Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog the News

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of my third novel Room of Tears. Over the past thirteen years I have spent a lot of time writing-fulfilling my childhood dream, you could say.  My first book was self-published with the intention of giving copies as gifts to friends and family.  Little did I know that the thrill of holding a book with my name on it would cause such a ripple effect.

Number two novel took five years to create and it is the one I tell stories of writing while being a soccer mom.  When it found an indie publisher in late 2006 I thought nothing could be better.  Since that time my second novel had a birth, demise and a resurrection.  Titled Hudson Catalina she was re-released last fall by Imajin Books.  My deepest gratitude goes out to my publisher for believing in me and in my writing.

On July 23rd, just six weeks from now my third novel will be available as an eBook and paperback.  I can’t say too much except that its backdrop is 9/11.  Reviews are coming in from uncorrected galley readers and I am humbled from their praise.  May every reader be as moved as these early few. 

Mark your calendars-get ready for the best summer read of 2013.

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