jerseys in a recent game. Unfortunately I did not get enough details to single them out by name, but I believe they won their game and that the money made went to breast cancer research. Thanks boys!!!

Stay aware…stay healthy…fight the fight.

Talk later…
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekend to kick back then out of the cannon...

You can sleep late and all that good stuff. We floated into the weekend with that Moon in Pisces. If you were paying attention the energy around us did seem like we ere to sea, probably will remain until the watery moon sails off the radar about 4pm. The rest of the day into evening equates to a No Day. Hmmm. No worries. Just enjoy. Don’t worry about what you did or did not do. These are the cherished moments when you can just experience your surrounding. People on the planet tend to act like they do not know where they are…what stop was that? Oh, I missed the turn? What did I do with my keys? That coupled with other cosmic doings will remain for another few weeks. Come early morning on Sunday the Aries Moon will join us…rather ignite us. But we need a bit of flame because we are dripping wet. Expect folk to be impatient and short of temper. Actions are quick and often not thought through. Aries will remain until Monday night about 8pm. Expect to get a lot done on Monday. The boss will be cracking the whip.

Try to keep aligned with your heart and mind. Remember the thoughts about giving rather than giving up for lent and the like. If you are not so minded then just be kind to your neighbor, to your self. That’s where it begins…inside your own heart.

Stay aware. Stay healthy. Drink lots of water…

Talk later…
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Solar Elipse New Moon...

First was a Good Day despite the high energy around us and feeling a higher level of stress than usual. Why was that? Solar Eclipse. So what is a solar eclipse? Text book definition is: the conjunction of the Sun and Moon. This can only happen at a New Moon (this year it happens to be the Chinese New Year). Now this phenomenon has an effect upon the earth's electromagnetic field, which is part of the scientific explanation of the Law of Attraction. Funny how that subject keeps coming around. We as individuals wonder how this cosmic event can effect us. If you were born at or near the degrees associated with todays eclipse (seventeen degrees of Aquarius)I'd be inclined to expect you to pay attention over the next year to the major changes that will happen. In the larger picture related to geography, those places on the planet that can view the eclipse will most likely manifest some government and leadership upset over the next year and possibly for as many years as the eclipse lasted. In our own back yard I'd be very inclined to take notice that our voters chose a Republican candiate to run for office and the Democrats are still on the fence. One might go out on a limb and suggsest that Mr McCain might very well find himself our next president. But let's delve into that further on another day.

Tomorrow after 11am the Aquarius Moon goes off the radar and does not return until just before 9pm. So we must write off another day this week as a No Day. This really cramps our daily-must-do stuff. Friday the moon is in Pisces and although this tends to make us more emotional at least we can accomplish something.

Today for many was Ash Wednesday. Some people practice the act of "giving up" or sacrificing during this time before Easter. Often as children it equates to candy or chocolate (Oh no, never chocolate). Perhaps this needs some rethinking and revising. In truth, a kindness towards another person, possibly a stranger seems more realistic than struggling to avoid a candy bar. Open a door for the person behind you, call an old friend and ask how they are, give a few extra dollars to your favorite charity, say a prayer for someone who is ill, play an act of kindness forward, play it forward more than once...big or small, out loud or to your self...this is an excellent time to be kind.

Stay aware...
Talk later...
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Giants Win...Mixed Monday...

For those on the fence about astrology working: please re-read Saturday's blog. I am not a fortune teller or for that matter an advocate of predicting out comes, but as an astrologer, I do love picking the Super Bowl winner. Being oblivious to all the facts and pre-game stuff makes the selection even more interesting. I did listen to five very "high profile" guys in Arizona predicting (all five of them) that the Patriots would win. Huh!!! Hope you all had fun last night, right up to the amazing end. Eli Manning was having an incredibly Good Day. For those who don't know it, Eli is a Capricorn. Enough said.

Our Capricorn Moon stays on radar until a few minutes after 1pm. The rest of the day is a roll-of-the-dice. Don't get to worked up about anything because this No Day thing is around for 24 hours plus. Aquarius Moon does not show up until just after 2pm tomorrow (Tuesday). With Mercury dancing backwards this feels like everyone is talking Pig Latin. Use this expanse of time wisely, prepare, write, review, remember, but don't make a fool of yourself. On Tuesday and Wednesday use the Aquarius Moon and backward Mercury in Aquarius to finish up something extraordinary. Speaking of being prepared, more to come, but a heads up on the Solar Eclipse-New Moon on Wednesday.

I am Guest Blogging tomorrow and one of the questions had to do with The Law of Attraction. Simply put: Good vs Not-so-good...sort of like Good Days-No Days. Thought on that is the theory being we attract everything by our attitude, our beliefs, our behavior, and our habits. But the question arises: There are negative people and they pull in all manner of not-so-good stuff, but what about the good folk? I have no answer, but this I do believe. The good people are our teachers. They teach us how to die and how to live.

Pay attention. Stay aware. Fight the fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good Day for Football

Weekend Forecast...

No, I didn't forget it is the weekend, and no, I did not forget the Super Bowl. Although not a football follower I have for years used an astrological formula to view the day of the game. Tomorrow the moon is in Capricorn. The Sagittarius moon falls off the radar about 5pm and does not return until about twelve hours later dressed in her Capricorn garb. There is a seriousness about Capricorn, a striving to beat the odds that forces Capricorn to climb the impossible climb. Success is the goal and Capricorn is not a quitter. If you are asking me who will win, I will go out on that proverbial limb and say: The Giants.

There is an email floating through cyperspae right now, it is of a walking womn. She is walking for breast cancer. The email is humorous and dipicts photos which are very much women's humor. Like the toilet seat chained down and the bowling alley decorated with flowers in pinks. Silly stuff but all with a point. Breast cancer is not a joke but if we can find a way to laugh we can find a way to the cure. Stay aware...pass on the email, keep the walking woman moving...

Have the best day everyday...

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