Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Days vs eBay in Blog

I am being sold on eBay. Well not me exactly, my book, Belly of the Whale is up on eBay. Google alerts keeps me informed of some of the most obscure happenings that pop up regarding my novel. This latest, in regard to eBay, made me chuckle. I felt like a throw away, a used me but more to the point a used book. I wondered if there was a battle in the final minutes, a joust of sorts to win my novel. If this doesn't make me feel strangely important I am not sure what can top it, that spot on Oprah perhaps or maybe a nod from the New York Times. Hmmmm...

For those keeping track, the moon is in Aquarius allowing Monday and Tuesday to be Good Days. This moon with all its quirks often brings surprises or some type of technical snafu. The unusual is the best route or mode of choice. Do not use traditional tactics. As the year winds down, this moon will take us into Wednesday, New Years Eve. Appropriately enough we get an afternoon to ponder. This has been a roller coaster ride of a year. Wednesday afternoon asks us to stay quiet, to lay back, to wait. The moon will be off the screen from about 1:30pm until 7:30pm. If you decide to celebrate keep in mind that a Pisces Moon is watery and should not be mixed with alcohol. There is a tendency to dismiss reality with this moon and drown in the buzz or the high of substances that fly us to the moon. Be mindful of those folk who will over indulge this year. Go out and celebrate but don't leave pieces of yourself floating around. New Years Day will be a Good Day, a good day to begin using kindness as the starting point. Pisces Moon takes care of everyone else first and self last. She can be a bit of a martyr but she means well. Remember, in the end, only kindness matters.

Thanks for blogging with me in 2008...have the best day everyday.


Friday, December 26, 2008

The case of the lost blog. Where the blazes does the last blog you just spent thirty minutes of your precious time writing go when you bleeping press the wrong key? What happens when you can hear the computer chewing your words, chomping sentences and licking its lips? Argh!!! No amount of back arrow clicking can recover the lost blog. It was breakfast for a hungry cyberspace monster; and so you have no choice but to begin again...start over...argh!!!

The possibility exists that what was written previously was dribble anyway, and no one cared a lick about what was said. Amen.

The truth is I've been remiss in my Good Days and No Days and for those unable to get out-of-bed because of my failure to advise - I apologize.

Once the Scorpio Moon went off into the deep bowels of the Cosmos she left behind about six hours of what-the-heck-is-happening-to-me-garbage. This was precisely between 12:30am-6:15am on Wednesday morning. Whatever occured during that time frame seemed important and serious, however, the Scorpio Moon is known for its bathroom humor and dirty tricks, so no worries,believe it or not, she was just kidding.

The Sagittarius Moon took over, thank you very much, and continues until 6:30pm, Friday evening. There is sure to be some over spending, over eating, over doing and over joying with this jolly moon. Hope your Christmas was all of that and more. The Capricorn New Moon joins us for the weekend beginning 7pm Friday night. New Moons are excellent for starting over.

So there, that's the answer...I had to begin again with this blog and this one makes so much more sense than the last one. But hey, if you are lost in cyberspace and find any MIA blogs please let me know...

Have the best darn day everyday.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

I look out my window and the world is transformed. Everywhere, as far as my eyes can see, is white. The heaviness of an intense storm still hangs in the air. Almost like the boxer who has returned to his corner for a pep talk and water. The snow will come again and again. The reasons why you love and hate the North East of the United States is clear. You talk about leaving, about packing up and going South, but you don't. The serenity of moments like this morning are too precious to miss. They will stay with you until you start to shovel and then you will remember why you should have left last year.

The Winter Solstice is upon us. The longest day of the year when the sun is farthest from the Equator in the north causing the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The effect is that the sun "stands still" in its apparent northward motion. This celestial event occurs with the sun in Capricorn, the beginning of winter, the Winter Solstice and after this time the days begin to grow longer again. Take note that the sign of Capricorn is very potent in the coming years. Talk of conservation directly relates to the sign of conserving. Capricorn seeks to be wise and at times frugal. This control gives Capricorn the ability to invest with wisdom, go-green and lead a comfortable existence. Although budget conscious, this sign likes the good things of this world and is the true material girl (boy).

Saturday, the 20th, the moon is in Libra bestowing on us a very Good Day. Libra asks us to work in tandem with others, to compromise, and to be diplomatic. If you find your self on the fence, or stuck in the middle, please make peace with your situation and you will find the solution. Libra remains until about noon on Sunday when she vacates for the remainder of the afternoon, returning in the sign of Scorpio after 6:30pm. Perhaps last minute stuff would best not be accomplished during that warp of time. Purchases may need to be returned or will not be used as intended. Better to have Santa leave a note in his or her stocking or hang a heart on the tree with beautiful words of love. Remember that Scorpio takes no prisoners. You can not get away with anything. The Scorpio Moon discloses the most secret of information. Keep yourself squeaky clean!!!

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog some Stressmas

This is the season that brings a huge amount of stress. Some call it Stressmas. The plunging economy has added extreme pressure and stress on all our lives. We need to safe guard our minds, bodies and our spirits to survive difficult trends. A friend of mine had a heart attack one week ago. She is my age, very fit and a not-a-candidate for an acute heart attack. She has, however, led a very stressful life. When speaking to her the next day, she recalled how the thought of having a heart attack seemed unbelievable. I couldn’t be having a heart attack, she said. But once again life takes us off our path, and in this instance almost off the planet. The quick thinking of those around her and the medical people who cared for her are part of the reason she is still alive to tell her story. Stop if you will, and write down everything that causes you stress. Eliminate as much as possible, delegate to others and give up some of the responsibility, real or imaginary, that keeps you tied to the worries of a world that will spin with or without you.

Looking at the week ahead and the coming weekend, I can safely see the mid-week madness as we countdown to the end-of-the-year, Good Days are here through Sunday morning. We can get last minute shopping done, decorate the tree, and attend a few parties, all before noon on Sunday. The Virgo moon took over Wednesday and takes into Friday morning. This Moon is a stickler for detail and fussy, very fussy. Don’t forget to make lists. Santa is probably checking his twice under the Virgo moon. Libra Moon joins us for the weekend at 9:30am on Friday. This energy suits activities done in two’s; it is also nice energy for the arts and theater, anything that is refined and beautiful. If you are attached spend some time as a couple, use the Libra moon to compromise and make peace.

Have the best day every day.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

It is winter, the Solstice will herald the official arrival on December 21st. Outside my window there is evidence of this coming event, a fine layer of snow covers the ground, the wind has a deep chill and the dog goes out and comes in without being called. For some the weather is not a factor on the longest day of the year, perhaps where you are the temperature will remain mild...lucky you. I was reminded, once again, that plans can change on-the-turn-of-a-dime. That's the same lesson twice in as many weeks. Perhaps the universe is telling me something...I've promised myself that I will slow down, beginning today,reducing my speed will allow me to see what is around me, to listen better and to appreciate the small stuff.

The Aries Moon will be reflecting on us until 4:30pm. So the day until then is a Good one. The week will get off to a fast start and the suggestion is to watch tempers around you. Short fuse people can explode. The Taurus Moon joins us for about two days beginning early on Tuesday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday are very Good Days. These are the days that you can ask for what you need. You are deserving and should be successful. You may be tempted to milk the Good Day Moon on Wednesday past 5:30pm and you might be safe to do so. However the moon changes hats and goes off radar until early in the morning on Thursday so do not put too much expectation into those final Taurus Moon hours. There will be a Full Moon in Gemini on Friday which will insure God Days for Thursday and Friday morning. After 1pm and for the next twelve hours the moon will say No Day. Keep the No Day rules for the balance of Friday.

The television show 'Extreme Makeover" takes people out of their home, on vacation and then home again to a completely new house. Not a TV watcher I spent a few hours watching in awe what this show accomplishes. In the spirit of giving at this time of year and all year round we can all practice some kind of generosity. Reduce the scale of what TV manages and go out as an individual and make a difference.

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog the Moon

Travel Days on a No Day are best approached with an open mind. On Monday, December first the Moon in Capricorn was off the cosmic radar screen from about 10:45am until the next day at 1:45am when she reappeared dressed in her exceptionally weird Aquarius garb. I chose Monday to return from a long weekend with family and knew in advance that my timing was smack in the middle of that No Day. I mentally deferred to the energy and calmly experienced delay after delay, terminal, tarmac, holding patterns and the like. Three amazing experiences happened to me as I moved from scene to scene: one was that my traveling companion was my oldest daughter, we were locked into this travel madness together and we were spending more time together than either of us could remember. That was a good thing. The regional jet that flew us from North Carolina to JFK broke all air time speed records trying to beat out the air traffic controllers at Kennedy. The third thing was circling Long Island and Manhattan (because we were early) the view outside our cabin window was the crescent moon with her diamond earrings of Venus and Jupiter. Never doubt with this combo that love is all around and that you are loved in a big way. If we are in deep economic trouble it is because the symbolism of these two planets has been misused. Living large is one and love me, love thyself is the other.

For the remainder of the week the Aquarius moon reflects on us through Wednesday evening until 9:15pm. Aquarius rules technology and the spirit of all for one and one for all. The Moon stays under wraps through Thursday morning until 1:30pm and when she returns she is clothed in the watery sign of Pisces. Use this energy to play on others sympathy, only kindness matters and especially during this moon. Pisces takes us into the weekend, don't forget anything , keep an eye on your wallet. Theft is up during this moon. Deceit is successful also. For two hours Saturday evening the moon goes behind the changing screen (7:30pm-9:45pm), she returns all a fire in Aries. Get things done with a fire moon. Watch tempers and patience. Be passionate and daring.

In this downward turn of financial events please keep in mind that living large had to end. This is a cleansing period and we need to be supportive of each other until the cycle ends. If you are more fortunate than your neighbor...please share your good fortune. This is the lesson to be learned.

Have the best day every day.