Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Good Weekend - No more white shoes

What is it about Labor Day weekend? Why do we immediately toss the white shoes to the back of the closet? Rules. We are sure to have more rules than just those pertaining to white footwear. Following the rules will be expected, certainly while the moon is in Virgo and even after with the planetary alignment and the shift of Pluto into Capricorn. Moon in Virgo takes care of detail, discriminates and is critical. If you want perfection this weekend is perfect for you. Saturday and Sunday keep us towing the mark, but on Monday things shift and the two-by-two stuff is favored. Compromise and negotiation are good tools and that applies to Tuesday and Wednesday morning as well.

Have a good, safe weekend. Stay aware. Fight-the-fight.

Make everyday the best day of your life.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mid-week ask for what you deserve...

The Cancer Moon continues through most of Wednesday. Remember to ask for what you have until 8pm to do so. The moon will go off radar until 11pm, during that brief period you can still carry on as if nothing happened. Leo sweeps in with its usual dramatic entrance, if you want to upstage someone, you can do it Thursday and Friday. If you want to be center stage use the Leo Moon for the best lighting. Leo will guide us up to midnight on Friday, then the New Moon will join us in Virgo on Saturday.

I was invited to the Kickoff Breakfast for Making Strides for Breast Cancer and I had the honor of sitting at a table with four breast cancer survivors, as a matter of fact there was a room full of survivors. Let's continue to fight-the-fight so that breast cancer does not have to be a chance to survive but rather a disease of the past.

Stay aware...Make Strides for Breast Cancer on October 19, 2008 come see Belly of the Whale in Central Park.

Have the best day everyday.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take off on Saturday...

Friday the Moon was in our favorite sign of Taurus. Things clicked, a Good Day. This morning in the early hours the Taurus Moon went off radar and she's gone for the day, not returning until about 5:30pm wearing her Gemini hat. For twelve hours we will be in the magical place of "nothing matters". Well maybe that is a bit exaggerated. There is a purpose to everything but on some days it just doesn't pay to push the planet. This is one of them. Some believe that the No Day thing is exempted during Taurus and Cancer Moons, could be fact, but just the same try not to commit or take a job, get married or stuff like that when it is a No Day. This evening with a Gemini Moon expect people to turn up the volume, lots of activity and chatter.

Belly of the Whale and me will be giving our message of hope and survival at Central Park on October 19th. Making Strides for Breast Cancer is having its annual walk-a-thon in many cities in the US. We are raising awareness, hope starts with me is the slogan this year. Please join us in your city or come to Central park and visit Belly and I under the Survivor Tent. We'd love to see you and we are putting together a team to walk, more info to follow.

Fight-the-fight. Stay aware.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Mostly Good Days

Pisces Moon does not take us any further than Monday this week. If you did not use that "pity me" tactic then you will have to wait until next month. Aries will guide us through Tuesday, all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. The short pause is Tuesday morning between 7:30am and 10am. Discount anything confirmed during that time. Aries Moon has little patience and expects things to be done quick, no waiting. Be mindful of tempers flaring and be prepared for last minute things to cause plans to change ( for the better).

Go on to Facebook and have "pink ribbons" attached to your page. There is a movement going around to raise awareness of breast cancer, and just this small gesture can help.

Fight-the-fight. Have the best day everyday.

Linda Merlino

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full Moon Eclipse

Can you hear the howling of the full moon? The volume is turned up a bit higher than normal. An eclipse of the moon comes two weeks after a solar eclipse, this is cosmic fact. The lasting effects for us on a personal basis are about five months. Meaning what? Meaning if you are lucky enough to have your birth chart you can see where Aquarius fits into your horoscope and depending on that will see how Aquarius impacts your world. The full moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the free spirit, the all-for-one-and-one-for-all kind of person. Although this sign likes to remain detached it is very responsible so you will experience this as well. For those who would just like to know whether it is a good day or not, it is good. And the goodness flows into the remainder of the weekend when the moon exchanges hats with Pisces. That happens very early in the morning so the blip will be in the middle of a snore. Remember that Pisces makes us compassionate and a bit emotional. If you want something, use sympathy to get it.

I am putting together a team to walk at making Strides for Breast Cancer on October 19th in Central park. Even you can't participate you will be able to donate a few dollars to the cause. I'll fill you in with the facts next week. Fight-the-fight. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, August 11, 2008

OOPS...Back Up

What happened to the weekend? The summer is becoming a blur. Please don't take my summer away. Sunday starts the week and Sagittarius Moon has been in charge including Monday. Good Days both, and also good for getting attention. Tuesday brings the Capricorn Moon with a short blip in the early morning, after 7:45am use this moon to organize and do business. Capricorn covers us until about 1pm on Thursday. If you have a clear sky go out in the evening tonight into the early morning for the Perseid Meteors. The best window of time is between 1:30am and 4:20am, here is a Cosmic Light Show you will not want to miss. This beats the bright lights of Broadway.

If you see someone with a pink streak in their hair they have donated their time and money to breast cancer. This is a unique way of saying: fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Weekend

Perhaps a wet beginning but overall a Good Day to start a weekend. The summer is waning. Let's grab on to the precious days of August. Moon in Scorpio brings us into Friday and most of Saturday. Scorpio has a way of digging into those secret places we keep so guarded. If you do not want to reveal all then stay away from people and places that will put you on the spot. There is a brief two hours as the Moon changes hats. From 5-7pm. Sagittarius takes on the evening and into Sunday and Monday. This moon is more forgiving than Scorpio. Enjoy the outdoors, try anything once. This a good time to expand your horizons.

For those who know this blog I try to keep you posted on breast cancer awareness events and topics Check out this web site:

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...Linda

Monday, August 4, 2008

A good week

Now that Monday is saying its goodbyes we can concentrate on the next few days. Good Libra energy is packed into the next 48 hours or so. The Libra Moon asks us to be diplomatic, to negotiate with charm and to consider your partner in all you do. Relationships are important especially over the next few days. Venus rules Libra and she is lovely but a formidable foe if necessary.

Thursday the moon trades places with a more watery type. Scorpio is always so intense and this energy takes us full force into the weekend. At the office you will not be able to get away without scrutiny. You must work as part of the team, not be focused on individual effort.

September 5Th there will be a broadcast of StandUp2Cancer on all the networks at 8pm EDT. Mark your calendar now. All of these events are a way to get involved. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Solar Eclipse for a Good Weekend

So we do not have kings and queens here in the states, although some folk may think of themselves as royalty. The solar eclipse often signals the birth of such individuals or persons who will reign in some special capacity. The swath that an eclipse cuts or its path are the geographic areas to watch in the next six months. The energy of the solar eclipse usually lasts until the next and this one is in the sign of royalty (Leo). There are schools of thought that say its two minute plus duration actually equates to years...if we go with that theory then Russia particularly will be under observation for weather, government and heads of state. In general this eclipse asks us to stop and reflect on the stuff that we are made false faces, no superficial anything. As a country we can reflect on our values and our desire to have the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

New Moon in Leo possesses some stellar qualities because it asks us to be who we really want to be. For some that could mean ego trips and others just a time to shine. Our weekend begins with a Good Day and continues into Saturday when there will be only one brief pause from 3pm to 5pm in the afternoon. Moon changes hats and joins Mars and Saturn in Virgo. Be careful with this as you might slip and fall. We need to all watch our feet and what is under foot during this time. Virgo makes us pay attention to detail.

Sign up for a good walk...Making Strides for Breast Cancer will be kicking off soon. Join forces with some amazing people near you. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day.