Monday, March 30, 2009

Gemini moon has everybody talking, the buzz is on. This is the moon that turns attention to the newspaper, magazines, telephones and texting. Any and all ways of communicating are at the top of the list. Keep this thought until 5am on Wednesday and then take no prisoners until after 12:30pm. The fool is honored on April first with pranks and jokes. The moon will be in Cancer and does not enjoy the silly behavior of the Fool. Cancer is sensitive to criticism and appreciates only the best. Use this moon to eat well, cook delicious, plant and ask. This Cancer moon stays with us until 5am Friday morning.

Please keep a reminder or red flag for the 10th of April when my review of Dan Fogelberg's Retrospective CD will be up on blog. Fight-the-fight, Dan died of prostate cancer.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Ah, the weekend...I do love the weekend. Today here in the Northeast the weather turned enough to bring the advent of night chirping. I dusted out my porch and sat with a cup of tea surveying the remnants of winter and the beginning of spring. The moon finished her stay in Aries at 10:17 tonight and will take a needed rest until 6am tomorrow, Saturday. The best of the best moons will reflect on us throughout the balance of the weekend. Yes, Moon in Taurus for all those who know and love mother earth. Do ask for what you deserve, make good use of your senses, all five. Treat your body to some pleasure.

This delightful moon will change face early Monday morning and will return in Gemini at 9:30am. The morning commute will be a blur and the day will get started late. Once Gemini takes hold you will not sit down. Gemini likes to be busy and has many fingers in the pot. Watch for gossip and too much talk.

Keep April 10th bookmarked, I will be blogging about Dan Fogelberg's CD for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Dan Fogelberg died in December of 2007 at the age of 56. Please spread the word regarding this incredible CD and the reflections of his music and his memory.

Have the best day everyday. Remember to fight-the-fight.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blog Five Hours with India

We've all been there, you know, computer misery and the dreaded call for technical help. I waited until Saturday morning as the moon went into Aquarius to attempt to remedy my security problem. It seems that I was infected, badly infected. I required a Virus Team to combat my computer bugs. This began my long conversation with a young man in India. Five hours. Problem corrected. Back to business.

The weekend is closing down and the moon will wait in the wings for a change at 8am tomorrow(Monday). Consider the better part of Monday a No Day. When the five o'clock whistle blows the moon will show herself in Pisces. This watery sign offers sympathy and compassion. Kindness matters most during this time. The Pisces moon remains until Wednesday about 1pm. The balance of that day is a No Day.

I'll be blogging about the new release of a compilation of thirteen songs by Dan Fogelberg on April 10th. Dan died of prostate cancer in December of 2007 in his 56th year. Awareness and education are important, just like women and breast cancer. Remember to fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day. Linda

Blog Interruptions

Some things happen outside of time, like running into old friends, or familiar scents, voices, landscapes and lost letters. These moments propel you to places or memories from a time long ago when you were younger, when life was simpler, and when time was not walking with you, shoulder-to-shoulder. All of these places, all past connections are woven so permanently inside the fabric of our being that at any second with the correct chemistry one or more can awake.

Such a moment occurred recently when I was invited to participate in a book club discussion for my novel, Belly of the Whale. The invitation had come many months before from an acquaintance now living in the Cape Ann area, the location of my book. We shared families through marriage, in-laws, cousins and the like but we were not related. Four decades had passed and here I was at her door being welcomed as an author, treated like a celebrity. She was candid with her remarks before the group arrived. I had to read the book first she said before I could recommend it to the club and I loved it.

Soon her home was filled with the hum of female voices. I was deluged with handshakes and introductions. I looked out among the faces and saw women like myself holding copies of Belly of the Whale. Questions began and I answered. How did the story begin, what was the seed? I knew the responses because I’d made them before, but this was different, that night I was a bridge away from Gloucester, from Ten Nettles Cove and Whales Market. One woman after another exclaimed that they looked for the Market and wondered what street it was on and how thoughts of the story remained with them long after the last page.

When would the sequel be released? Was there a sequel? What was I working on now? When would my next book be published? The walls of inertia that had formed around me in the last few months began to crumble. Every writer requires retreat, time to ruminate and I had mine. The alarm was going off in my head. A room full of wonderful women speaking with honesty and passion was my elixir.

On April 10th I will dedicate my blogging to the education and awareness of prostate cancer. In December 2007 Dan Folgelberg died of this disease. He was barely past fifty years old. We all know his music- Same Old Lang Syne and Leader of the Band to name two. I will participate in the promotion of a double CD package called Dan Fogelberg-A Retrospective Interview. The CD’s feature thirteen of Dan’s great songs coupled with Fred Migliore of FM Odyssey Radio and his interview celebrating Dan Fogelberg’s twenty-five years of music in 1997. Three dollars from the sale of this package goes to PCF in Dan’s name to help find a cure.

Please remember to the fight-fight.

Have the best day everyday. Linda

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog Coincidence

I do not believe in accidents or coincidence. When questioned I am always asked if I believe in fate or destiny. I answer with out answering. Life is a series of this and that, life is just life. We make a plan and then poof the plan changes. Is that fate? Perhaps. Karma? Maybe. Everything seems to be a link to something else and then we get entwined with someone else. I imagine I am a player on the stage of this existence, my role has a few lines and then the curtain falls. However brief, this life is the only one happening, what we do, you and me, is up to us. When life turns us upside down there is always another Act and new players. Make the most of everyday and do not judge yourself by what you have, by your money or your possessions. Value who you are by what is inside, the stuff you are made of, that is the your wealth.

It is mid-week and if you felt a bit off center this afternoon that was when the moon in Sagittarius changed hats. The more serious face of Capricorn reflects on us until 4pm on Friday. Use this moon to act without getting too emotional. Capricorn is prudent, returning large amounts of money should work well over the next few days. Too bad no one told the folks doling out bonuses about Venus retrograde. Oh well, no surprise about the give back.

Have the best day every day.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog the Full Moon

Did you see that beautiful full face in the sky? Moon in Virgo smiling back at ya!!! She brightened our night sky and turned our emotions inside out. There was no perfection, every detail scrutinized, and no rules broken except behind closed doors.

So this is mid-week and we’ve got a reprieve from the warden. The moon has gone off stage to change and her next appearance will be in Libra after 3pm today. While she is getting pretty we can center our self and make plans. Nothing much will matter until she returns…nothing to account for except our self and that does matter.

The Libra moon asks us to compromise and negotiate with dignity. Libra is the peace maker and if there is an urgency to speak of such things then over the next few days the energy is favorable. The Power of Two is represented by Libra, the scales of justice weighing the fairness and the right of any and all situations. Use this time to be with someone you love. Cozy up.

Libra Moon takes us into Friday and then about 6:30pm she exchanges her pretty face for the dark mask of Scorpio. There is a two hour lapse as she goes through her emotional redo. No bad reputations for dear Scorpio, only this, if you want things kicked up a notch here is the moon to do it. Emotions are deep and conversation is too. Use the weekend to spend some time by the sea or any place near water.

Venus is dancing a backward cha-cha so take some time to go inside your self and make peace with what you value and what you can live without. This applies to the inner and outer you.

Have the best day everyday.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things are getting so depressing with the economy, that winter is beginning to look good. With Venus slowing down and about to go retrograde this money thing will only dig itself deeper. If you are wise, take your wallet and bury it for the next several weeks. Don't spend unless you absolutely must eat. The only good buys are things that appear worthless but are just aged and currently unappealing. Antiques are the best bargains.

Gemini Moon took over on March 2 and will carry us through most of Wednesday. This moon stirs communication and encourages us to be very busy. Nervous energy makes folk restless. The moon changes face after 9pm on Wednesday until early Thursday morning when one of our favorite moons reflects on us beginning at 6am. The Cancer moon asks us to take care of family and home. Concentrate on what you require for comfort. This includes Friday until 7:30pm. Friday Venus does her thing and if you pay attention you will feel the abrupt swing. This may be a time to be introspective about relationships and the worth of self and possessions. Shutting down spending is a good thing. Use this time to reflect on what you have, what you can live without, and who you love.

The weekend is all about the Moon in Leo and there is likely to be some drama and lots of colorful moments. Have fun this weekend, most people are in the mood for playing games. All this doom and gloom has us living under a rock so go out in the sun but remember that gambling is out, keep your money in your pocket.

The good news is there are no No Days to deal and everyday is one more day to be grateful for.