Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Days...

Got to love that New Moon in Taurus, she let's us ask for what we deserve and most often grants our wishes. Use this moon well and enjoy a few Good Days.

My novel, Belly of the Whale, has won runner-up in the CT Press Club Best Fiction 2009. This is a wonderful honor and I am very pleased to pass on the news. I must say, however, that the number one spot was won by an author(s) that churn out yearly suspense novels. Not having read their stuff I hesitate to say more. I can not churn, maybe I should try...writing is an act of faith and my act takes time...

Have the best day everyday.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Day Aries Moon

The Tribeca Film Festival opens today in New York City with the Moon in Aries on a Good Day. This community film festival was born out of the tragedy of 9/11. In the passionate spirit from which is was created the New York Times has given this year's festival a rave review. It is amazing how out of anger and aggression we can plant the seeds of inspiration and rebirth. Kudos to those behind the scenes and to all who support and love the arts. America is beautiful.

Have the best day everyday.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Day for some tears...

Moon in Pisces for the next few days, the best use of this energy is to play on the sympathy of others. Let them feel sorry for you, I mean shed a few tears if you must. On a higher level people are compassionate, understanding and very kind. Take care of the under dog and for those still unsure, watch your back for deception may lurk.
Have the best day every day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Venus and Relationships

Mid-month and Tax Day bring us to Wednesday, a Good Day. The moon is in the very serious sign of Capricorn so we all feel that we must be mindful of the rules. For those of you who are anxious to move forward in a relationship, take heart, the lovely planet Venus will begin her forward motion on Saturday easing the tension of the past several weeks. Much introspection was the best activity during this time. Knowing what you desire and your own worth is key to your happiness and to your success. Go for It!!

There is a brief change of face on Friday as the moon trades signs and goes into Aquarius. This free spirit moon will guide us through the weekend. Enjoy the unexpected and have an adventure.

Thanks to all who posted on my Dan Fogelberg blog. There will be a reprint of that blog in More Sugar in May. Remember to fight-the-fight.

Have the best day every day.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Dan Fogelberg Review

Songs are souvenirs…so said Dan Fogelberg in a radio interview back in 1997. Through the efforts of people like Fred Migliore, Jean Fogelberg and FM Odyssey Radio the fans of Dan Fogelberg can hear him speak about his passion for music in the CD: Dan Fogelberg – A Retrospective Interview. This is a collection of thirteen Fogelberg songs which allows listeners to go past his lyrics into his wonderful insights about life, writing music and performing as an artist.

In the tunes “Don’t Lose Heart” and “Part of the Plan” we are encouraged by the beauty of Dan’s lyrics to always remain hopeful and that all of us are living out our parts on the stage of life. Dan Fogelberg: A Retrospective Interview invites fans to be guests of an unusually intimate conversation and to hear in Dan’s own voice the inner workings of his inspirations. It was chilling to realize that the essence of the music remained but that the personal meanings had changed since his death, much in the way Dan unknowingly explained in the interview.

“Same Old Lang Syne” is one of my favorite Fogelberg tunes. We are privy to how the lyrics unfolded, how they were spun out of a real encounter that was greatly romanticized by the artist. And the final song about Dan's father, a tribute to his family and to “The Leader of the Band” touches our reality with the simple truth that the living legacy is gone; and because of this odd twist of fate we are grateful to be left with his musical genius.

There is a message from Dan Fogelberg on the inside of the CD cover. He encourages every man to get PSA and DRE tests every year. To hear the words "you have cancer" is never easy, but to hear these words about a loved one is even more difficult. Early detection and medical intervention can make the difference. I know because I am blessed to love a wonderful man who is a prostate cancer survivor. Please remember that your purchase of this 2 CD Collector’s Edition will aid in the research for prostate cancer, and for anyone who reads this post and makes a special comment you can win a lost segment edition of a one-of-a-kind CD with forty-five additional minutes of Dan’s interview with Fred Migliore. So post here today or come back in a few days…I would love to hear from you.

Have the best day everyday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Belly of the Whale, one year ago my novel and I were launched into the debut book universe. We are still on an amazing journey. Our path has been and continues to be filled with new faces and opportunities.

For those who keep up with my good days the moon is full in Libra. It fills Wednesday and Thursday. Libra has a penchant for two’s, use this time to work in a partnership. The changing face of the full moon’s reflection will go off stage from just before 10pm on Thursday. She will return about 5:30am Friday shrouded in her mask of Scorpio. This is a most fitting day for this energy giving it is Holy Week and Passover. Scorpio forces us to go deep within our selves. We are covered until Sunday. There are only Good Days ahead.

Please check in on Friday for my review of the Dan Fogelberg CD: A Retrospective Interview. Dan died of prostate cancer at the age of 56 in December of 2007. His personal message to all men is written inside the CD cover.

Have the best day every day. Linda

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank is Friday!!! That is a good thing. We spent most of the daytime in a No Day mode, once we got past 3:30pm things started to ease up. The best use of No Days is becoming more centered and organizing for future endeavors. Some folk like to begin their travel on a No Day and that is okay if you are up for anything. The Leo Moon will reflect on us this weekend until 11:30am on Sunday. Leo always stirs up the dramatic. Nothing is ordinary. Use this moon to have fun, visit children, take a risk or play an early Santa Claus. Sunday is a No Day after 11:30am. This leaves us a day to take care of the yard, finish cleaning out the basement or tending to your taxes.

The moon in Virgo will not let you off the hook. She will take over at 7pm Sunday night. We always think Of Virgo as being such-a-by-the-rules person but Virgo only appears to be that way. Yes on the exterior it is all very neat but there is some kinky stuff under all those layers.

Please, please spread the word about the new Dan Fogelberg Retrospective CD that offers folks a chance to listen to some great music and to support research for prostate cancer. I will be blogging about this CD on Friday April 10th. As an added note: A very special woman died this week, someone who for a short time walked on my path. Her kindness and generosity of spirit will never be forgotten. My friend lost her battle with colon cancer. We must all fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.