Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blog a Review - Widow's Walk

Reading books is like attending a great feast, one that offers table after table of amazing foods and desserts, appetizers, entrees, fruit fountains and chocolate sculptures. Summer, for me, is a perfect time to indulge in a reading smorgasbord.

I audio read the classics and add a few current selections, I also carry a book with me daily and have one next to my bed for evening. There are no kindles or iphones and no miniature screens with condensed versions of Hemingway or Steinbeck. As a treat, I like the freedom to pick just released novels, the ones with hope and aspirations on every page, these I sprinkle among the well tested and the extraordinary on my reading plate. Among my bounteous courses of words consumed over the past three months, I have most recently read a new fiction, Widow’s Walk, by Kenneth Weene.

Set in Boston a few decades ago the story is about an Irish Catholic family, the Flanagans. Having grown up in the Boston area and myself being the product of a strict Catholic upbringing and education, on many levels I could relate to the characters in Mr. Weene’s book. Kenneth Weene writes a gripping tale of, God, religion, misconceptions, guilt, grief,and fear. Widow’s Walk peels back the layers of a good family torn apart emotionally, spiritually and physically.

When Sean senior dies on the job, he leaves his wife Mary to cope with more than his death. She survives to face her own discontent, routine and the infused guilt of a religious view that has claimed her for years. Mary continues to be more concerned with the will of God than her own happiness and that of her family, she plunges through life a blank page, an empty vessel of a woman.

Sean senior does not live long enough to see his only son, a Vietnam veteran, return home paralyzed. He never sees the deadening pain in his daughter’s eyes from the loss of her unborn child and in the end; his early demise absolves him from the tragedy yet to befall his good family.

“Life is a banquet, and most suckers are starving to death.” This quote mentioned in the story comes from the play, “Auntie Mame”. These metaphorical words resonate in the unfolding story of the Flanagan family. Only young Sean succeeds in overcoming his obstacles, while his mother and sister flounder despite the opportunities offered.

This book will keep you turning pages and comes with a Kleenex advisory as well as the warning to dispense with any notion of a happily ever after.

Leave a comment and you could be eligble for a free copy of Widow's Walk. For more information check out the blog tour.

Have the best day everyday.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blog Apple Pie

I have been making apple pies since the seventies, perfecting the crust, the texture, the apples and the taste…tart. My pies have been a staple in our building of traditions, one pillar among many. We are a family of foodies and there are occasions that require apple pie. Twenty years ago, Pat Brooks (New York Times) praised the crust (like grandma used to make) and its taste. That was in the days when you could bring baked goods to local establishments and “sell” them with out worries of the health department or salmonella.
This weekend I entered my green apple pie in a local agricultural fair, one that brings their blue ribbon apple pies to the state fair. I entered without expectation, just for the fun of it. I had long ago ceased to “sell” my goods and now baked only for those whom I loved.
My pie won a red ribbon, second place…I was thrilled because the competition was intense, many pies to taste by the judges. Only later did I learn that I lost by a mere four points because the pie was tart. Bravo to the judges…their taste buds were correct, green apple pie is tart. I guess I will have to enter again next year and assuage red apple pie palates. Touché…

Interview on Thursday…”Meet the Author” 91.7 FM on your radio at 9:30 am and again on Sunday the 30th at 9:30 am. You can stream the broadcast on your computer.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog Time Management

Time management…ugh, most often my nightmare, here it is 5 am and I am just getting to this blog blitz for…yes, you guessed it…time management. The team of Karen Leland and Keith Bailey has written a book: Time Management in an Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day. This writer needs to change some bad habits and Karen and Keith discuss habits of action.

I have great intentions…I have written two books and numerous blogs and short stories so I know I can be motivated, but what about the blank page and the days I procrastinate and what about when I “gather metaphorical dust”? These are the days when discipline is out the backdoor.

Three habits are suggested by Leland and Bailey: #1-Focus on the trees not the forest, #2-Take energetic credit for completion, #3 Time-Planning: Put a stop to putting it off. For a full expansion of these how-to habit suggestions get on board the time machine.

Buy a copy of Time Management In An Instant the week of July 20th and receive a free license to the Essential Email online course. To buy the book and claim your bonus, or just to buy the book go to:
While email is the most widely used communication tool for business, its remote nature - which eliminates tone of voice and body language - presents a huge potential for mischief, misunderstanding and misinterpretation. This online program will help you go beyond basic email etiquette, to the proven principles and practices for gaining mastery and saving time over your electronic mail box.

Karen Leland and Keith Bailey are the bestselling authors of six books including Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day. They are the co-founders of Sterling Consulting Group, which helps organizations and individuals learn how to fight distraction and find their focus in a wired world. For more information please contact:

Have the best day everyday…


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog to the Beach

“To the Beach” the sign reads with an arrow pointing down the road. I sniff the air and follow the arrow and the scent of the ocean leads me to a sand path with wisps of beach grass and flowers. The walk is short and familiar; we have spent many summers on this beach, coming back to the same rental, year after year. Our only complaint is that it is never long enough, because just when we get a rhythm going we have to leave. Next year maybe we will stay longer, long enough to get bored. For now our beach vacation is over and we are packing up, going home and the sun has barely risen, and the beach is nearly empty when I climb the path one final time. The shore comes into view. I hold my breath for an instant caught in the intake of the oceans beauty. I walk to her edge and whisper my goodbyes. “I’ll be back,” I say. ‘Wait for me, don’t forget me.” The sand slips between my toes and the water laps my ankles in acknowledgment of my request.

“To the Beach” the sign on my refrigerator reads. The arrow points to the porch and beyond. “Remember me,” I say as I sniff the air and follow the tip of the arrow.

Join me on Friday, June 24th for a blog post about a writer’s worst nightmare: how to avoid distractions and stay focused. “Time Management In An Instant” by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey will spark the discipline writer’s like I need to better manage time and to keep writing.

Have the best day every day…


Friday, June 26, 2009

Fight-the-fight in Blog

A portal opened in the universe and two celebrities of the 21st Century passed through. The news has been flooded with the sudden demise of Michael Jackson. His music, his eccentricities and his addictions all spread out across the globe for hungry viewers. Over shadowed by the glitz of the weird, Farrah Fawcett’s death portrayed with less intensity, but more dignity sends a valuable message. She fought the fight. What are you and I fighting? Ms. Fawcett remained hopeful to the end, could we be that brave?

Like Hudson Catalina in “Belly of the Whale”…to give up hope is to give up life.

Fight-the-fight, it is your life and mine.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Women of Wisdom

“What will you do with this one wild passionate life?” Mary Oliver…

Blogging about passion and having a dream is one of my favorite subjects. Too often women in particular find themselves stuck outside their aspirations. When young the idea of pursuing something that made the heart sing and soul dance faded, overtaken by responsibility and day-to-day life. Time sends the message that age is not dream friendly. Take notes: None of this matters. As a woman who pursued her dream late in life and succeeded in its coming true, I say to all women that you must to be true to your self, to your passion.

Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes is a great compilation of stories directed to spirituality and empowering of women. Angeles Arrien has a chapter about having to put your dreams on hold. Her words speak to all women. “I am at home when I have fire; when I am deeply connected to what has heart and meaning.” Purchase a copy of Women of Wisdom to use daily as inspiration and guidance.

Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes, is being offered beginning June 23rd, 2009 at 12:01am. We invite you to go to this page – Women of Wisdom - to access the order page and then go back to this page to access the bonus page. On the Exclusive Private Invite page, enter your order confirmation code. That will allow you to gain entry to the bonus gifts that are available to people who buy the book on June 23rd.

Have the best day everyday-stay true to your passion.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog Blooms Day

Blooms Day, June 16 is a celebration of the Irish writer, James Joyce, "Ulysses". Named after, Leopold Bloom the protagonist this memorable day is filled with recitation and merriment. This past Tuesday, Blooms Day 2009, I read a short excerpt from Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy.

I turned inward yes caught up in memories yes of Molly and Bloom yes their world their day yes and I was the Flower of the mountain for a few minutes yes and felt his breath on my neck yes and it was Leap Year yes my gawd Leap Year how did I miss that opportunity yes and what if I had known would I have asked him yes to say yes I will yes he might have taken me dancing yes twirled me round the floor yes and said I will yes he might have said yes.

Have the best day every day.

On Monday the 22nd of June, stop by to get information about Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes. This incredible book speaks to women and addresses the endless possibilities of spirituality and empowering of self.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Blog Julianne Moore's New Book

Working parents should pay attention, it is a difficult juggle between quantity and quality time with your children and the guilt, oh my, the guilt that builds up from leaving the kids at daycare. In Julianne Moore’s children’s book, “Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully” the idea of having to go to Early Bird BEFORE school starts doesn’t mean a long face or a stream of complaints it means not having to eat extra breakfast and getting to PLAY before school.

Parenting has its measure of challenge and this book helps send a message to children that some things might surprise us. Talented artist, LeUyen Pham, beautifully illustrates the book; she has all the details on each page, giving children a picture perfect book. Ms. Moore and Ms. Pham work their magic together in giving young children a story that sends the message to not be afraid, one that says other children may be feeling the same as you, and the best resolution is to make a new friend.

Click for more information on how to purchase Julianne Moore’s book “Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully” and to see her tour schedule.

Ms. Moore is a tireless advocate for children and especially those whose families live in rural areas. She focuses on literacy and early childhood education and is U.S. Ambassador for Save the Children. She launched Save the Children Valentine and is a member of Reach Out and Read. Most of us know her as an acclaimed actress; this book secures her place as a picture book author as well.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to have the best day everyday.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Blog a Reunion

Sometimes you are just along for the ride, and other times you are the ride. On Saturday, I chauffeured three members of my family, three women all over eighty-five to breakfast. It had been five years since they had seen each other, the three together. One is my mother, her sister who is ninety-four and the third their sister-in-law. The conversation began with a laundry list of ailments and present infirmities but quickly switched to nostalgia. They talked about when they were young and how each met their husbands and what it was like to be a young girl in the 20’s and 30’s of the twentieth century.

As I sat among them I realized what a moment I was sharing, I knew that the possibility of another reunion might not occur in their lifetime. Another reason to be in the moment, to savor the minutes together and say I love you, I love your face and your laugh, I love how you eyes dance when you smile and how time has not changed your spirit.

Blog what you feel, see, and hear.

On Friday this week, June 12th, please stop for my review of Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully by Julianne Moore. I will have her tour site up and lots of info regarding this charming story. Ms. Moore is an award-winning actress, tireless children’s advocate and U.S. Ambassador for Save the Children. Her focus is literacy and early childhood education.

Have the best day everyday…


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blog a Summer Night

Summer nights are beginning here on the east coast, the kind of nights when windows remain open and the evening chorus of insects drifts through the bedroom window. The frogs crock and the crickets chirp, tuning up for their lat June symphony. Airplanes crisscross the sky, a distant set of swooshes in the darkness, and sometimes a car makes its way along the road, a gentle thumb of tires against the pavement. Now and then, a dog barks and another answers, this collection of sounds are familiar, each has it measure of comfort.

I favor this time of year, I am at my best, the arrival of my birth month of May is celebrated and when summer waves its last farewell, I hold tight and fast to her fading warmth. There is great solace in knowing that the music of nature will play again and that I am still a member of the audience. The return of this season has also brought a resurgence of inspiration; my mind has begun to blossom again. The story that bubbles inside has found it s path, at last, and the words flow again on to the page. Writing, indeed, is an act of faith. Everyday I hold tight to believing much the same way that I grasp summer nights.

Blog what you see, hear, think and feel.

On Friday, June 12 please look for my review of “Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully” written by actress, Julianne Moore and illustrated by LeUyen Pham. This is a children’s book with delightful illustrations and a story that children will enjoy, Ms. Moore has stepped out of her actor’s shoes and into a writer’s robe, not a simple task, but one she does with ease.

Have the best day everyday,


Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog a Dream Comes True

For those who know my story it has been a long but interesting journey to becoming a published author. I began many years ago with the dream of being a journalist but through life circumstance I traveled a different career path. A few days ago I was awarded second place for the Best Fiction of 2009 by the Connecticut Press Club, an organization comprised of journalists, and writers. The dream does come true for a debut author, one has to believe and have faith.

The guest speaker at the awards event was Wally Lamb. He received the Mark Twain Award from the Press Club. Mr. Lamb spoke of the writing process from his beginnings and how there were times when he couldn't find a word for the page. He often turned to his faith for guidance and found inspiration in his own spirituality. Good advice for all of us. The photo is of me, Wally Lamb and Judith Marks-White author of Seducing Harry and Bachelor Degree.

My thanks to the judges of the Connecticut Press Club for their recognition of Belly of the Whale.

This is a Good Day - have the best day every day.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mark this day on your calendar. Mercury has stepped on to the dance floor and is doing his cha-cha in reverse. Oh dear!! This puts communication in a spin so follow your dance partner's lead. Careful what you say over the next three weeks, and if you do not need to sign on the dotted line then do not. Travel has its delays and changes, a bit more than usual. If Mercury remained in Gemini things wouldn't be so bad, but as Taurus returns then watch how words slow down.

For those checking out No Days - our next blip comes on Saturday for about three hours. Before that the Scorpio moon reflects and asks us to dig deep into our psyches. There are no secrets with Scorpio. From 2:45pm until 9:45 pm dry out from all the emotions of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Welcome the Sagittarius Moon Saturday evening and bask in the optimism of this moon.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, May 1, 2009


Got to love the weekend and since it is May Day let's dance around the Maypole in our finest outfits because the moon is in Leo and we must make an impact. Presentation is the answer, if you are hoping to be noticed it is all about what people see. Today and tomorrow until 6pm you will be judged accordingly. Sounds shallow but it is the truth. Leo likes center stage and all the drama that goes with it.

Good Day stays until Saturday night...kick back for the evening and make no promises. Virgo Moon reflects on us Sunday and Monday until 9:30pm...Virgo asks us to be perfect and pay attention to details. This is a good way to begin a week that will end with Mercury dancing backwards. Have all your talking ducks lined up properly so you are not misunderstood later. We'll have three weeks of that. Yuck...

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Days...

Got to love that New Moon in Taurus, she let's us ask for what we deserve and most often grants our wishes. Use this moon well and enjoy a few Good Days.

My novel, Belly of the Whale, has won runner-up in the CT Press Club Best Fiction 2009. This is a wonderful honor and I am very pleased to pass on the news. I must say, however, that the number one spot was won by an author(s) that churn out yearly suspense novels. Not having read their stuff I hesitate to say more. I can not churn, maybe I should try...writing is an act of faith and my act takes time...

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Day Aries Moon

The Tribeca Film Festival opens today in New York City with the Moon in Aries on a Good Day. This community film festival was born out of the tragedy of 9/11. In the passionate spirit from which is was created the New York Times has given this year's festival a rave review. It is amazing how out of anger and aggression we can plant the seeds of inspiration and rebirth. Kudos to those behind the scenes and to all who support and love the arts. America is beautiful.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Day for some tears...

Moon in Pisces for the next few days, the best use of this energy is to play on the sympathy of others. Let them feel sorry for you, I mean shed a few tears if you must. On a higher level people are compassionate, understanding and very kind. Take care of the under dog and for those still unsure, watch your back for deception may lurk.
Have the best day every day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Venus and Relationships

Mid-month and Tax Day bring us to Wednesday, a Good Day. The moon is in the very serious sign of Capricorn so we all feel that we must be mindful of the rules. For those of you who are anxious to move forward in a relationship, take heart, the lovely planet Venus will begin her forward motion on Saturday easing the tension of the past several weeks. Much introspection was the best activity during this time. Knowing what you desire and your own worth is key to your happiness and to your success. Go for It!!

There is a brief change of face on Friday as the moon trades signs and goes into Aquarius. This free spirit moon will guide us through the weekend. Enjoy the unexpected and have an adventure.

Thanks to all who posted on my Dan Fogelberg blog. There will be a reprint of that blog in More Sugar in May. Remember to fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Dan Fogelberg Review

Songs are souvenirs…so said Dan Fogelberg in a radio interview back in 1997. Through the efforts of people like Fred Migliore, Jean Fogelberg and FM Odyssey Radio the fans of Dan Fogelberg can hear him speak about his passion for music in the CD: Dan Fogelberg – A Retrospective Interview. This is a collection of thirteen Fogelberg songs which allows listeners to go past his lyrics into his wonderful insights about life, writing music and performing as an artist.

In the tunes “Don’t Lose Heart” and “Part of the Plan” we are encouraged by the beauty of Dan’s lyrics to always remain hopeful and that all of us are living out our parts on the stage of life. Dan Fogelberg: A Retrospective Interview invites fans to be guests of an unusually intimate conversation and to hear in Dan’s own voice the inner workings of his inspirations. It was chilling to realize that the essence of the music remained but that the personal meanings had changed since his death, much in the way Dan unknowingly explained in the interview.

“Same Old Lang Syne” is one of my favorite Fogelberg tunes. We are privy to how the lyrics unfolded, how they were spun out of a real encounter that was greatly romanticized by the artist. And the final song about Dan's father, a tribute to his family and to “The Leader of the Band” touches our reality with the simple truth that the living legacy is gone; and because of this odd twist of fate we are grateful to be left with his musical genius.

There is a message from Dan Fogelberg on the inside of the CD cover. He encourages every man to get PSA and DRE tests every year. To hear the words "you have cancer" is never easy, but to hear these words about a loved one is even more difficult. Early detection and medical intervention can make the difference. I know because I am blessed to love a wonderful man who is a prostate cancer survivor. Please remember that your purchase of this 2 CD Collector’s Edition will aid in the research for prostate cancer, and for anyone who reads this post and makes a special comment you can win a lost segment edition of a one-of-a-kind CD with forty-five additional minutes of Dan’s interview with Fred Migliore. So post here today or come back in a few days…I would love to hear from you.

Have the best day everyday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Belly of the Whale, one year ago my novel and I were launched into the debut book universe. We are still on an amazing journey. Our path has been and continues to be filled with new faces and opportunities.

For those who keep up with my good days the moon is full in Libra. It fills Wednesday and Thursday. Libra has a penchant for two’s, use this time to work in a partnership. The changing face of the full moon’s reflection will go off stage from just before 10pm on Thursday. She will return about 5:30am Friday shrouded in her mask of Scorpio. This is a most fitting day for this energy giving it is Holy Week and Passover. Scorpio forces us to go deep within our selves. We are covered until Sunday. There are only Good Days ahead.

Please check in on Friday for my review of the Dan Fogelberg CD: A Retrospective Interview. Dan died of prostate cancer at the age of 56 in December of 2007. His personal message to all men is written inside the CD cover.

Have the best day every day. Linda

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank is Friday!!! That is a good thing. We spent most of the daytime in a No Day mode, once we got past 3:30pm things started to ease up. The best use of No Days is becoming more centered and organizing for future endeavors. Some folk like to begin their travel on a No Day and that is okay if you are up for anything. The Leo Moon will reflect on us this weekend until 11:30am on Sunday. Leo always stirs up the dramatic. Nothing is ordinary. Use this moon to have fun, visit children, take a risk or play an early Santa Claus. Sunday is a No Day after 11:30am. This leaves us a day to take care of the yard, finish cleaning out the basement or tending to your taxes.

The moon in Virgo will not let you off the hook. She will take over at 7pm Sunday night. We always think Of Virgo as being such-a-by-the-rules person but Virgo only appears to be that way. Yes on the exterior it is all very neat but there is some kinky stuff under all those layers.

Please, please spread the word about the new Dan Fogelberg Retrospective CD that offers folks a chance to listen to some great music and to support research for prostate cancer. I will be blogging about this CD on Friday April 10th. As an added note: A very special woman died this week, someone who for a short time walked on my path. Her kindness and generosity of spirit will never be forgotten. My friend lost her battle with colon cancer. We must all fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Gemini moon has everybody talking, the buzz is on. This is the moon that turns attention to the newspaper, magazines, telephones and texting. Any and all ways of communicating are at the top of the list. Keep this thought until 5am on Wednesday and then take no prisoners until after 12:30pm. The fool is honored on April first with pranks and jokes. The moon will be in Cancer and does not enjoy the silly behavior of the Fool. Cancer is sensitive to criticism and appreciates only the best. Use this moon to eat well, cook delicious, plant and ask. This Cancer moon stays with us until 5am Friday morning.

Please keep a reminder or red flag for the 10th of April when my review of Dan Fogelberg's Retrospective CD will be up on blog. Fight-the-fight, Dan died of prostate cancer.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Ah, the weekend...I do love the weekend. Today here in the Northeast the weather turned enough to bring the advent of night chirping. I dusted out my porch and sat with a cup of tea surveying the remnants of winter and the beginning of spring. The moon finished her stay in Aries at 10:17 tonight and will take a needed rest until 6am tomorrow, Saturday. The best of the best moons will reflect on us throughout the balance of the weekend. Yes, Moon in Taurus for all those who know and love mother earth. Do ask for what you deserve, make good use of your senses, all five. Treat your body to some pleasure.

This delightful moon will change face early Monday morning and will return in Gemini at 9:30am. The morning commute will be a blur and the day will get started late. Once Gemini takes hold you will not sit down. Gemini likes to be busy and has many fingers in the pot. Watch for gossip and too much talk.

Keep April 10th bookmarked, I will be blogging about Dan Fogelberg's CD for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Dan Fogelberg died in December of 2007 at the age of 56. Please spread the word regarding this incredible CD and the reflections of his music and his memory.

Have the best day everyday. Remember to fight-the-fight.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blog Five Hours with India

We've all been there, you know, computer misery and the dreaded call for technical help. I waited until Saturday morning as the moon went into Aquarius to attempt to remedy my security problem. It seems that I was infected, badly infected. I required a Virus Team to combat my computer bugs. This began my long conversation with a young man in India. Five hours. Problem corrected. Back to business.

The weekend is closing down and the moon will wait in the wings for a change at 8am tomorrow(Monday). Consider the better part of Monday a No Day. When the five o'clock whistle blows the moon will show herself in Pisces. This watery sign offers sympathy and compassion. Kindness matters most during this time. The Pisces moon remains until Wednesday about 1pm. The balance of that day is a No Day.

I'll be blogging about the new release of a compilation of thirteen songs by Dan Fogelberg on April 10th. Dan died of prostate cancer in December of 2007 in his 56th year. Awareness and education are important, just like women and breast cancer. Remember to fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day. Linda

Blog Interruptions

Some things happen outside of time, like running into old friends, or familiar scents, voices, landscapes and lost letters. These moments propel you to places or memories from a time long ago when you were younger, when life was simpler, and when time was not walking with you, shoulder-to-shoulder. All of these places, all past connections are woven so permanently inside the fabric of our being that at any second with the correct chemistry one or more can awake.

Such a moment occurred recently when I was invited to participate in a book club discussion for my novel, Belly of the Whale. The invitation had come many months before from an acquaintance now living in the Cape Ann area, the location of my book. We shared families through marriage, in-laws, cousins and the like but we were not related. Four decades had passed and here I was at her door being welcomed as an author, treated like a celebrity. She was candid with her remarks before the group arrived. I had to read the book first she said before I could recommend it to the club and I loved it.

Soon her home was filled with the hum of female voices. I was deluged with handshakes and introductions. I looked out among the faces and saw women like myself holding copies of Belly of the Whale. Questions began and I answered. How did the story begin, what was the seed? I knew the responses because I’d made them before, but this was different, that night I was a bridge away from Gloucester, from Ten Nettles Cove and Whales Market. One woman after another exclaimed that they looked for the Market and wondered what street it was on and how thoughts of the story remained with them long after the last page.

When would the sequel be released? Was there a sequel? What was I working on now? When would my next book be published? The walls of inertia that had formed around me in the last few months began to crumble. Every writer requires retreat, time to ruminate and I had mine. The alarm was going off in my head. A room full of wonderful women speaking with honesty and passion was my elixir.

On April 10th I will dedicate my blogging to the education and awareness of prostate cancer. In December 2007 Dan Folgelberg died of this disease. He was barely past fifty years old. We all know his music- Same Old Lang Syne and Leader of the Band to name two. I will participate in the promotion of a double CD package called Dan Fogelberg-A Retrospective Interview. The CD’s feature thirteen of Dan’s great songs coupled with Fred Migliore of FM Odyssey Radio and his interview celebrating Dan Fogelberg’s twenty-five years of music in 1997. Three dollars from the sale of this package goes to PCF in Dan’s name to help find a cure.

Please remember to the fight-fight.

Have the best day everyday. Linda

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog Coincidence

I do not believe in accidents or coincidence. When questioned I am always asked if I believe in fate or destiny. I answer with out answering. Life is a series of this and that, life is just life. We make a plan and then poof the plan changes. Is that fate? Perhaps. Karma? Maybe. Everything seems to be a link to something else and then we get entwined with someone else. I imagine I am a player on the stage of this existence, my role has a few lines and then the curtain falls. However brief, this life is the only one happening, what we do, you and me, is up to us. When life turns us upside down there is always another Act and new players. Make the most of everyday and do not judge yourself by what you have, by your money or your possessions. Value who you are by what is inside, the stuff you are made of, that is the your wealth.

It is mid-week and if you felt a bit off center this afternoon that was when the moon in Sagittarius changed hats. The more serious face of Capricorn reflects on us until 4pm on Friday. Use this moon to act without getting too emotional. Capricorn is prudent, returning large amounts of money should work well over the next few days. Too bad no one told the folks doling out bonuses about Venus retrograde. Oh well, no surprise about the give back.

Have the best day every day.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog the Full Moon

Did you see that beautiful full face in the sky? Moon in Virgo smiling back at ya!!! She brightened our night sky and turned our emotions inside out. There was no perfection, every detail scrutinized, and no rules broken except behind closed doors.

So this is mid-week and we’ve got a reprieve from the warden. The moon has gone off stage to change and her next appearance will be in Libra after 3pm today. While she is getting pretty we can center our self and make plans. Nothing much will matter until she returns…nothing to account for except our self and that does matter.

The Libra moon asks us to compromise and negotiate with dignity. Libra is the peace maker and if there is an urgency to speak of such things then over the next few days the energy is favorable. The Power of Two is represented by Libra, the scales of justice weighing the fairness and the right of any and all situations. Use this time to be with someone you love. Cozy up.

Libra Moon takes us into Friday and then about 6:30pm she exchanges her pretty face for the dark mask of Scorpio. There is a two hour lapse as she goes through her emotional redo. No bad reputations for dear Scorpio, only this, if you want things kicked up a notch here is the moon to do it. Emotions are deep and conversation is too. Use the weekend to spend some time by the sea or any place near water.

Venus is dancing a backward cha-cha so take some time to go inside your self and make peace with what you value and what you can live without. This applies to the inner and outer you.

Have the best day everyday.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things are getting so depressing with the economy, that winter is beginning to look good. With Venus slowing down and about to go retrograde this money thing will only dig itself deeper. If you are wise, take your wallet and bury it for the next several weeks. Don't spend unless you absolutely must eat. The only good buys are things that appear worthless but are just aged and currently unappealing. Antiques are the best bargains.

Gemini Moon took over on March 2 and will carry us through most of Wednesday. This moon stirs communication and encourages us to be very busy. Nervous energy makes folk restless. The moon changes face after 9pm on Wednesday until early Thursday morning when one of our favorite moons reflects on us beginning at 6am. The Cancer moon asks us to take care of family and home. Concentrate on what you require for comfort. This includes Friday until 7:30pm. Friday Venus does her thing and if you pay attention you will feel the abrupt swing. This may be a time to be introspective about relationships and the worth of self and possessions. Shutting down spending is a good thing. Use this time to reflect on what you have, what you can live without, and who you love.

The weekend is all about the Moon in Leo and there is likely to be some drama and lots of colorful moments. Have fun this weekend, most people are in the mood for playing games. All this doom and gloom has us living under a rock so go out in the sun but remember that gambling is out, keep your money in your pocket.

The good news is there are no No Days to deal and everyday is one more day to be grateful for.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's start off with saying that Thursday the 26th is a No Day. No point in getting yourself worked up over anything much until after 4:30pm. I am postponing mailing my income tax until after the moon goes into Aries. Perhaps using that energy will get my refund to me quicker. We all know how impatient Aries can be, how waiting is considered a punishment. The best use of this energy is to accomplish tasks swiftly. Friday is a Good Day and this takes us into Saturday until 1pm. Go into No Day mode the remainder of the day.

Sunday brings our favorite Moon in Taurus. Ask for what you need. This Moon is ruled by Venus and she is moving very slow right now and getting ready to dance backwards. All finances are grinding to a halt. This retrograde is especially significant. Monday for most of the day you can use the Taurus moon to accomplish special tasks and make requests. Taurus is very materialistic. Your senses will be heightened. The moon will change face after 5:30pm but not until middle of the early morning on Tuesday.

Over all the weekend is a stop and starter. Just when you gain momentum you will have to put your brakes on.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, February 20, 2009

For those interested we've just had a brief peek into the age of Aquarius. On Monday and Tuesday this week (16th & 17th) we had Jupiter conjunct with Mars. How interesting that here in the US the largest stimulus package ever composed was signed by our President. Jupiter can bring good fortune and extreme excess, much of what brought us to our knees was flavored by a Pluto in Sagittarius (this ruled by Jupiter). I am always amazed at how the cosmos parallels our lives, who says it doesn't work? For those with a Leo rising you will have, as the song says, Jupiter in the Seventh House and, yes, it did align with Mars. So things should be warming up with relationships. This happens every twelve years, think back in your personal history to 1997 and you will have some inkling as to what may occur.

Do not expect too much from Saturday the 21st. The moon is off radar all day and into the night. This is a No Day. Try to stay centered and get in touch with your spiritual side. Let things take their own course and make no plans for they will surely be changed. Wait until Sunday when the moon is in Aquarius as well as Mercury,Mars, Jupiter and Neptun. The Aquarius moon always brings some unexpected goodies. Stay open to the unknown and go left instead of right.

The Aquarius Moon takes us into Monday until 9pm. Pisces will take over on Tuesday at 8am and there will be a new moon on Tuesday evening. New Moons always allow us to begin...this is a good day to begin again.

Have the best day every day.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Days for Lovers and Valentines

The desire to be a pair, to prefer two and say I love you resonates high on the cosmic list. How curious that the lovers holiday should fall so close to this energy. The moon reflects on us in Libra for Thursday and Friday. This will enable those making plans for the weekend to come up with something sweet and lovely. There will be no failed attempts at getting a gift. The howevers do come along on Saturday though and perhaps using the 13th instead of the 14th might bode better. There is a brief exchange of hats on Saturday for 5 minutes between 9:46 am and 9:51am. Scorpio will replace the Libra calm. This moon is more intense and means to take over. There is no hiding from this moon. Lovers will dig deep into their psyches today and tomorrow. If you pop the question this will mean forever, so be sure. Love is not a fleeting thought or word when Scorpio covers us with light.

Roll all this together and we have a good rush of good days. The best part of all the good stuff is whatever we speak need only be said once. No one should second guess anymore. Venus the cupid of the cosmos will dance backward in another month but for now all thoughts of amore are sincere. One more word on Scorpio and the love thing...passion will be kicked up several notches. The spark will become an inferno!!!

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Weekend...

An entire five days has passed since the Super Bowl. I actually watched this mega event. Clearly I was clueless as to the rules and the fact that the Steelers won as predicted irked the Arizona fans present. Sorry. Mercury has chugged forward giving us all our voices back. The return of solid communication has proven itself as high up as the White House. There is much cleaning-up to do from previous talk.

We are headed into the weekend with a Cancer Moon reflecting on us. Friday should be a day of positive results. Spending time with family, cozy with good comfort food is high on the list of good things to do. This moon usually holds her own even during the void which is Saturday from 2pm until almost midnight. The best use of energy is to become more centered and spiritual. Do not push the planet or have high expectations. The Leo Moon takes over through Sunday giving us lots of drama and a reason to celebrate. The Full Moon is in Leo on Monday morning and what a beauty. Think back on what began two weeks ago and ponder as to its culmination. Monday afternoon after 2:30pm the moon changes hats...Just after midnight she comes back dressed as picky Virgo. Follow the rules for a few days and practice makes perfect.

Have the best day everyday...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog the Super Bowl

The planet Mercury will be dancing forward again on Monday. Has anyone noticed how the "re" words have been in force the last few weeks? The most significant example was during the inauguration when President Obama was taking his oath of office. There was a brief moment of words out-of-order which forced the repeating of the oath and later the oath was taken again to insure that no one could question its validity. All under a Mercury retrograde.

Once this energy ends conversation and transportation gets easier and less confusion hangs in the air. We are moving into the second half of the week with a moon in Pisces. This sensitive moon allows us to express our feelings and to gain the empathy or sympathy of others. Using this kind of leverage can be successful for some. On Friday the moon changes into Aries the void is between 4:30am and 10:30am. Aries picks up speed and burns off any remaining residue of tears or sensitivity. With Aries there is little patience for emotion. Use this moon to accomplish much, be innovative and passionate. Aries will go off screen for the afternoon on Sunday. For those watching the Super Bowl she returns just after 5pm. For those betting money on the outcome of that game I predict the Steelers to win. This comes not from love of the game but merely from a formula for picking the Super Bowl winner and never watching football. Last year I picked the Giants.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog Google Alert

I have Google Alert. This nifty little daily do keeps me informed of where I am on the Internet. When setting up my Google Alerts I included several words that are repeated in blogs and articles. My name for one, the name of my main character in my book for another. When Hudson Catalina pops up, and she does every day, I know I am in for some interesting blurbs. The word Catalina appears on its own as well as Hudson, so I get info as far reaching as Catalina swimwear to USAir landing in the Hudson. Most recently I was alerted to an old Hudson being put on the auction block from the Steve McQueen collection of cars. I learned later that it sold for a measly $39,000. What a steal. My Good Days and No Days is also on alert which inspires me to continue following the moon.

Here it is Friday the 24th of January and the moon is in Capricorn. She took on that serious face just after 1am this morning. The weekend will reflect that all business side and allow us to get organized, floss our teeth and eat healthy. On Sunday the moon will vacate until 2pm...sleep late and read the paper. Aquarius moon brings surprises and high energy. Keep a watch for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Monday. This happens at 2:55am. You and I will be sleeping. Use the New Moon to begin a project and note that a Solar Eclipse brings significant changes. If that were not enough Monday rings in the Chinese New Year: Year of the Ox. We'll talk more about that next time. Till then...

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog a No Day at Noon

Good Days and No Days that’s what I spout about. The whole premise of my blog is to act as a guide for the best use of the universe’s energy. I follow the moon for the best measure and try to steer you around those No Days. The best use of energy is to simply let things be, not to sign or commit to anything…to wait until that warp ends. All this said it bothers me that the inauguration, the actual swearing into office of our 44th president will be at a void-of-course moon. If the timing is as the newspapers predict then the president-elect will put his hand on the bible at a few minutes before noon on Tuesday January 20th. The void ends thirty minutes later. Some years back people made fun of Ronald Reagan for dodging the void moon. Oh we never knew exactly what he was working around but it was clear that someone was guiding him to seek the best time for such important events. He successfully manipulated several occasions when he had to commit to his next move or next job and history records President Regan very favorably.

To date no one has asked me about the void moon for the 20th of January, no one has asked me if that is a Good Day to be sworn in as president. Since No Days do not bode well for success and often proceed in an unexpected manner, plans can change and we might hope that there are delays and the actual swearing in occurs later than scheduled.

For those paying attention the moon leaves Scorpio at 10:37pm Monday evening and returns in Sagittarius at 12:30pm on Tuesday January 20th; this moon is all about freedom and broadening our horizons, making promises and being optimistic. She stays in this mood until Thursday at 11:24 am and then leaves us with a No Day until early morning on Friday. Capricorn is more serious than Sagittarius and her all business face takes us into the weekend. By the way is the man in the moon really a woman? Something to contemplate…

Have the best day everyday.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog a Scam

There is much talk around about schemes. There are various tags for these: Ponzi, Pyramid, and Amway are three. Most scams involve investing, for some it is money, and for others, it is time. All these schemes are built on false promises and the lure of cash or dreams come true. Most people, like me, never made enough money to get caught up in a Ponzi scheme. Yet, folk like me are sometimes lured by getting rich quick or having a dream come true.

If you or anyone you know is involved in a questionable business contract and feels that there are unanswered questions, please contact a lawyer, an accountant or someone familiar with your particular business and become better informed.

Remember that Mercury is dancing backward and during this time it is difficult to hide information. With Pluto just entering Capricorn and Saturn at the tail end of its run in Virgo there are lots of folk being called onto the carpet. Confessions may not come easy but the facts are clear. Retrograde is all about returns, refunds, remittance, revenue, remembering, reviews, reasons and resolutions.

For this weekend think Good Days. The moon is in Libra and she will remain there through late Saturday until 9:46pm. Negotiations and compromise are suggested. Libra does well in two’s. Use this refined energy to dress up or turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. By Sunday the moon will have changed her face. The mask of a Scorpio will look down on us. This reflection stays through Monday. Scorpio can be harsh but loyal, brave but demonic, clever but destructive and secretive but resourceful. Best use of this moon is to clear away the rubble, all the garbage and start a clean slate.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Five minutes of the Bachelor,that was my viewing time, the last five minutes when he hands out twelve roses. Watching the faces of the women waiting was enough to remind me why I do not watch television on a regular basis. A blank screen shields me from hearing the laments of the wounded-unpicked females and spares me from being the voyeur on an intimate date. If you are a TV junkie please accept my and white old movies make my heart thump, and that's the truth.

For those more celestial minded we are paddling against the tide with Mercury in his backward dance. Please be mindful of communication glitches. Misinformation and misunderstandings are very possible. Reviewing and rewording are two good activities. returning to a place you have been before, reconnecting with old friends and reunions are suitable for this time. Gather your thoughts and put them in order, you will be happy you did three weeks from now.

The moon is in Leo until early-early Tuesday morning and then she vacates until 1:33pm and returns in Virgo through Wednesday and just into Thursday morning. A Virgo Moon asks us to be perfect. In order to succeed at this we must attend to details. Medical issues and things that require scrutiny work well. Write off most of Thursday until after 5:30pm when the Libra Moon joins us for three days. Remember Libra does best in two's. Compromise, negotiation and diplomacy can be used well with a Libra Moon.

Have the best day every day.


Friday, January 9, 2009

If you haven't already, please look up. The moon is full in the clear night sky in my corner of the world. She will be officially full at 10:27pm tomorrow evening but we will give her credit for looking the part twenty-four hours early. The mystique of a full moon brings us endless stories and superstitions. Her lantern is so bright that the icy footprints in the driveway glisten, the dog can explore behind bushes and trees using her sense of smell and the moons light. Creatures large and small can feel the tug of her beauty. She is like a woman empowered.

The moon is in Cancer this weekend, a sign most comfortable for the moon as she is ruled by Cancer. We should get in touch with our emotions this weekend. This full moon is very sensitive and may need reassurance from loved ones. Real Estate dealings and family situations are of significance. The cup can run over with a full moon in a water sign. Although she takes a break about 11:30pm on Saturday the energy is still valid and usually not bothered by the void of course rules. Leo takes over about 12:30pm on Sunday. If you are looking for some drama and a little bit of excitement, you can find that today and Monday.

Prepare yourself for the backward dance of Mercury. It begins on Sunday evening. Perhaps you have already felt the whisper repeat itself. Remember the "re" words tell all. Rewind, review, redo, and return are a few examples.

Have the best day everyday.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The snow plows are out in full force here in my corner of the world. There is something very insular about snow, it forces you to seek shelter and to burrow in. On a night like tonight this is a welcome goal. Speaking of goals, I haven't made any New Years resolutions, I wonder if that is a good or bad thing. Perhaps I should just stick to Good Days and No Days and not ponder more profound issues.

Wednesday is fast approaching. The moon will skid off the radar from early-early morning until just after 1pm, so do not expect too much from the morning. Gemini takes over with a mouth full of words and lots of gossip. So that the balance of Wednesday and all of Thursday will be Good Days. Communication is affected by the moon in Gemini as well as transportation and any mode of travel. Use the Gemini moon to get a lot accomplished, to write and to send information. She will change hats on Friday from early-early in the morning until just after 1pm almost a repeat of Wednesday before it floats nicely into Cancer to give us almost three Good Days. The Cancer Moon will be full on Saturday. We like Full Moons. This one allows us to finish up what we began two weeks ago and just in time before Mercury goes into his backward dance.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Well we made it...another year down and a new one begins. Consider yourself lucky and I do too, for being here with the people we love. The Pisces Moon has allowed us to cry a little, seek sympathy, beg some and plead a lot. Usually all this cajoling will get us what we want or save our bottoms. Early in the morning on Saturday the 3rd the moon will quickly move into Aries. All on fire this moon will get a few folks agitated and others a little testy...have patience with this moon as she is the seed and the inspiration for ideas. All of this fire will ignite our passions and stay with us until about 9:30pm on Sunday.

Taurus will usher in her goodness about 11am on Monday. Stay just off the line until then. Get ready for the backward motion of Mercury. It's coming on the 12th but you can feel the tug already.

Happy New Year...have the best day everyday.