Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Days vs eBay in Blog

I am being sold on eBay. Well not me exactly, my book, Belly of the Whale is up on eBay. Google alerts keeps me informed of some of the most obscure happenings that pop up regarding my novel. This latest, in regard to eBay, made me chuckle. I felt like a throw away, a used me but more to the point a used book. I wondered if there was a battle in the final minutes, a joust of sorts to win my novel. If this doesn't make me feel strangely important I am not sure what can top it, that spot on Oprah perhaps or maybe a nod from the New York Times. Hmmmm...

For those keeping track, the moon is in Aquarius allowing Monday and Tuesday to be Good Days. This moon with all its quirks often brings surprises or some type of technical snafu. The unusual is the best route or mode of choice. Do not use traditional tactics. As the year winds down, this moon will take us into Wednesday, New Years Eve. Appropriately enough we get an afternoon to ponder. This has been a roller coaster ride of a year. Wednesday afternoon asks us to stay quiet, to lay back, to wait. The moon will be off the screen from about 1:30pm until 7:30pm. If you decide to celebrate keep in mind that a Pisces Moon is watery and should not be mixed with alcohol. There is a tendency to dismiss reality with this moon and drown in the buzz or the high of substances that fly us to the moon. Be mindful of those folk who will over indulge this year. Go out and celebrate but don't leave pieces of yourself floating around. New Years Day will be a Good Day, a good day to begin using kindness as the starting point. Pisces Moon takes care of everyone else first and self last. She can be a bit of a martyr but she means well. Remember, in the end, only kindness matters.

Thanks for blogging with me in 2008...have the best day everyday.


Friday, December 26, 2008

The case of the lost blog. Where the blazes does the last blog you just spent thirty minutes of your precious time writing go when you bleeping press the wrong key? What happens when you can hear the computer chewing your words, chomping sentences and licking its lips? Argh!!! No amount of back arrow clicking can recover the lost blog. It was breakfast for a hungry cyberspace monster; and so you have no choice but to begin again...start over...argh!!!

The possibility exists that what was written previously was dribble anyway, and no one cared a lick about what was said. Amen.

The truth is I've been remiss in my Good Days and No Days and for those unable to get out-of-bed because of my failure to advise - I apologize.

Once the Scorpio Moon went off into the deep bowels of the Cosmos she left behind about six hours of what-the-heck-is-happening-to-me-garbage. This was precisely between 12:30am-6:15am on Wednesday morning. Whatever occured during that time frame seemed important and serious, however, the Scorpio Moon is known for its bathroom humor and dirty tricks, so no worries,believe it or not, she was just kidding.

The Sagittarius Moon took over, thank you very much, and continues until 6:30pm, Friday evening. There is sure to be some over spending, over eating, over doing and over joying with this jolly moon. Hope your Christmas was all of that and more. The Capricorn New Moon joins us for the weekend beginning 7pm Friday night. New Moons are excellent for starting over.

So there, that's the answer...I had to begin again with this blog and this one makes so much more sense than the last one. But hey, if you are lost in cyberspace and find any MIA blogs please let me know...

Have the best darn day everyday.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

I look out my window and the world is transformed. Everywhere, as far as my eyes can see, is white. The heaviness of an intense storm still hangs in the air. Almost like the boxer who has returned to his corner for a pep talk and water. The snow will come again and again. The reasons why you love and hate the North East of the United States is clear. You talk about leaving, about packing up and going South, but you don't. The serenity of moments like this morning are too precious to miss. They will stay with you until you start to shovel and then you will remember why you should have left last year.

The Winter Solstice is upon us. The longest day of the year when the sun is farthest from the Equator in the north causing the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The effect is that the sun "stands still" in its apparent northward motion. This celestial event occurs with the sun in Capricorn, the beginning of winter, the Winter Solstice and after this time the days begin to grow longer again. Take note that the sign of Capricorn is very potent in the coming years. Talk of conservation directly relates to the sign of conserving. Capricorn seeks to be wise and at times frugal. This control gives Capricorn the ability to invest with wisdom, go-green and lead a comfortable existence. Although budget conscious, this sign likes the good things of this world and is the true material girl (boy).

Saturday, the 20th, the moon is in Libra bestowing on us a very Good Day. Libra asks us to work in tandem with others, to compromise, and to be diplomatic. If you find your self on the fence, or stuck in the middle, please make peace with your situation and you will find the solution. Libra remains until about noon on Sunday when she vacates for the remainder of the afternoon, returning in the sign of Scorpio after 6:30pm. Perhaps last minute stuff would best not be accomplished during that warp of time. Purchases may need to be returned or will not be used as intended. Better to have Santa leave a note in his or her stocking or hang a heart on the tree with beautiful words of love. Remember that Scorpio takes no prisoners. You can not get away with anything. The Scorpio Moon discloses the most secret of information. Keep yourself squeaky clean!!!

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog some Stressmas

This is the season that brings a huge amount of stress. Some call it Stressmas. The plunging economy has added extreme pressure and stress on all our lives. We need to safe guard our minds, bodies and our spirits to survive difficult trends. A friend of mine had a heart attack one week ago. She is my age, very fit and a not-a-candidate for an acute heart attack. She has, however, led a very stressful life. When speaking to her the next day, she recalled how the thought of having a heart attack seemed unbelievable. I couldn’t be having a heart attack, she said. But once again life takes us off our path, and in this instance almost off the planet. The quick thinking of those around her and the medical people who cared for her are part of the reason she is still alive to tell her story. Stop if you will, and write down everything that causes you stress. Eliminate as much as possible, delegate to others and give up some of the responsibility, real or imaginary, that keeps you tied to the worries of a world that will spin with or without you.

Looking at the week ahead and the coming weekend, I can safely see the mid-week madness as we countdown to the end-of-the-year, Good Days are here through Sunday morning. We can get last minute shopping done, decorate the tree, and attend a few parties, all before noon on Sunday. The Virgo moon took over Wednesday and takes into Friday morning. This Moon is a stickler for detail and fussy, very fussy. Don’t forget to make lists. Santa is probably checking his twice under the Virgo moon. Libra Moon joins us for the weekend at 9:30am on Friday. This energy suits activities done in two’s; it is also nice energy for the arts and theater, anything that is refined and beautiful. If you are attached spend some time as a couple, use the Libra moon to compromise and make peace.

Have the best day every day.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

It is winter, the Solstice will herald the official arrival on December 21st. Outside my window there is evidence of this coming event, a fine layer of snow covers the ground, the wind has a deep chill and the dog goes out and comes in without being called. For some the weather is not a factor on the longest day of the year, perhaps where you are the temperature will remain mild...lucky you. I was reminded, once again, that plans can change on-the-turn-of-a-dime. That's the same lesson twice in as many weeks. Perhaps the universe is telling me something...I've promised myself that I will slow down, beginning today,reducing my speed will allow me to see what is around me, to listen better and to appreciate the small stuff.

The Aries Moon will be reflecting on us until 4:30pm. So the day until then is a Good one. The week will get off to a fast start and the suggestion is to watch tempers around you. Short fuse people can explode. The Taurus Moon joins us for about two days beginning early on Tuesday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday are very Good Days. These are the days that you can ask for what you need. You are deserving and should be successful. You may be tempted to milk the Good Day Moon on Wednesday past 5:30pm and you might be safe to do so. However the moon changes hats and goes off radar until early in the morning on Thursday so do not put too much expectation into those final Taurus Moon hours. There will be a Full Moon in Gemini on Friday which will insure God Days for Thursday and Friday morning. After 1pm and for the next twelve hours the moon will say No Day. Keep the No Day rules for the balance of Friday.

The television show 'Extreme Makeover" takes people out of their home, on vacation and then home again to a completely new house. Not a TV watcher I spent a few hours watching in awe what this show accomplishes. In the spirit of giving at this time of year and all year round we can all practice some kind of generosity. Reduce the scale of what TV manages and go out as an individual and make a difference.

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog the Moon

Travel Days on a No Day are best approached with an open mind. On Monday, December first the Moon in Capricorn was off the cosmic radar screen from about 10:45am until the next day at 1:45am when she reappeared dressed in her exceptionally weird Aquarius garb. I chose Monday to return from a long weekend with family and knew in advance that my timing was smack in the middle of that No Day. I mentally deferred to the energy and calmly experienced delay after delay, terminal, tarmac, holding patterns and the like. Three amazing experiences happened to me as I moved from scene to scene: one was that my traveling companion was my oldest daughter, we were locked into this travel madness together and we were spending more time together than either of us could remember. That was a good thing. The regional jet that flew us from North Carolina to JFK broke all air time speed records trying to beat out the air traffic controllers at Kennedy. The third thing was circling Long Island and Manhattan (because we were early) the view outside our cabin window was the crescent moon with her diamond earrings of Venus and Jupiter. Never doubt with this combo that love is all around and that you are loved in a big way. If we are in deep economic trouble it is because the symbolism of these two planets has been misused. Living large is one and love me, love thyself is the other.

For the remainder of the week the Aquarius moon reflects on us through Wednesday evening until 9:15pm. Aquarius rules technology and the spirit of all for one and one for all. The Moon stays under wraps through Thursday morning until 1:30pm and when she returns she is clothed in the watery sign of Pisces. Use this energy to play on others sympathy, only kindness matters and especially during this moon. Pisces takes us into the weekend, don't forget anything , keep an eye on your wallet. Theft is up during this moon. Deceit is successful also. For two hours Saturday evening the moon goes behind the changing screen (7:30pm-9:45pm), she returns all a fire in Aries. Get things done with a fire moon. Watch tempers and patience. Be passionate and daring.

In this downward turn of financial events please keep in mind that living large had to end. This is a cleansing period and we need to be supportive of each other until the cycle ends. If you are more fortunate than your neighbor...please share your good fortune. This is the lesson to be learned.

Have the best day every day.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Day...Good Weekend

Well so much for a plan...when you have a plan God laughs. I've been without a computer for five days not because of technical problems but because I ventured out for a few hours with a plan and life grabbed me and threw me into a nightmare. I watch the sky and track the No's and Good Days but that does not give me magic powers to see what will happen in my own backyard. Enough said, except to remind you all that life is very fragile, hug the people you love tell them every day that you love them.

Wednesday is soon to be a No Day packed with changes of plan and God knows what else. Go with the flow. New Moon is on Thursday in Sagittarius and we love that new moon because it allows us to begin again. From just after midnight on Thursday morning until about 8pm on Friday use that moon to be generous and thankful. The Capricorn Moon shows up on Saturday but not until about 1pm. You can make lists in the morning and if you are shopping on Black Friday do it in the daylight, rest up when the moon goes off radar.

The balance of the Holiday weekend is the Capricorn Moon which has us all counting our pennies and trimming costs. Budgets will prevail, go green-go lean.

Have the best day every day. Remember: Hug someone you love.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weekend is looking Good...

Once we get through a Wednesday the weekend seems so close. Three days of work and we are ready for a few days off. The Virgo Moon is directing traffic beginning about 8:30pm Wednesday night. Virgo likes details and lists. Santa likes lists too, so maybe we should check our lists twice. Use Virgo Moon to clean-up after other folk's mistakes. If you want to downsize, the Virgo moon allows you to trim, if you want to begin a diet the Virgo Moon says go for it. Health is a big issue with the Virgo Moon, so if you visit a physician ask many questions. Thursday and Friday are Good Days. Saturday we will awake with a Libra Moon that covers us through the weekend. Libra is partial to tandem activities and prefers one-to-one conversations. Libra Moon asks us to negotiate, compromise and keep the peace.

We all have many people and things to be grateful for, at this time of the year let's take the time to say thank you.

Have the best day everyday.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heading into the Weekend

This should be a great weekend, except for the quick change of hats on Thursday between noon and a little after 3pm the moon stays solid. Look out your window as the Full Moon in Taurus lights our sky. What a beacon to guide us through the next few days. Gemini takes the stage late in the afternoon of the 13th and she always brings good talk, busy hands and "got-to-go" kind of activity. There is no stopping to rest through the Gemini Moon. Gemini takes us into the weekend so many folk may find themselves in their cars or traveling short distances. Our next favorite moon in the sky is the Cancer Moon and she will reflect on us beginning Saturday afternoon. The speedy change is between 2:15pm and just before 3pm. No time to even think about it. Use the Cancer Moon to take care of family business, to cozy around the fire and join hands and be a family. Real estate is always a biggie during the Cancer Moon, also anything to do with restaurants and the like; food in general. Anything that is comfortable and familiar.

Have the best day everyday and remember to tell someone you love them this weekend. Fight the fight.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good Day to begin a New Week

Pisces took us through the first few days of the weekend and on Sunday she trades places with blazing Aries. The exchange is brief, about an hour, late morning 11:30am. Aries Moon asks us to get things done. The only planet dancing backwards is Uranus and we can handle that. With the forward signs in neon we should put all boosters on full speed ahead. The election is over here in the US and we are churning into the final days of 2008. Pluto (yes we still acknowledge the little guy) will go into the sign of Capricorn on the 26th of this month. So what you might say? Well ask any Sagittarius how the last fourteen years have been and you will get an earful of hair curling replies. Capricorn folk must fortify for the cycle of the small planet in their sign.

With all the changes that have been wanted so passionately will also come rules and strict guidelines. These will not be frivolous changes. Remember awhile back I said some might be flattened by what lies in store, well whoa Nellie Buds cuz the time has come.

Aries Moon fills Monday and most of Tuesday. The week heats up from the start. Our favorite Taurus Moon comes on the scene after a brief 45 min space on Tuesday between 2:15 and 3pm. The full Moon will be in Taurus early on Thursday morning. Hopefully what you began two weeks ago will come to fruition now. Use the Taurus Moon to get what you need. Money will be spent, most of the time for things of luxury and pleasure.

Have the best day every day. Continue to fight-the-fight.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mid-week madness...

Here we are smack in the middle of the week. The Aquarius moon has taken us for a frenzied ride and has brought many the changes sought. Remember that there are no guarantees that what we want is not what we will get. Continue to use the Aquarius Moon through Thursday to challenge the status quo, to re-invent the wheel, to install new software and to buy some high tech equipment. On Friday the Moon exchanges hats with Pisces and most of the weekend we should work on kindness and acts of the same. Pisces likes to offer sympathy and/or compassion to others. Sometimes there is deceit and secrets kept. Be mindful of what is not being said.

We are blessed to live in this great country and yes, God, please bless America. Wherever your vote went on Tuesday, remember that you are a part of these United States and that we all must support and respect our president-elect and his family. Many thanks to John McCain and Sarah Palin for their dedication and strong spirit.

Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight


Sunday, November 2, 2008


"Monday-Monday can't trust that day." Well the Mammas and the Pappas might have been referring to this kind of Monday when they sang those lyrics. Although Monday is a Good Day it is the eve of the 2008 Presidential Election so the energy coming off these 24 hours is going to be intense. Capricorn takes no prisoners and works its way to the top. Let there be no doubt that the winner clawed his way to the pinnacle. Reiterating my earlier news of a Void Moon throughout Tuesday, ending just after 7pm, puts me, and others I hope, in a position not to vote until after the moon is settled; precisely just after 7:01pm. May the best man win without benefit of the media or voting fraud. Tuesday evening the moon slips into Aquarius and this moon allows folk to be a little crazy and a lot excited.

My thanks going out to Tracee at Pump Up Your Books and the great job she did co-ordinating October's Virtual Book Tour. We ventured into some sensitive territory and hope that the message of hope and survival was strong.

Remember: Voting is a privilege. Use the right to vote, wisely. Have the best day every day and while you are at it: fight-the-fight.

My best, Linda

Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog Memory Lane

I had not been back to my Alma Mater in forty years. But here I was driving down once familiar streets, craning my neck at buildings renovated and reinvented that housed me, fed me and schooled me many years ago. This return visit was not by chance, but by invite. I was to be a guest speaker to a group of communication majors. Me. The girl who graduated with a degree in science was returning as an author of literary fiction.

Strange how life has its way with you; how a barely eighteen year old with the dream of being a journalist finds herself taking Anatomy and Physiology, Physics and Biology. The dreams I left behind remained dormant waiting to energize again when the timing was different, better; when life said it was okay to be what I always wanted to be.

I stood before a group of students recounting my journey from graduation using the metaphor of shoes. With lines taken from Forrest Gump in the film of the same name I weaved my way through the maze of days, months and years.

“Mamma always says you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they are going and where they have been. I bet if I try real hard I can remember my first pair of shoes.” Forrest Gump

Perhaps some of the students listening never saw the movie. Too bad. Despite its length there were some memorable lines, chunks of wisdom like the one above that might serve as a guide in the future. My shoe metaphor allowed me to travel through the decades since I’d last walked that campus and each different pair put me in another mind set, on another journey.

I told the young men and women listening, to nurture the friendships they will make while in college and to live their lives with passion. I told them also to believe in their dreams and to do whatever it is that ignites the fire inside. Let that flame burn hot, I said, for a life without passion is no life, why it live any other way.

For the record, my next pair of shoes might be flip-flops; I want to see where they will take me.

Blog what you say, see, hear, and feel.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spooked but Good

Halloween and all the ghosts and goblins will be ringing doorbells seeking treats. The moon overhead is in Sagittarius which should allow for some fun. This moon likes to spread out, no fences or boundaries. With this moon honesty is the best approach. Friday and Saturday are Good Days for Good Spirits. Sunday blips across the screen early in the morning. Capricorn Moon will be there when the clock has fallen backward. We all get an extra hour. This moon is more serious than the last and she asks us to adhere to the rules. We hate rules but without them chaos would reign. Try not to protest too much.

If you have the power to vote, please use your power. We live in the United States of America and we should be proud of the privilege to vote. We should exercise our right to choose and respect the choices offered. No matter who wins, we need to be Americans first. Do your homework before voting. Know your candidates and what they stand for...make effective use of your rights as a citizen of this great country. Do not vote on emotion. Be an informed voter, know the facts, all the facts. The Capricorn Moon will leave us with a NO Day on Tuesday-Election Day. The Moon goes into Aquarius after 7pm. Aquarius loves change, but also surprises. Expect the unexpected with this moon. Upsets are often an outcome.

Have the best day everyday and continue to fight-the-fight.


Monday, October 27, 2008

New Moon...Two Good Days

New Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday, this is a Good Day after 8am. Use the new moon to begin a new idea or project. When the moon reflects on us in Scorpio your new beginning may have taken months of research, you might appeal to a corporation or large mass of people. Medicine may be involved or things related to surgery. Begin at a new moon and complete on a full moon, this give you two weeks. Wednesday is also a Good Day, just remember that Scorpio drains us emotionally. Nothing short of intense is the mode of action. Keep no secrets, tell all, the truth must be told; all this applies to Scorpio. By Thursday(1:45am)the moon goes void and does not return until just after 6:30pm. The entire day is one to chalk up, not worry on and do not expect too much from. Make no definite plans and do not attempt to succeed. Sagittarius will take over and gives us all the luck and optimism we missed for a day. This energy takes us through Friday and Saturday.

Have the best day everyday and continue to fight-the-fight.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Update

For those of us who are looking forward to some Good Days we've got a nice weekend ahead. Friday the moon remains in Virgo where she whacks us with details and minutia but sometimes we must cross our T's in order to succeed. This same energy reflects into Saturday so be sure to bring your lists wherever you travel. Don't get bogged down by them, try to not worry too much about what doesn't get accomplished. There is a brief space between 9pm and 11pm on Saturday when the moon goes off to change hats. She comes back in Libra asking us to please think in two's and spouting all sorts of wisdom regarding how much better life would be if we all got along. Partnerships are highlighted, be sure to take advantage of this if you are in a relationship. This same Libra Moon will welcome us into Monday all day, another Good Day.

Many thanks to all who have supported the efforts of individuals and groups this month in raising breast cancer awareness. The simple fact is that we all must stay aware of our own health and those we love. Fight-the-fight and keep hope alive and well.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Sun Enters Scorpio

On Wednesday, October 22nd the Sun will enter Scorpio and on the day before the moon will make her way into the sign of Leo. The blip will be in the morning on Tuesday between 8am and 10:30am. That Leo moon will stay around until a little after mid-day on Thursday. The Moon in Leo and the Sun in Scorpio are not very compatible. Both signs are stubborn and both like to be right. We might see this energy displayed and acted out during these few days. Leo likes to be seen and Scorpio likes to hide...Leo is very upfront and Scorpio skulks and remains in the periphery. There is always high drama when Leo is being reflected. But Scorpio seeks quiet.

TheCancer Awareness VBT is still chugging, check out these blog posts, comments and reviews.
October 21-One Tough Chick
October 22-Not just About Cancer
October 24-I Can't Complain Any More Than Usual

Making Strides was a great success. Many thanks to all who participated and who supported team Belly of the Whale.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend is Excellent!!!

We all need a Good Weekend and this is the one. With all the "disaster" and "Oh, my Gawd stuff" we can sure use a string of days to enjoy. Friday the moon is in Gemini which means there will be many opportunities to speak, communicate by mail, phone, Blackberry, email and the like. People will be busy and will have little time to linger but will never stop chatting coming and going. Use this energy to say what needs to be said. Write it down, squirt words out, make headlines. This all flows into Saturday with the same energy pumping into all. Early Sunday morning for a brief almost two hours (6am-7:30am) the moon will change hats then dance and twirl into its favorite sign of Cancer. Since there is much going on in cities throughout the US in regard to Breast Cancer fund raising this moon will add a glow and help others to reflect on what a world would be without this disease. Join Team Belly of the Whale in Central park for a five mile walk and then come visit us under the Pink Survivor Tent. Use the Cancer Moon for anything homebased, family related and for real estate or property transactions. The Cancer Moon remains through Monday.

Remember Hope Begins With Us- fight-the-fight.

Next VBT stops are:
October 20-Mothers With Cancer
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Have the best day everyday


Monday, October 13, 2008

Mercury dancing forward...

Monday is a Good Day with the moon in Aries. Fire signs are so passionate about everything. This is a wonderful springboard to get the week rolling. Tuesday is the full moon in Aries and I suspect there will be many sitings of off-the-wall events and situations. Expect a lot of mildly crazy people and wacky stuff to happen. Howl if you feel like it. Wednesday the dance of Mercury comes to a stop. Whew! This has been one heck of a Tango. Let's pause to reflect and then get back on the dance floor for the forward Rumba. It may take a few days but you will be able to feel the shift. Listen and you will hear the conversations that before were muffled. Taurus Moon on Wednesday is one of our favorites. Let's ask for what we need and if you are the invited guest, dress the part, mind your manners and have some really Good Days on Wednesday and Thursday.

We have one change on the VBT circuit. The 14&15th Chemo & Coffee will not be hosting us but it will be sometime next week. I'll keep you posted-no worries. Meantime remember to fight-the-fight and make strides against breast cancer.

Have the best day every day..


Friday, October 10, 2008

This week has gone down in history. Perhaps a look back might help those who are stressing over the current economic crisis. Life is cyclical. Seven year cycles are of particular note. J.P.Morgan turned the ship around back in October of 1907 and now here we are almost one hundred years later. Remember...the RE words, we will recover.

It is the weekend, on Friday at about 9:30pm the moon went into Pisces. She will be there for two days. Saturday and Sunday are the Good Days, enjoy them. Pisces asks us to be kind, to be compassionate and not to deceive. There seems to always be the tendency to leave out something with Pisces. A crucial piece of information perhaps. Be mindful of this. On Monday, very early in the morning, Aries trades places with the emotional Pisces Moon. Aries is fire, so watch things heat up. Patience is in short supply. Stuff gets done quickly because Aries asks us to step up the pace and dry our tears.

I met a woman the other day who was passionately spouting about doing your homework in regard to voting. Don't listen to the media she said, go on the Internet and do your homework. She had a point and I must admit that I tend to lay back from all things political but I do see how the media is doing a good job at manipulating opinions. Review the facts before you vote. Remember that Mercury has been dancing backwards and the truth has been buried in all the uproar. Look up the word hero while you are at it. Perhaps we need one.

Two reminders: First: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in a city near you, if New York City is close by please come join us in Central Park on October 19th. Join the Belly of the Whale Team. Second: Virtual Book Tour for Breast Cancer Awareness-please stop by next week: October 13-Scribe Vibe, October 14-Literarily,October 15& 16-Coffee and Chemo,October 17-Literary Feline
Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Monday and beyond...

We have ten more days of the Mercury retrograde. Not that it ends completely on the afternoon of the fifteenth, but the official end is that day. There is a shadow around the backwards phenomena and that encompasses a few weeks before and after. However, the heavy duty backward energy will cease and perhaps much of this up and down stuff will begin to level off. Monday the 6th is a Good Day. The moon is in Capricorn allowing us to conduct some serious business. Get it done under this influence. This will carry us through until Tuesday afternoon about 3:30pm. The moon disappears behind the changing curtain and does not return until noon on Wednesday. When the moon is changing we do best to organize and think. The doing should be reserved for later on Wednesday when the moon is in Aquarius. This remains until Friday about 4:30pm. Best days of the week this week are Monday and Thursday.

Hope you are following the Virtual Book Tour Train ride with Belly of the Whale. We'll be making some stops this week, do come aboard.
Tuesday-October 7 The Library at the End of the Universe
Wednesday-October 8 Cafe of Dreams
Thursday-October 9 The Merits of the Case
Friday-October 10 Cafe of Dreams

Have the best day every day. Remember to fight-the-fight, please join our team on the 19th of October in Central Park

Best, Linda

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mid-week feeling that backward dance...

We are smack in the middle of the dance floor with Mercury doing his waltz in reverse. Even if you waffle believing in this metaphysical stuff you have to admit that communicating has been off the charts since the 24th of September. We've had debates cancelled and uncancelled, candidates meeting with the president, the president speaking to the people again and again, congress going back & forth, bailouts reworked, rejected, revised and re-voted on. The "Re" words are what the dance is about. Remember we will recover.

The Good Days are in and out over the next few. Thursday until about 6:45pm, for those tuning in to the vice-presidential debate tonight please keep in mind that the moon is off radar for this event. Nothing and I mean nothing will come of it... just talk...there are no winners and no losers. The moon takes her time rolling into Sagittarius on Friday around 11:15am. This moon is optimistic, out-spoken and good natured. Use her energy to broaden your horizons. The weekend stays in this mood until after 9pm on Sunday. Enjoy the scenery, go for a drive.

Belly of the Whale is on a Virtual Book Tour during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Stop by and read a review, an interview or listen to a podcast, please add a comment. We are touring all month. I'll post stops along the way, for a complete look at the schedule go to my website. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is there too...remember to join our team. Fight-the-fight.

Wednesday, October 1, The Book Czar
Friday, October 3, Zensanity
Tuesday, October 7, The Library at the End of the Universe

Have the best day everyday.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Moon Monday

If you want to make good use of this New Moon write a check and sign it The Law of Abundance. In the two areas where you put the amount write Paid in Full, as a bonus write thank you in the memo section. Now take the check and put it in a safe place and forget about it. This is a powerful ritual of manifestation. The window of time is the twenty-four hours of the new moon. That is 4am Monday until 4am Tuesday. The good Monday thing overflows into Tuesday until almost 10pm. This is a Libra Moon which asks us to negotiate, be diplomatic, make compromises and buddy up.

On Wednesday the moon goes into Scorpio and things always get more intense with this moon. There will be no secrets and cover ups will be exposed. This runs into Thursday but only until about 6:30pm.

The American Cancer Society has invited Belly of the Whale and me to be under the pink Survivor Tent in Central Park on October 19th. You can join the Belly of the Whale team as they walk the five miles around Central Park and then come say hello to me under the tent. Books will be for sale and a portion of the proceeds will go to this worthy cause. Every step we take can make a difference-hope starts with us.

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mid-week Good Days

Leo Moon comes dressed in costume with all the theatrics of a full stage production. The best way to be successful is to use this same tactic when making a proposal...with Moon in Leo, presentation is everything. Leo stays through Thursday so the dramatic effect remains. On Friday there will be a short pause between 7am and can hold off on anything significant until after ten. Virgo Moon comes on the scene demanding perfection with a critical eye. Virgo Moon always appears to be the stay-in-the-line sort, but in truth this moon is a bit kinky and can find its way into all sorts of strange places. Very much the trend setter, Virgo knows what to wear and where to be scene.

Please remember to make your appointment for a mammogram this month. Tell someone you love to do the same. Walk with us on Sunday the 19th of October during Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Central Park. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monday is all about a Good Day

In the very early hours of the morning we have the hand off to Cancer. This moon ushers in the week with good energy and the offer to give us what we need. Remember that Mercury has been slowing down and will come to a halt on Wednesday before backing up. This is all perception from our place on earth. The retrograde we perceive causes communication issues, repeats and reviews. If you are eager to try something you attempted before this is an excellent time. There may be a chance of a second look or a second time around. Please allow the people around you their mental walks down memory lane. There will be a few occasions when this will happen. People often show up who once were major players in our lives. Sometimes that is good, other times it is very disruptive.

The Cancer moon stays with us until Tuesday about 5pm. There will be about twelve hours of No energy to manage. Cancer Moons are forgiving of those who attempt more than they should. Leo moon comes on Wednesday and will make an entrance. There is always something of the dramatic with a Leo Moon.

Please remember that October is breast cancer awareness month. Participate in your local events to get the word out about screening and testing. Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good-Good Days

Here we are back with the Taurus Moon. This is the one that allows us to be the invited guest. Do not over use this power, be wise in your requests. At 9pm on Wednesday this energy began and it continues until Friday about 7pm. Almost two full days and then the segue into the weekend. Very nice for us. Gemini will changes hats and be our watch dog over the weekend. She takes over Friday night after 11pm. This moon carries us all the way through the weekend and allows us a very good few days. Gemini is all about communicating and being in your car, in a plane, a boat or a train. Walking, running any mode of transportation is Gemini.

Be sure to remind people to participate in local breast cancer awareness events. You and I can make a difference. Hope starts with us. Belly of the Whale sends the message of hope, look for us in Central Park on the 19th of October.


Have the best day every day.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Full Harvest Moon

Pisces has taken us through the weekend and will reflect in the sky tomorrow, Monday, as the Full Harvest Moon. Expect this wonderful celestial stage production to turn heads, full moons are the end of a two week cycle and often bring things to completion. There are lots of babies born, and many unusual occurrences. Folk tend to get very emotional and often go one step over their limits. For Good Days-No Days advice be sure to pause for a few hours between 3pm and 5:30pm on Monday as the moon trades places. Aries Moon will finish the day and reflect through Tuesday and into Wednesday until about 6:30pm. Aries brings lots of good ideas, if you have one share it. There is less patience with Aries and less time than you need. Things usually speed up too.

We are only a few weeks away from October. This is the month dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer. We need to be aware every day, and every month but we can all do one special something next month to support this effort. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mid-week No Day...

Wednesday is a bonafide No Day. We haven't had one of these for awhile. It begins about 9:15am and doesn't end until after 3am on Thursday. Don't waste your time today trying to make appointments, or set goals. Nothing will be accomplished as planned. Use this day to organize and plan for Good Days. Let yourself relax and try to be a listener. For those people around you who do not heed the Good Day - No Day advice watch them juggle the day. Thursday the Aquarius Moon takes over and covers us through to Saturday morning. Aquarius brings surprises and lots of excitement. For those involved in television or computers these are good days to hawk your wares.

Remember to get a proper screening for breast cancer. Right now only 1 in 5 women are eligible for free tests subsidized through the government. Write to Congress. This needs to change. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Weekend

The moon in Sagittarius this weekend makes for a lot of optimistic talk and genuine good humor. Sagittarius is expansive and likes to live life to the fullest. We can accomplish much this weekend by not going over board. Lady Luck is often connected to this sign so tie your good luck charm to your bedpost and make a wish or two. Sagittarius takes us into Monday so the week starts off with big ideas and expectations. Capricorn takes a front seat after a brief pause (1pm-4pm) Monday afternoon. Capricorn shakes us by the shoulders and reminds us that we have to conserve. Capricorn pulls in our wings and throws cold water on Sagittarius living large.

Every twelve minutes someone dies of cancer. What can I do? What can you do? We need to take care of the people we love by keeping ourselves aware and them too. Come join Belly of the Whale and me in Central Park on October 19th - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mid-week...No Day on Friday

It is a little tricky this week trying to navigate around the No Day times. Wednesday from 1pm until 4pm the moon goes off radar and returns dressed in the dark mask of Scorpio. This moon invites intensity and leaves no questions unanswered. There will be no secrets with this moon. It carries on until Friday at just before noon then leaves us free agents until Saturday in the wee hours. Finish up negotiations and compromises by 1pm tomorrow and use the Scorpio Moon to discuss anything in depth.

Every twelve minutes someone dies of cancer. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Good Weekend - No more white shoes

What is it about Labor Day weekend? Why do we immediately toss the white shoes to the back of the closet? Rules. We are sure to have more rules than just those pertaining to white footwear. Following the rules will be expected, certainly while the moon is in Virgo and even after with the planetary alignment and the shift of Pluto into Capricorn. Moon in Virgo takes care of detail, discriminates and is critical. If you want perfection this weekend is perfect for you. Saturday and Sunday keep us towing the mark, but on Monday things shift and the two-by-two stuff is favored. Compromise and negotiation are good tools and that applies to Tuesday and Wednesday morning as well.

Have a good, safe weekend. Stay aware. Fight-the-fight.

Make everyday the best day of your life.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mid-week ask for what you deserve...

The Cancer Moon continues through most of Wednesday. Remember to ask for what you have until 8pm to do so. The moon will go off radar until 11pm, during that brief period you can still carry on as if nothing happened. Leo sweeps in with its usual dramatic entrance, if you want to upstage someone, you can do it Thursday and Friday. If you want to be center stage use the Leo Moon for the best lighting. Leo will guide us up to midnight on Friday, then the New Moon will join us in Virgo on Saturday.

I was invited to the Kickoff Breakfast for Making Strides for Breast Cancer and I had the honor of sitting at a table with four breast cancer survivors, as a matter of fact there was a room full of survivors. Let's continue to fight-the-fight so that breast cancer does not have to be a chance to survive but rather a disease of the past.

Stay aware...Make Strides for Breast Cancer on October 19, 2008 come see Belly of the Whale in Central Park.

Have the best day everyday.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take off on Saturday...

Friday the Moon was in our favorite sign of Taurus. Things clicked, a Good Day. This morning in the early hours the Taurus Moon went off radar and she's gone for the day, not returning until about 5:30pm wearing her Gemini hat. For twelve hours we will be in the magical place of "nothing matters". Well maybe that is a bit exaggerated. There is a purpose to everything but on some days it just doesn't pay to push the planet. This is one of them. Some believe that the No Day thing is exempted during Taurus and Cancer Moons, could be fact, but just the same try not to commit or take a job, get married or stuff like that when it is a No Day. This evening with a Gemini Moon expect people to turn up the volume, lots of activity and chatter.

Belly of the Whale and me will be giving our message of hope and survival at Central Park on October 19th. Making Strides for Breast Cancer is having its annual walk-a-thon in many cities in the US. We are raising awareness, hope starts with me is the slogan this year. Please join us in your city or come to Central park and visit Belly and I under the Survivor Tent. We'd love to see you and we are putting together a team to walk, more info to follow.

Fight-the-fight. Stay aware.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Mostly Good Days

Pisces Moon does not take us any further than Monday this week. If you did not use that "pity me" tactic then you will have to wait until next month. Aries will guide us through Tuesday, all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. The short pause is Tuesday morning between 7:30am and 10am. Discount anything confirmed during that time. Aries Moon has little patience and expects things to be done quick, no waiting. Be mindful of tempers flaring and be prepared for last minute things to cause plans to change ( for the better).

Go on to Facebook and have "pink ribbons" attached to your page. There is a movement going around to raise awareness of breast cancer, and just this small gesture can help.

Fight-the-fight. Have the best day everyday.

Linda Merlino

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full Moon Eclipse

Can you hear the howling of the full moon? The volume is turned up a bit higher than normal. An eclipse of the moon comes two weeks after a solar eclipse, this is cosmic fact. The lasting effects for us on a personal basis are about five months. Meaning what? Meaning if you are lucky enough to have your birth chart you can see where Aquarius fits into your horoscope and depending on that will see how Aquarius impacts your world. The full moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the free spirit, the all-for-one-and-one-for-all kind of person. Although this sign likes to remain detached it is very responsible so you will experience this as well. For those who would just like to know whether it is a good day or not, it is good. And the goodness flows into the remainder of the weekend when the moon exchanges hats with Pisces. That happens very early in the morning so the blip will be in the middle of a snore. Remember that Pisces makes us compassionate and a bit emotional. If you want something, use sympathy to get it.

I am putting together a team to walk at making Strides for Breast Cancer on October 19th in Central park. Even you can't participate you will be able to donate a few dollars to the cause. I'll fill you in with the facts next week. Fight-the-fight. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, August 11, 2008

OOPS...Back Up

What happened to the weekend? The summer is becoming a blur. Please don't take my summer away. Sunday starts the week and Sagittarius Moon has been in charge including Monday. Good Days both, and also good for getting attention. Tuesday brings the Capricorn Moon with a short blip in the early morning, after 7:45am use this moon to organize and do business. Capricorn covers us until about 1pm on Thursday. If you have a clear sky go out in the evening tonight into the early morning for the Perseid Meteors. The best window of time is between 1:30am and 4:20am, here is a Cosmic Light Show you will not want to miss. This beats the bright lights of Broadway.

If you see someone with a pink streak in their hair they have donated their time and money to breast cancer. This is a unique way of saying: fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Weekend

Perhaps a wet beginning but overall a Good Day to start a weekend. The summer is waning. Let's grab on to the precious days of August. Moon in Scorpio brings us into Friday and most of Saturday. Scorpio has a way of digging into those secret places we keep so guarded. If you do not want to reveal all then stay away from people and places that will put you on the spot. There is a brief two hours as the Moon changes hats. From 5-7pm. Sagittarius takes on the evening and into Sunday and Monday. This moon is more forgiving than Scorpio. Enjoy the outdoors, try anything once. This a good time to expand your horizons.

For those who know this blog I try to keep you posted on breast cancer awareness events and topics Check out this web site:

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...Linda

Monday, August 4, 2008

A good week

Now that Monday is saying its goodbyes we can concentrate on the next few days. Good Libra energy is packed into the next 48 hours or so. The Libra Moon asks us to be diplomatic, to negotiate with charm and to consider your partner in all you do. Relationships are important especially over the next few days. Venus rules Libra and she is lovely but a formidable foe if necessary.

Thursday the moon trades places with a more watery type. Scorpio is always so intense and this energy takes us full force into the weekend. At the office you will not be able to get away without scrutiny. You must work as part of the team, not be focused on individual effort.

September 5Th there will be a broadcast of StandUp2Cancer on all the networks at 8pm EDT. Mark your calendar now. All of these events are a way to get involved. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Solar Eclipse for a Good Weekend

So we do not have kings and queens here in the states, although some folk may think of themselves as royalty. The solar eclipse often signals the birth of such individuals or persons who will reign in some special capacity. The swath that an eclipse cuts or its path are the geographic areas to watch in the next six months. The energy of the solar eclipse usually lasts until the next and this one is in the sign of royalty (Leo). There are schools of thought that say its two minute plus duration actually equates to years...if we go with that theory then Russia particularly will be under observation for weather, government and heads of state. In general this eclipse asks us to stop and reflect on the stuff that we are made false faces, no superficial anything. As a country we can reflect on our values and our desire to have the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

New Moon in Leo possesses some stellar qualities because it asks us to be who we really want to be. For some that could mean ego trips and others just a time to shine. Our weekend begins with a Good Day and continues into Saturday when there will be only one brief pause from 3pm to 5pm in the afternoon. Moon changes hats and joins Mars and Saturn in Virgo. Be careful with this as you might slip and fall. We need to all watch our feet and what is under foot during this time. Virgo makes us pay attention to detail.

Sign up for a good walk...Making Strides for Breast Cancer will be kicking off soon. Join forces with some amazing people near you. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today is Thursday and until about 2:30pm on the East Coast we are all going to feel like we can't start the car, we can't wake up, we can't...we can't. Stop and start is how it will be. Don't frustrate yourself... Just back peddle till then. Moon slides into Leo and everything picks up. Expectation of this moon is lots of expression and good fun.

Tomorrow is the total eclipse of the sun. Will fill you in later...



Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Day to Begin the Week

Monday is a Good Day. The Moon is in the sign of Gemini which will keep the lines of communication busy. Gemini never rests. There is so much to do and why waste time sleeping or eating. If you need to travel short distances or want to tell your story, today is a good day. This energy continues into Tuesday until just before 11:30am. There will be a brief break and the moon will return in Cancer a little after 1pm. Best thing to do is take an early lunch. Cancer makes the request to nurture, to eat well and to stay fluid. Wednesday the moon remains in Cancer all day so that mid-week energy is very good. Cancer always allows us to seek what we need. Taurus and Cancer are the best times for this.

Perhaps we all need a little inspiration as the month of July disappears. If you have something you feel passionate about, like writing, painting or music please give yourself permission to spend a little time everyday enjoying what you love to do. Do not let time slip by, ignore age and life status, just do it. Do your can always be what you dreamed...

Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend of the Best Opportunity

The Taurus Moon joined us just after 9am Friday. We do enjoy the embrace of this moon and if we are wise, we should use the energy to get what our needs met. You should feel like the invited guest in situations where you require assistance. Most often the response is very generous. There is a nice cosmic energy going on at this time and if you are grounded and organized you can put forth very strong energy and opportunities should follow. Sunday Gemini trades places with our Taurus Moon this happens about noon leaving the morning on Sunday very loose and not the best time to do anything more than sleep late and read the paper.

My audience of readers has found its way into the cancer survivor community. I am honored to find myself among such brave individuals. The message of hope and survival in Belly of the Whale is beginning to reach out further and further. Please help take the message out into your community. Stay aware - stay healthy.

Have the best day everyday.

Linda Merlino

Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome Leo...

The exchange of Cancer into Leo is hours away. Those born today are Sun in Cancer and those born tomorrow are Sun in Leo. Either way those babies will both have the same moon sign: Pisces. The Cancer Sun folk will fair better than the Leo Sun people. Water flows into water but water puts out fire and Leo is a fire sign. For those of us just trying to navigate the planet a Pisces Moon allows us to play on sympathy and compassion. Emotions are worn on one's sleeve and there can be many tears...On Wednesday, mid-week, Aries will take over and all the weeping will cease. Leo and Aries are both fire signs which means the heat will be turned up. Use an Aries Moon to initiate projects and ideas. Patience is always at a premium so practice self-control. Good Days are what the week is about...use the energy well.

There is no time like the present to make yourself aware of breast cancer. Making Strides 2008 will be kicking off in a few weeks. Volunteer your time, pass the word: fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Full Moon Weekend

The Moon is Full in Capricorn at 3:59am. After that she slides off radar until just after 11:30am. Expect the morning rush hour to be full of fools, stubborn fools. This Full Moon has Jupiter close by. The two together pump up emotions and expand the joy of eating. Aquarius will rule the weekend which will leave much room for surprise. Not until Sunday will we have another blip and that will be short,7:30pm until 9pm.

Pisces will bring us into Monday. No need to think so far ahead. Enjoy the light of the night sky and begin preparations over the next two weeks for the Solar Eclipse - New Moon on August first.

Fight-the-fight...stay aware...keep hope alive.

Have the best day everyday.

Linda Merlino

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This could be the start of a Good Week

The siren call of summer has lured me away from my keyboard and the observance of Good Days and Not-So-Good-Days. Please forgive. Truth is we get by with or without the knowledge of such things but we fare better when we have a reason for the unexplainable. The Moon moved into Sagittarius about 11am this morning and will stay in that optimistic sign until late Tuesday night. If you began a long journey today, then you chose a perfect day. If you are seeking honesty, the next few days will be all about the truth.

Midweek-Wednesday the Moon will slide into Capricorn early-early in the morning. The change is more business like, a bit more serious and always with determination. What you begin at a Capricorn moon will require work, but the rewards can be very fruitful.

I was made aware of the following web site: Women and Cancer check it out and pass it on.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

The Leo Moon watched over us so well on the Fourth...there were expressions of patriotism across the country. We are after all Americans and proud to wear the red, white and blue.

Leo remains until Sunday early morning when there will be a quick change of costume and Virgo takes over. There will be a decided difference in attitude as people are very careful, cautious and critical.

June was cancer survivor month but that does not keep us from fighting-the-fight in July. Remember to spread awareness daily.

Have a great day every day.

Talk later.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great Day carry on...

It is clear that this star gazer is on holiday...good days or not-so-good-days I've been in the land of no time and no dates. A good place to be every now and then. The Moon has flowed into Cancer and this is mid-week of the holiday and things should be good today. This is the moon that asks us to ask, to nurture to be with family. Since gas is so high and travel is so pinched, do what you need to do to be with the ones you love. There is no better time and no better place to be...

Strides for Breast Cancer will be with us before we know it. Find an American Cancer Society near you and donate some time or join in the walk. Make it your business to make strides for cancer research. Join us in New York City this fall. Belly of the Whale and I will be there doing our part.


Talk later...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mid-Week remains Good

The little blip of an exchange between the Pisces Moon and the Aries Moon took place after 10pm on Wednesday. Aries is the impetuous arrival and full of ideas. The energy for the next two days should be full speed ahead. There will be a lack of patience and many quick tempers. Trade aggressiveness for passion. Aries ushers in the weekend. It should be a hot one for most.

For those who are staying aware of their health and are alert to the needs of others, I have a phone number from the American Cancer Society. It is an eight hundred number that can be dialed for information. If someone you know needs a question answered please pass the number along. Remember to fight-the-fight and help find a cure. 1-800-ACS-2345

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday starts a Good Week

This week we have only a few collected minutes of exchanges. The moon slides in and out this week with little time for pause. For many people this might be welcome, use the energy well. Monday is covered with an Aquarius Moon, which continues to bring surprises and out-of-the-blue stuff. Pisces takes over in the afternoon between 3 and 3:30pm. Pisces always brings more kindness and sympathy along with using the empathetic approach to success. Watch being taken advantage of and for those who do not have your best interests at heart. Pisces is water so we float through Tuesday and Wednesday until Aries arrives between 10:15 and 10:45 pm Wednesday night. Aries will pick up the pace and patience will be in short supply.

Wednesday the 25Th is Author Day on my Virtual Book Tour. Please stop by to leave a comment and have a chance to win a free book.

Remember to fight-the-fight. Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.


Buy Belly of the Whale

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Update is Good

Mercury is now dancing forward which has given us back our ability to speak without mistake. The moon is in Aquarius since early this morning and will stay there through most of Monday. Summer Solstice was our longest day and summer is officially here. The weekend is full of surprises and because these are Good Days we can accomplish a fair amount. Activity that is centered around technology does well and anyone giving a surprise party should have great success.

For those folk who follow this blog I am sure you know that I routinely mention events and snippets of info related to cancer and its cure. Relay For Life has taken up several weekends and fund raising for breast cancer. Please support you local group for this event. Come the fall...Strides for Breast Cancer will be fund raising and promoting hope. Look for more on this and Belly of the Whale.

Have a great day everyday.

Talk later...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Full Moon and Mid Week Review

We are just coming off almost three Good Days. Moon has been in Sagittarius which usually counts for better humor and sometimes being overly generous with words, actions and promises. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius today which again brings two weeks of doing to completion. We begin at the New Moon and complete at the Full.

There is a very brief exchange between 5:30pm (est) and 6pm (est) today between the Moon in Sagittarius and into Capricorn. The Capricorn Moon makes us all feel more serious about our daily dos and it will stay with us through Friday when it goes off radar at 3pm. Capricorn is the overachiever, the organizer, the micro-manager and the task master. If you want to accomplish some goals these are the few days to try. Another celestial happening is that Mercury has slowed its backward pace and on Thursday early morn it stands still and moves forward. Whew! This will ease communication greatly.

There is a petition circulating through email regarding breast cancer and insurance. Please, if this comes to you, stop, read and include your name. Women recovering from breast cancer surgery need to have in-hospital care for longer than 24 hours, even 48 hrs. Insurance companies want to "kick out" these breast cancer victims too soon. You have a voice, please let it be heard.

Remember to fight-the-fight...

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Linda Merlino

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekend Is Wet but Good

We had to get through a No Friday before the Good part started. Scorpio Moon came on board about 5pm. This will keep us afloat for the weekend until about 5:30pm on Sunday. This will be one of those weekends where nothing will be hidden, all your secrets will be on the table, air is intense and possibly wet outside. Feelings and emotions run deep and may cause trouble. Remember how courageous Scorpio can be, how loyal and how strong. This is deep water and ocean activities are highlighted.

The Virtual Book Tour continues. Today was day ten on the cyber-train. Click here to view an interview with Fiction Scribe. Remember to fight-the-fight against breast cancer. Do your part...big or small. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
Linda Merlino
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Day Monday...

Let's begin the week with a Good Day, the moon is in the sign of Virgo and prompting us from the sidelines. She expects us to pay attention to details and to get all the facts, with a Mercury dancing backwards that could be difficult. Review your health needs, your diet and your environment. Virgo moon is all about being healthy. This energy stays in place until just before 4pm (est) on Tuesday. After that she is off radar until Wednesday just before 6am. The Libra moon will take over and this sweet thing urges us towards negotiation, partnership, and all things two's. The Libra moon guides us through the week, Wednesday and Thursday...have a good week and use the energy well.

Relay for Life is in full force. At a book signing this past Saturday a mother and her daughter stopped by to buy a copy of Belly of the Whale. The mom explained that they were on their way to Relay for Life and that her daughter wanted to give a copy of Belly to her Scout leader who has breast cancer. My thanks to them and healing thoughts to all women with the pink ribbon disease. Order your copy through Amazon.


Talk later...

Linda Merlino

Friday, June 6, 2008

Let the Weekend Begin...

Friday was a No Day. There was no way to get around the energy. Fortunately the Cancer Moon usually keeps the momentum going so perhaps you did not feel the blank spot. After 6pm the Moon splashed into Leo and will burn bright and hot throughout the weekend. Expect a lot of drama and expressive energy. Children could be a focus of the weekend and theater or any spectacle that requires an audience.

Just before noon on Sunday the moon falls off radar and stays in a No Day mood until 10:00pm. Whatever you have planned for Sunday will experience its share of glitches and planning. Try not to get upset, just rework and review.

My recent blog for my Virtual Book Tour is below. I've added it today because I think it would be worthwhile to check out. The original blog is: Blog an Excerpt.

Excerpts often require ten minutes of reading out loud, that’s probably two minutes over the normal attention span; but you go over anyway, because you need to finish your thought…

The Dark Phantom Review posted an excerpt from Belly of the Whale. This is day five of my Virtual Book Tour and the cyberspace train keeps chugging along inviting passengers aboard to browse, discover, read, buy and win prizes.

Chapter One of Belly of the Whale is the excerpt. No better place to begin then at the beginning. The reader meets Hudson Catalina, finds out who she is, where she came from and begins to understand that the story unfolding is not an ordinary tale.

Hudson is named after a car, the Hudson Jet, one of the last of its kind to roll off the line in 1955. To be named after such a unique automobile carries a timeless honor. I recently attended a memorial Weekend Car Show. There were lots of Muscle Cars and 50’s Drive-in classics along with Flat Heads and 65’ Corvettes, but the one that stopped me, the one that put a smile on my face from earlobe to earlobe, was an ocean blue Hudson Jet.

As you read the first chapter excerpt you will get caught up in the turbulent twenty-four hours that surround Hudson Catalina’s story. She is a thirty-eight year old woman, wife and mother with breast cancer. As she narrates the story from a gurney in Whales market you recognize that the Hudson Jet of so many years ago and this young woman will both, stop you in your tracks. She will pull you into her story, page after page, until you reach the end, and then Hudson Catalina will stay in your head long after you finish Belly of the Whale.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Linda Merlino, author of Belly of the Whale

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No Day Wednesday

Mid-week and another No day. Hopefully we all got done what we needed to, yesterday. The New Moon in Gemini had tongues wagging and lots of political gossip. As the moon goes off radar it will leave Wednesday wide open for a lot of nothing and meaningless worry. Cancer Moon takes over after 5pm and allows us to get what we need. Home based things, real estate and family matters are highlighted.

The Virtual Book Tour for Belly of the Whale is into day three. Go to for an author interview. Keep track of my daily blog and experience all the virtual good stuff.

Have the best day everyday. Remember to fight-the-fight.

Talk later.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Close Your Eyes On Monday

If you do not have all your stuff tied up by 9am EDT then wait until after 5pm. This equates to a full work day for most of us. This week we will have three, count'em, three No Days. Three work days that we can write off. Annoy the boss, and all that daily work "poop-happens-stuff" and it will not matter in the big picture. The days that we write off are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Bite my tongue...having said that I must tell you that the train pulled out of the virtual station this morning for my month long book tour. Whew it left at 6am, under the void's wire. This movie day, what better way to spend a work day. Grab a bag of peanut m & M's and click on to view Belly of the Whale's trailer. This is the creative genius of Kam Wai Yu of Kunati, Inc., my publisher. Kunati has been named Best Independent Publisher of the Year. Hooray for all of us at Kunati. We have much to celebrate as the train leaves the station.

After 5pm the moon will be new in Gemini. The buzz will be out there. Enjoy the trailer and have the best day everyday.

Talk later.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aries Moon into the Weekend

Thursday begins with an off radar moon. This will continue through most of the day. After 4pm things will speed up. Aries Moon expects no delays. Patience is abandoned and new ideas abound. With Mercury dancing backwards the effect can slow down the energy of blazing Aries. Try not to argue a good point. What you begin, you may not complete for three weeks.

Saturday is a No Day. This can be good for just letting things happen without a plan. Who needs plans anyway? No worries, enjoy...

The Taurus Moon, one of our favorites joins us this weekend about 6pm on Saturday through Sunday. Ask for what you need. Hope in Motion is June 1...a good day to use the Taurus Moon. Fight-the-fight...

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend is a long one....

Where did the week go? The planet Mercury is slowing down and will soon go onto the dance floor for its backward waltz. This begins Monday morning. We can feel the reverse, we can feel the effects already. I for one can't seem to keep up with daily do's, conversations, writing, replies, revisions, remembering. Anything with the prefix RE qualifies during this time frame. The slow dance continues until June 19th. Be careful traveling and communicating. Much can be misunderstood. If you have something to speak that has been said before, then go ahead and say what is on your mind. In the publishing world, remakes of old books or second editions do well at this time. Nothing new should come across the board unless you are a risk taker.

As for the long weekend, count Saturday off. The moon is void the entire day. I mean the entire day. Get out into the yard and work the land. Capricorn Moon gets everybody off on their journey...not much smiling or looking at the scenery. Just get there. On Sunday and beyond...Aquarius reflects over all so there should be good surprises and maybe even a Gemini Birthday to celebrate.

Hope in Motion is an effort by a local hospital to raise funds for cancer. Hope in Motion was created by two people who are now gone. The Christopher Reeves foundation gives hope to all. For the message of hope and survival in a novel, please pick up a copy of Belly of the Whale on sale in bookstores and online.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Update...

The Libra Moon welcomed us into the weekend. Friday was a day to negotiate and compromise. If you were traveling, going in two's worked better than one. Saturday holds back until 11am. Scorpio Moon covers us from then on. This Moon is intense. People you meet will grill you and all the questions will need answers. If you say I do, mean it. The Full Moon is in Scorpio on Monday. Please look up. The full moon talks about completion. What you began two weeks ago has come to fruition. The blip of off radar is very brief after the full moon. We welcome Sagittarius Moon just before midnight. On Tuesday the Sun goes into Gemini and the moon dances with its polarity. Tuesday should be a fun day. Talk and Talk.

Belly of the Whale is now six weeks old. My bookmarks are my calling card. The message of hope and survival is getting out there. Remember to fight-the-fight. Check out amazon to buy a copy.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday and forward...

The tug of Mercury slowing down has us all wondering what is happening. Travel is becoming an issue. This is just the beginning. As usual before the onset of the backward Mercury we begin to see its effects. Weather is also a factor...lots of the predictable stuff is early this year. Mercury goes into its reverse on the 26th of this month and stays in that mode until the 19th of June.

In the meantime Monday did not get started until after 3:30pm. All the morning stuff just became a wash out. No effect on the long term. Virgo moon of details and hard work stays with us until about 12:30pm on Wednesday. Use this energy to organize and label. The moon off radar will remain until just before midnight on Wednesday. Libra Moon begins after that and remains through until almost midnight Friday. Two-by-two is how these days are best spent. Stay tuned for the weekend update.

Belly of the Whale needs a boost on amazon. tell your friends what an amazing story this will keep you turning the page and stay with you long after the last line.

Have the best day everyday.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mid-week through the weekend...

The moon is off radar as we coast into Thursday. This goes out in that space. Energy expended now may be wasted. Plans that are made may need to be reviewed. The Cancer moon will embrace us about 7am from Thursday until just after 8pm on Friday. This is always a favorite moon to accomplish family or domestic endeavors. Real Estate negotiation is also favored. Since the weekend started off so good, it will continue all through Sunday. People become very expressive and down right dramatic over these few days. Prepare to deal with some fine academy award performances.

Be aware of the way life can knock you off your path. Stuff happens sometimes with no warning. If your world is rocked do your best to find the balance. If someone you know needs a helping hand please extend yours. Mother's Day is this weekend...remember to say I love you.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good Saturday and Sunday

The Aries Moon has been pushing us to achieve this weekend. Fast and furious is the pace. Aries plants the seed...for many this weekend prompted us to plant seeds in our yards, on our terraces, in a windowsill or next to the front door. On Sunday the Aries Moon will go off radar in the middle of the night and about 8am return as the Taurus Moon. This is a monthly favorite and the one we like to use when asking for special favors. Money can be spent on luxury items, watch money spending in general. This lovely moon stays for a few days. The New Moon is on Monday...can't get better than that. Tuesday the Gemini Moon jumps in a little after 7am. People will be talking and moving and very busy.

Passing on the info regarding water in plastic bottles. Please do not drink out of a bottle that has been left in your car. The heat and the plastic have a not-so-good chemistry and there is the possibility that the water can get contaminated and be a cause of breast cancer. There is research to back this up, be careful, stay aware. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mid-week Mixed Reviews

Pisces Moon will take over on Wednesday just after 2pm. The off radar stuff begins early-early in the morning on Wednesday. Pisces Moon asks us to be more compassionate and to practice random acts of kindness. This being said it also gives us the open door to deceive. Try not to escape reality for the next few days. There is a brief spot on Friday morning that allows Pisces to hand-off to Moon in Aries. Such a brief blip that we might not even mention it. The weekend starts off like a cannon blasting. Lots of impatience and foot tapping. Use the Aries Moon to get your ideas out to the world. Be passionate about what you create. Aries stays through Saturday and ushers in a Taurus Moon Sunday.

Keep an eye out for local breast cancer fund raisers in your area. Join a walk or run to help fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Good...Mixed

The Capricorn moon of Friday has us all covered for Saturday. The humor, and we all need to laugh, has been mostly one liners that split your side. Capricorn does a wonderful job of keeping a straight face, the reserve and demeanor of this moon hides the jester and the imp. If you have been on a mission to accomplish, you should have been successful today. Capricorn is the goat climbing to the top of the rugged mountain. Attained goals are on the menu. Sunday until about 10am we can stay under the reflection of Capricorn, but once she goes off radar you will have to wait until about 5:30pm to be back on track with Aquarius. This moon always offers some surprises but there is structure too. Monday and Tuesday are good days covered by the Aquarius moon. Anything to do with high tech communication will do well.

I am even more convinced that we have angels. My Amazon reviews keep coming in and so far the stars are at five. This makes my heart skip and my lips tremble. Reviews appease the amazon gods but also get the message of hope and survival out to others. Remember to fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mid-week Good Attitude

Here we are in the middle of the week again, seems we turn around and it is here once more. Where does the time go? Now that it stays light longer we really put in some extra energy after work. Moon is in Sagittarius and reflecting a good attitude and optimism all around. This positive energy stays with us until about 5:30 pm on Thursday. Use this time wisely. Make contact with people in authority, universities, churches, doctors, and lawyers. If you are traveling,
The void tomorrow night leaves us tangling until early Friday morning. Then for the weekend...a good weekend, but a bit more serious and structured then we might like. During the space on Thursday night and Friday morning just go with the atmosphere around you.

I do hope you believe in miracles because our family just added a new member and birth is certainly a miracle. We all are grateful for another face at our table and we do recognize that there is a higher power at work around us. Remember to fight-the-fight...don't give in or give up.

Have the best day everyday

Talk later...
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Good ...Some No

This is a Mixed Weekend. We started off with the Moon in Libra. This moon asks us to do things in pairs. We need to compromise and be diplomatic under this moon. Note what is happening around the Globe. The Pope is visiting the US and spreading his message. Very much a good use of Libra energy. Saturday evening around 5pm that moon will disconnect. Use that time to recharge and just be. Sunday morning, twelve hours later, Scorpio moon makes her presence known. This moon stirs the pot. Dig deep into yourself and notice how everything around you seems to resonate the same way.

I met an angel the other day. She did not have wings or wear a long flowing gown. She was just like you and me, just flesh and blood, but to me she was an angel. her enthusiastic support of Belly of the Whale just astounds me, for I am not related to her or do I even know her a little bit. She manages a bookstore in North Carolina and from the minute we first spoke there was an exchange of good energy. I am grateful to her and to all who have come on board the Belly train. We will get the story out there, we'll get the message of hope and survival where it needs to go.

I believe in angels.

Have the best day every day...

Talk later...
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mid-week Blog is Good

We've had a string of wacky days and the whole Good Days - No Days blog has suffered a bit. The Virgo Moon has been reflecting over the planet since about 9am yesterday and will continue until about 2 am on Thursday. The Virgo Moon asks us to fill in the blanks and attend to details. We need to get organized and label stuff, if necessary. Today, Wednesday, is a Good Day for all of that. Looking towards Thursday we are headed for a No Day. That 2am off the radar for Virgo Moon lasts until about 6pm. So you must really make good use of today. Tomorrow things will bump along and you must go with the bumping, no matter. After 6pm the Libra Moon reflects down on us. This is a lovely moon for pairing up, doing the two-step and for making a compromise.

The pink ribbon cookie blog is on my amazon profile. Go to:
Fight-the-fight against breast cancer.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday...Good Day

Here we are one day away from the 15th of April. Folk in the USA are either scrambling to mail in their checks to Uncle Sam or are breathing easy waiting for their refund checks. Today will be nothing short of interesting. Leo Moon is reflecting over this Monday putting its glow over self-expression. People seem to use their whole bodies when talking and facial expression is important when making a point. Leo Moon is good for working with children and thinking up romantic ideas. Take a chance or a risk with the Leo Moon. Nothing to lose and all to gain.

Book Launch went well and I learned lots. Belly of the Whale is in the hands of even more people and Hudson Catalina is telling her story. The message is hope and survival. I had a basket of pink ribbon cookies as munchies. Their message is hope, too. Remember to fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good and Off the Radar

Friday had the Cancer Moon reflecting off the universe. Nice moon for approaching those who can help you. Good moon for all things to do with the home and family. This goodness remains until just after 2:30pm on Saturday. Some believe that the Cancer moon does not go off the radar but rather keeps us in her embrace. Let's believe that too!. Leo Moon comes to us in the early morning on Sunday. Leo brings lots of expression and drama.

Belly of the Whale has a book launch on Saturday April 12 under the Cancer Moon. Good stuff. I have pink ribbon cookies for book buyers and browsers. This is just a reminder to all to fight-the-fight against breast cancer.

Have the best day everyday

Talk later...
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid-week...Good Day

Moon is in Gemini and don't expect anyone to be quiet. Gemini is very busy, always talking and dreaming up new schemes and plans. You may start a dozen things today and tomorrow but finish not one. The Gemini moon stays until about noon tomorrow then falls off the radar, which turns Thursday into a No Day. Moon in Cancer does not arrive until almost 11pm. Use the balance of Thursday to organize and get ready for the weekend.

Belly of the Whale is out to the world. Scary and exhilarating at the same time. Remember that the message of the story is hope and survival. When you read Belly of the Whale be sure to put a review up on amazon.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome Taurus Moon...Good Day

The Taurus Moon began reflecting on us about 9:30pm on Sunday. This feel good energy took us into Monday and another work day. Monday is the one day of the week except Friday that we can ask for what we need. By Tuesday the Taurus moon is waning and will be off the radar until about 9:30pm. So Monday is the day to take care of business. The Gemini moon arrives late in the day on Tuesday, even with the good-good feeling from Taurus moon we just never can guess the outcome.

Getting good feed back for Belly of the Whale. This news makes me smile as the book is now available in bookstores and on message of hope and survival is out there.

Have the best days everyday...
Talk later,

Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend New Moon

Friday we left the Pisces Moon to float away in the cosmos. The New Moon in Aries will keep the weekend busy. People might be all-fired up and very impatient. This persists into the morning on Sunday. But the better part of Sunday will be a No Day. No Day Sunday's are a good day to relax and read the paper. A day to organize and just enjoy life. The Taurus Moon will embrace us after 9pm. This is one of our favorite moons and we must hope that she protects us and offers us what we deserve. Use the energy well.

In life there is good news and not so good news. Tonight I heard news of a friend who has been battling breast cancer, the news was not good. Where to go from here? What determines the future? I can only pray for my friend, and I can ask you to stay aware, fight-the-fight and give your love and support to those in need.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ouch!!! No Day Wednesday

For what it is is a No Day. Middle of the week stuff will just need to be put aside. You can' say...oh well, don't get too caught up in the results. Expect plans to change, expect delays and confusion,expect papers to be missing and someone not to show up...the outside factors play heavy in today's outcome, best to be cautious until after 5pm. Moon in Pisces will reflect onto us for the remainder of the day and into tomorrow. People must practice compassion and kindness. There will be some who will try to play on your how the planet buckles under.

Spring 08 authors have birthed their baby books. Belly of the Whale is out there...have a read and remember to continue to fight-the-fight against breast cancer.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monday Morning No Day...

Monday Morning will not begin until after 9:30am. Whatever you wish to do, please wait until after that time. Aquarius Moon leads us into the week. This moon asks us to step outside the box, experiment or be different. The energy of Aquarius will vibrate through Tuesday. Embrace the excitement of this moon. Wednesday will be a No Day. Maybe we all need to chill out for a while. After 5pm Pisces will take the spotlight. The Pisces Moon asks us to be compassionate and kind.

Tuesday is the release date for Kunati's Spring books. The Spring 08 authors are excited about the prospect of having their books in stores across North America. When you check out my site on Kunati, click onto the Spring 08 releases. Welcome: Belly of the Whale, Janeology, Hunting the King, Miracle Myx, Bathtub Admirals, and Madicine.

Remember to fight the fight against breast cancer.

Have the best day every day.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Day Friday...Good Weekend

Unless you are up early and have completed all your tasks by 9:30am, you will not have much more than spinning wheels for the day. Don't think about what you need to get done or whomever you need to communicate with because nothing will be as you planned. Around 11pm the Capricorn Moon takes over leaving the No Day behind. The weekend is two days of Good Days in the earth sign of Capricorn. Earth is dependable, loyal and serious about commitment. There is little room to waffle with Capricorn. Wit and wisdom mix for two interesting days.

The count down is on for the release of Belly of the Whale. People have contacted me saying their book(s) are in. The book sales have been brisk, for this I am grateful, but above all the hype the simple message of the story remains strong. Hope is the last thing to die, don't give up or give in...fight the fight.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here it is...A Good Wednesday

Mid-week and we've got our a Good Day ahead. We actually have two Good Days clipped on to each other. Sagittarius Moon is reflecting on us and offering lots of good humor and optimism. This moon is honest to a fault and folk on the planet will be tested in the ways of truth and beliefs. Sagittarius moon also speaks frankly, doesn't gloss over stuff, is blunt and to the point. This "shoot-from-the-hip" talk isn't meant to be painful (but, alas, it often is just that)no, this direct speech cuts through the nonsense and BS, gets to the core of the subject. Use this energy well. People may reel a little, but things can be softened with a good laugh.

My book, Belly of the Whale, has been in the mail for those who ordered through Amazon. There are people out there reading Belly of the Whale. This prospect is thrilling and scary. At last the Book Baby is born and the message of hope and survival is tucked into a hardcover and in the reader's hands. Come Tuesday, the official release date...then if the gods are will be on book shelves in libraries and stores. Got to love this life!!!

Remember to fight-the-fight against breast cancer for women everywhere...your mother, your sister, your wife, your girlfriend, your aunt, your cousin, your best friend and your neighbor.

Have the best day every day...

Talk later...
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Monday...

Most of today, Easter Sunday, has been a moon off the radar. Friday afternoon through early Sunday morning the Libra Moon drew us closer to someone special. Libra Moon helped us to negotiate or maintain a partnership. With a No Day today, we had no choice but to just take whatever happened. This was a good day to be with people that you enjoy and not think too much. The Scorpio Moon will ask us to think very intently. The Scorpio moon will asks us to dig deep through Tuesday at 8:30pm.

I hope you all enjoyed the addition of Cosmic Gossip on Friday's post. No reason why the blog community can't have their monthly horoscope up to read. Look for Taurus later in April etc...

FYI: For those who pre-ordered Belly of the Whale, you may have one in your hand right now, or will any day according to amazon's shipping dates. Seeing the book, in hardcover, after so many months was like birthing the baby. A truly amazing feeling, I hope that each of you who reads Belly of the Whale will take a minute to post a review on almighty amazon. Reviews are precious and necessary in the big photo of bestseller sales.

Remember to fight-the-fight against breast cancer.

Talk later...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Gossip of the Cosmos for April 2008

Aries can be impatient. This sign is eager to get on with life, there is little time to waste with details and generalities. Aries prefers to leave the small stuff to other folk. He or she does not tolerate waiting and will be the first to speak up and to get things moving.

Extremely competitive, Aries suffers from me-me-syndrome. Like the Vernal Equinox signaling Spring, Aries is first, wants to be first, must be first, will insist on being number one. Sparks will ignite when Aries is around, if you need to be motivated, Aries will light your fire. This sign is all about beginnings and the energy required to sprint off the starting line.

If you love an Aries, be sure to let him or her win. The game of pursuit is an important factor in romance for Aries. If you have other suitors, Aries will enjoy jousting with them to win your hand. In turn, you must be a competitor too. Keep current with his or her ideas and try to help with the follow through. Remember your sweetheart has a short fuse, so don’t over-react to his or her explosions. Their blow-ups are brief and generally forgotten quickly. Aries holds no grudges. This is good.

The best thing about Aries is his or her passion for romance. Aries is a fire sign, so he or she will find inventive ways to “heat things up”. Candles (fire) are especially effective. Enjoy your Aries partner’s optimism and spontaneity and you will be forever blessed with the warmth of his or her embrace and the fire of love never extinguished.

ARIES (March 19-April 19) Aries is having a birthday and we are heralding the beginning of spring. Aries is all about communicating. Your voice is almost lyrical and perhaps you are sprouting words like flowers this month. As the month progresses your tone will change but only to put your money where your mouth has been. Continue to be mindful of what happens at home. Move your energy in a direction that is productive rather than combative. Cosmic Advice: Good things remain on the horizon for your career. Pluto has begun its long sojourn in your house of public life and over the next decade and a half you will find your reputation more important than you ever imagined. Keep yourself away from people who do not have your best interests at heart.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Taurus will keep thoughts to his or her self for the first half of the month. This quiet has a purpose. Taurus is not one to speak up out-of-turn. Come the middle of the month Taurus will get a turn. Your advice is always a determination of the future and one that has been considered deeply. Watch the stock market, that “bullish” place of finances. There will be lots coming out of that sector. Cosmic Advice: Opportunities remain for Taurus in the community and on short trips. Your good fortune is also in long distance travel and may help you in endeavors concerning education or religion. Pluto takes up residence in your house of beliefs. When this cycle ends do not expect to profess any of what you hold to be true now.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Gemini will rely on conversations with friends and encounters with good friends the early part of the month. These will offer opportunities to Gemini, the kind that have long reaching effects on dreams and goals. From mid-April to early May, Gemini might want to keep some opinions to his or her self. Quiet your mind, quiet in general will be good. Not speaking has its rewards. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune is with others. The helping hands of resources beyond your own will benefit Gemini very well. Pluto moves into this sector for a long visit. This is the house of money, for starters, how and what happens to resources you hold with other people will never be the same again. What exists today will in no way resemble what it will be a decade from now.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Cancer quick step will end early this month. That wild dance you’ve been doing will quiet down. All that spinning and twirling will not have been in vain; expect your personal resources to now show the effect of the past few months. Your communicating may be a challenge but only in the sense that you may have to stand on your desk to be heard. You are in the public view and you want to be sure that fact is taken notice of. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune lies within your relationships. One-to-one encounters benefit you and cause you much joy. Too many suitors could be one problem, and only the best need apply. Connections with professionals will have excellent results. Pluto based here for the next decade plus will assure you that an existing relationship cannot survive unless you are willing to accept it completely transformed. This being unlikely…it is best to keep an open mind and see what the future holds.

LEO (July 23-August 22) Leo only has a short time remaining before he or she can come out from under the manhole cover. One more month of this cramped energy. Leo is feeling the awakening. Just a few days into May and you will be able to step into the light, meet folk head-on and slay a few dragons. Until then continue to get your life in order. Cosmic Advice: Meditate daily and be patient. If you choose to travel, do it early in the month. There will be more talk with authority and those folk carrying boss statuses. Your good fortune remains in your house of health and day-to-day. Pluto has taken up residence here as well, but his stay in very long. What kind of changes he will enforce can only be imagined. Do not expect anything about your routine to be what it is today. A decade from now, you will barely remember this part of your self.

VIRGO (August 24-September 22) Virgo is planted for the next four years. There will be no moving off the dime, it is primarily about learning lessons. Be a good student and pay attention, please. Opportunities exist where your friends are, these will affect your dreams and goal. Cosmic Advice: Expect lengthy talks involving wills, estates and the like. Money is the focal point. Talk will shift later in the month to broader topics. Your good fortune remains in the risks you take. Good fortune to those you love. Children and lovers will fare well and receive rewards or recognition. Pluto has parked his bottom here for the next decade plus. The extent of the changes he will make will be mind boggling. Keep a watchful eye on those you love.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Libra has challenges with career, but every challenge experienced pushes you towards your goal, forces you to do more and be all that you can be. Don’t think of what you encounter as negative, turn things around with your thinking. Talking to someone you trust in a one-to-one manner is the best approach. Later in the month you will have to talk about joint finances or insurance matters. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune remains at home; in your roots and your sacred space. Pluto resides there for the next decade plus and may push you to find another home, bring up what you considered roots and force you to plant again. Remember change is good, it is the seed of what will be, of what is suppose to be.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Scorpio must make adjustments in his or her thinking. If you think there is nothing to do, that everything is going according to plan, don’t get ahead of yourself. One can not align his or her self completely if the actions taken are not true to self. Your belief system may need review, are you using outdated forms of belief and pretending to believe in what you say? These are questions to ask your self this month. Scorpio may divulge some of this to a trusted companion, someone younger, a brother, a son. Cosmic Advice: Your good fortune is with siblings and relatives. Local happenings keep you happy and expand your mind. Learning in a community setting or teaching in the same will bring you rewards. Pluto moves into this location and his affect will bounce around through the above mentioned people. The place you consider your home town may not be that place several years from now. Keep yourself open to change, people may come and go…it is not about them but more about you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Sagittarius will juggle the finances of others this month. Don’t put too much stress on your self, try to make adjustments that work in your favor. You may be talking about taking a chance, buying a lottery ticket or spending money on children, and/or a lover. The conversation will shift to what happens on a daily basis after you are done with that. Cosmic Advice: Good fortune is in your own resources. There are no issues of self-esteem, the issues can be inflated sense of self. Keep your head and ego in check. Pluto moves into this sector and will storm through your perfect financial plan like a tsunami. Ten years from now you will be wondering what happened and may find yourself in a financial place you never expected.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Capricorn is the only sign rejoicing over Pluto’s movement. The feeling that all that of the out-of-control stuff in your life is more predictable may be valid. Capricorn is of course, grounding. There is the all business attitude and don’t-mess-with-me feeling. The only sore spot is that Pluto is going to sit in your light for a long time. If you think you are used to the shadow of your ruler Saturn then you may not fare too badly. Cosmic Advice: Ask any Sagittarius you know how they feel about the last fourteen years of his or her life. Write down his or her answer. This information will be your bench mark. Good fortune is driving beside you in the front seat, so for now roll the windows down and enjoy the ride.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Aquarius has good fortune at his or her elbow. She is there to break your fall or whisper good advice in your ear. Be sure to listen to your angel, please. Mid-month the family is crowding around, lots of talking, lots of moving about. Travel short distances will insure that the whole family shows up at least once, all together. Cosmic Advice: Your stomach may remain an issue for about another month. What you eat is what you are. Hopefully by the end of this transit of Mars you will have a better diet.

PISCES (February 19-March 18) Pisces has good fortune in friendship, groups, and organizations. Become a part of the whole and you will feel more useful, here is where kindness matters. Money is in every conversation, and it is your finances that dominate the issues. This shifts mid-month to talking with siblings and other relatives. Don’t give more of yourself away than you have to. Cosmic Advice: Pluto has moved in next to your hopes and dreams. He has a reputation for not knowing when to leave. Change is his goal and he stays long enough to make changes that turn what you have planned inside out. Don’t push or pull against his energy. Let change occur, you may surprised where it leads you and what dreams come true.

Have the best day everyday…

Talk Later…

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale
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