Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No..No Halloween...

Our wonderful Cancer Moon exits about 1pm today leaving all trick or treaters out there in the void. No worries. That Mamma of a Cancer Moon still has her arms around us and we'll be safe from ghoulish things.

Halloween is a great opportunity for all of us to "dress-up". An evening to venture over the border of normal and structure. When we get into costume our personality changes. Cute to sexy...skinny to muscle man. Whatever we what to be we can.... Venture over the line...Go outside the box...ring-a-door-bell. Don't, please, do anything stupid. In or out of costume, stupid stuff is not suggested. Dressing-up on Halloween is a chance to exercise another side of us that needs to have an adventure. All in good fun, of course.

This is the last day of breast cancer awareness month. Tomorrow we do not forget the pink ribbons...we need to stay aware, everyday for the sake of self, family and friends.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Moon brings a Good Day...Friends are family

The Moon brings us a Good Day. Cancer moon is all about being comfortable and family. This makes me think of all those friends that are family. The special people that come into our lives that do not share our name, our mother, or our father but they are sometimes closer than a sibling. For these folk we must consider our self blessed. Someone once said that if we have even one friend in a lifetime that it was a blessing. With this in mind I have a treasure chest of blessings because I have many friends. I hope that this wealth is shared by many. Keep your friends even when they move away, when they change jobs or disappear for awhile. Keep them close to your heart, for they support us on Good Days and Not-So-Good Days.

Autism has made the headlines again. Testing to discover Autism in our children is all about awareness. We have so much to be aware much to be grateful for...juggling the two is not a chore.

Talk later...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Best Days to Go Shopping...

With the Holidays fast approaching...screaming down on us, the need to buy gifts is our mission. Who among us likes to return anything? I didn't hear a peep... If you are listening out there in blogville heed this next statement. Shop, shop, shop till you fall over and dead stop from November 2nd through November 15th. say...too early for die hard Christmas folk. Oh well...but Mercury is just set to go dancing forward and Mars is taking her place going backward. So, don't think that this illusion of backward stuff is in anyway serious enough to affect holiday to me December 26th.

Monday is a Good Day until just before 4pm and gets better just before 9pm. The Red Sox will most likely have won the series and Boston fans will be having a spontaneous holiday. Believe...

The Moon in Cancer takes over until mid-day Wednesday. The moon likes being in this sign of the Zodiac because the moon is ruled by Cancer. Hence be sure to find what you need by way of comfort. Ask for what you need to attain comfort and make all the plans you like. Anything to do with property goes well.

Early diagnosis saves lives.

Talk later...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

In the land of the Red Sox...

Crossing over the Massachusetts border you can feel IT. You are immediately aware of the fever; the contagious enthusiasm that has taken over the state. The irrational Red disease that caused Mr. Giuliani to claim allegiance to the Bo Sox and sever his popularity in New York. Yankeeville. People wear Red Sox attire on their heads, as shirts or on other parts of their bodies. Cars are adorned in a similar fashion; there is no end to the display. If you cheer for another team it with a body guard. No matter what your preference in is taken in by the spirit, by the very resonance of emotion, by the connection it has created. The joining of folk in an event such as baseball brings us to a higher level of understanding, of belief. Yankee fans included...there is something to be said for this kind of faith.

The moon is ducking out on us today. leaving us holding the ball and feeling like we are back peddling. No worries. After 8pm we'll get back into sync. Talk it up.

Keep yourself in the pink.

Talk later...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Day All Day...

Did you ever have those moments when you actually are having your cake and eating it too? I mean...what does that mean? Moon in Taurus, particularly at a full moon can bring you all you desire, no matter how brief. Gather those moments like flowers in a spring bouquet. They will last only a short time, but how wonderful each smells right now. Remember that Life is Good and this is a Good Day. The moon basks in the reflection of the sun and feels safe in the arms of the earth sign Taurus. Remember also, to give a nod to your non-entities...your angels, your cosmic protectors, because they are out there for you. Do not take anything or anyone for granted. Each day one of your "guides" is gifting you in some small way.

This is a lovely way to begin a weekend. Tomorrow all day is in a void but covered by the Taurus moon's cosmic umbrella. Don't begin anything new but do carry on with your plans. After 8pm Gemini takes over and that will set everyone into motion again. There will be noise and commotion and restless feet. Gemini doesn't stand still for very long. Going from here to there is on the menu for the balance of the weekend. Be safe whatever you do.

Talk to someone you love about being healthy. Don't wait until tomorrow, do it today. Cancer is a twelve month a year disease.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Astrology for your Protagonist

So you have written the great American novel and your protagonist is the next Gatsby, so how can you be sure? How about creating a birthday for your main character, including where, when and what time. With this information a horoscope can be calculated and bingo: here is the cosmic low down on your protagonist. I have done this for several characters in my novels, usually at a point where I believe them to be "real" enough to review their astrology. My findings have always amazed me and added more depth to my fictitious family. If you are the least bit curious about any of your characters use my website: to send me their birth info.

Thursday has a Full Moon on the West Coast. Here on the East Coast the moon in Taurus will be full just after midnight on Friday morning. Full Moon's always bring out the howlers. Nothing is accomplished without drama and great exits. People on the planet churn-it-up. Emotions are high and emergency rooms are full. Thursday is a Mixed Day. In the East just after 5:30pm until 9pm the moon does its tight rope walk across the void. This will be a good time to relax. Don't buy anything if you can help it. Returns will be the results of impulse purchases.

Moon in Taurus gives us what we desire. Taurus is an earth sign. Money is often spent and lots of it. The moon is happy in Taurus so keep that feel good feeling through Friday.

Pretty in Pink...remain aware of the fight against Breast Cancer.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...

Good Day

Today is a Good Day according to the cosmos. That being said what constitutes a good day. Opening your eyes and seeing your bedroom ceiling once again is a good way to begin. I read somewhere that you should have a picture, painting or something...perhaps a window with a view that your eyes settle on first thing. This or any of these should be comforting to your soul, so that you begin your day with a peaceful inner self. Please keep electronics out of your bedroom. The abundance of "plugged in" stuff in the one room we need to get rest is not conducive to this goal. Okay so you may need an alarm or something that reminds you to put your feet on the floor but everything else has to go. Trust me. You WILL sleep better.

The planet Mars is slowing down on his path preparing to take over Mercury's spot on the backward dance floor. If you like to dance or have entertained the thought, this may be a good time to begin. Dance studios should pick up students and although you may feel like "two-left-feet" you will learn and graduate dancing with the stars. Cosmic of course.

Keep yourself aware. Take care of the little stuff in your body that needs tending to. Once October ends it does not mean that we forget about Breast Cancer. Cancer is a twelve month a year disease.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Gift of a Good Day

The energy of the Pisces Moon stays with us until about 4pm. Until the later part of today remember to use compassion when dealing with others. Hold tight to the knowledge that every day Good or Not-so-good is a gift. The very act of opening our eyes and being able to go out there again and do it all again is a gift. Trust yourself and what you know about yourself, if you can make the inner you better than do it. When Mars goes into his backward dance in a few weeks we will all feel the restraints of his energy, and there will be no where else to go but inside.

The Moon will slide into Aries just after 9pm. We are asked to speed things up, perhaps confrontation is the only way. Think of the stirring up as passion...passion for life. Think again what will you do with it? This passion.

October is counting down in days. Have you done all you can to help yourself and others be more aware of being healthy and extending yourself to help others be more conscious of breast cancer?

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The power of playing it forward...

Sunday is winding down and with the exception of the hours between 3:30pm and 7pm when the moon shifted into Pisces it was a Good Day. Pisces Moon asks us to play it forward. Only kindness matters above all else. Pisces can extend and give too much but when healthy all of us can take time out to do a kindness for someone else. Our reward needn't be tangible. The satisfaction of knowing that we have changed another person's life, given someone else hope or given without expectation is enough. The Pisces moon will be with us until Tuesday afternoon. You have time to carry out this suggestion. Nothing will work better during this time then a little sacrifice.

While you are doing the above please remember to speak out on behalf of breast cancer awareness. Help others to live a healthy life.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later,

Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Days Weekend

As the sun sets here in the East, some may be wondering what's up for the weekend. The good news is Good Days through Sunday until about 3:30pm. Do things you have not done before because the moon in Aquarius thrives on "different" and "exciting". For some the stress level could get turned up but only if you let it. Go left when everyone else goes right, take short cuts and fly a kite.
The past week has been difficult for many as the communication gliches have been one singular nightmare. We can not pull the covers up over our heads until Mercury goes direct. We have to keep on talking, writing, communicating despite tongue twisting and arm bending. For those caught in a tangle of words, some darn right hard to swallow, be assured it will all come back around. Things said will be unsaid and said again. Trust me.
Mars is gearing up to take the dance floor backwards. The planet of action will switch places with Mercury just when we think it is safe to go back in the water. If you think things are darn right out-of-control now, huh, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Remember to remind others of the importance of staying healthy. What you eat and how you treat your body is up to you. This is still October, breast cancer awareness is everywhere. Fight the fight.

Have the best day everyday. Have a great weekend!!!

More talk on Sunday....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dreams give us answers

One of the important parts of our lives is the way we dream. Many folk claim not to dream while others have vivid recollections of their sleep adventures. Dreams can serve a purpose in our lives by answering questions that we ask when awake. When you dream for example of seeing an old friend at the beach you need to ask yourself: how did I feel? Was I happy to be with this person? What emotions were being exercised. That is the key. Pay attention to your dreams. Many can be foretelling. Learn to use the sights and sounds of your dreams daily.

This was a Good Day. Perhaps you experienced some communication issues but remember everything talked about in this three week period will have to be discussed again at a later date.

There are many ways to make you and your family healthy. watch your diet and stay fit. Keep yourself aware of the measures you can take to prevent cancer.

Have the best day of your life everyday.

Talk later...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Having everything you need

A very wise woman once said, "Remember that you have everything that you need." So what does that mean? Do we arrive on this planet like a fully loaded car just off the lot? Or do we come unassembled with directions in multiple languages?
Truth is I think it is the latter. We come fully equipped. How we use what we've been given is a whole other thing. How we process what happens to us is mostly perception. This can cause equipment failure and the need for a "lemon" law.
Perhaps with Mercury dancing backwards in the cosmos we can take advantage of the opportunity to redo some of our past perceptions. Let's begin a little exercise in reviewing those occasions when the "wrong" message was sent out and the outcome was less than satisfactory. Go ahead. This is the time. You've got a cosmic window.

Today was a Good Day all day, no blips.

Give someone you love a hug. Do today all the things you've thought of...don't put them off.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later.

Good Things happen...

Yes, today is a Good Day. The moon has settled into the earth sign of Capricorn and will stay there until early Friday morning. Capricorn also figures prominent in the cosmos because the forgotten-cast-aside planet of Pluto has moved into this sign. For those who believe that Pluto no longer holds power you should think again. (A usual thing to do when Mercury is backward). Pluto energy causes serious upheaval. Just ask all the Sagittarius people that you know. All of them will have a heart breaking-life changing story to tell. If Pluto blows things up and transforms from the ashes for us to rise up again, then Capricorn's energy will for sure affect our values, our traditions our rock solid foundations. It will affect the climb to the top and the rubble at our feet, our resources and our savings. More on that to come...

Do you believe that good things come to good people? Sometimes that is a difficult pill to swallow, especially when you've been very good and poop continues to fall out of your sky. Suggestion: Be good for good itself and all that comes from playing it forward WILL come back to you.

Be aware of how you can make an impact on the fight against cancer. October is only one month out of twelve months. Don't stop making the fight a priority.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...

Monday, October 15, 2007

People you meet...

Today I met a man with a rare form of cancer. I'd actually met him several months ago and thought then that I'd never see him again. I was wrong. He came up to me, hand extended and asked about my book. He said, "Is it a movie yet?" Now, why would he remember that? Why when he has so little time left and a brain like mush from all the treatments and medication? I don't know the answer, but he did. Funny how people come onto your path, some for only a few minutes and others for months, years or decades. Each encounter has its own meaning, its own purpose. This stranger came today, a day perhaps when I needed a boost, a reminder of what I'd accomplished and encouragement for the future. Even if his future was bleak, this man made time today to throw light onto my future. If he was another angel, then I say, thank you for today was a Good Day. Moon in Sagittarius offers optimism and a bigger view of the horizon.

Cancer is not about someone else, it is about all of us. October makes us be aware. Fight the fight.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Day

We are all crawling out from under the weekend. We experienced a long lull between moons and it seemed like we were holding our breath under water. How many sentences have been interrupted and how many misunderstandings have occurred in a just a few days? What has come across your desk that passed there before? What do you have to review or redo? All this in only a few days. The good news is that since 3pm edt today we felt more optimistic about what needs to get done and how we intend to accomplish this or that. Starting something new may not be the best idea but revising a plan does sound right. The Sagittarius moon asks us to open our minds to new ideas and broaden our views. Tolerance is on the menu. Always use your sense of humor in situations that require attention. This energy stays with us until Tuesday night about 8:30pm.

We are mid-month into Beast Cancer attention to what you can do to fight the fight. Cancer affects everyone.

Have the best day of your life everyday.

Talk later...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mercury is going Backward...It's still a Good Day

It may be more apparent to some than to others, but something is definitly up in the cosmos. You get signals. Those weird things that happen that kind of mess up you plans and you just shake your head and say what is going on here? When Mercury retrogrades, which is three times a year, this kind of stuff happens. You know the bumper sticker: "S--t happens!", well it uually occurs during some backward planetary time. If all this cosmic babble has your head twisting don't fret. Communication is just a bit off, and I don't really expect you to understand completely or for that matter to "get it" just yet. Remember to speak with caution over the next few weeks. Gather your information lest something goes missing. Signing paper work or contracts, buying and selling anything vaguely similar to the afore mentioned should be done only if there is no choice or if you have been at "whatever" before. Redo's are most often dominant and so whatever came before or at the last retrograde (June 15-July 9) could be up for review again.
For the Good Day mention...Moon is in Scorpio since the wee hours of the morning. There are many secrets but none that can't be found out or confessed. Mystery is a game Scorpio likes to play and the exposure is all about Scorpio's purpose. Corporate activities and anything to do with the deep ends of the ocean are underlined. Enjoy the intensity of this other sign allows you to go as deep.

Visit the Kunati website for links to all their great books. All the Kunati authors are out there pounding the pavement and signing books.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...wear your ribbons...fight the fight

Have the best day every day...
Talk later...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Talk about Saturn....Good Day

Wednesday dawns as another Good Day, at least until a little bit after 7pm est. All efforts to come to a resolution, a compromise or other type of negotiation should take place before the moon does its shift. In the early-early morning a little after 2am, the moon will sparkle in Scorpio. Remember how intense Scorpio can be, how sensual and downright sexy. The truth is that Scorpio can seduce. All manner of seduction is very possible. Watch for people who have their own agenda and invite you, only to discard later. Scorpio can be manipulative because of the need to control. This sign works well in the corporate worl. Power is the name of the game.

As for Saturn, the taskmaster is now part of the clean-up committe. The mess left behind for the last two plus years must be turned out of chaos into some kind of sobriety. Look at the world and see how this continues to play out. Organization is the key word and detail isn't bad either. Be mindful of these two words as this is how the next two years will be remembered.

Saturn has a twenty-nine year cycle. This makes the age of 29 a major turning point in our life. Think back and say it isn't so. Now add twenty-nine years to that and you have 58, which again usually rocks us. Pay attention to cycles. Yes, twenty-nine is one, but there are others. Each brings its own genius to the table.

Fight the fight against breast cancer. Save a life...yours. Be deligent in taking care.

Talk later....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Moon in Libra...Good Day

New Moon in Libra is smiling down upon us and funny how that sweet face in the sign of love has a way with our hearts. Lyrics stick in our brain and play out their melody all day. For those who are wise in the way of the cosmos you will harness this energy and put it to good use in your relationships. Having a partner is a beautiful thing. The Creator did not mean for us to be solo. Noah filled the Ark two-by-two. The next two days are all about tandem activities. Treasure this Venus ruled moon and fall in love if you are not already there. For those who want to conduct business use this energy to negotiate. Compromise is on the table. Decisons may not be easy but perhaps that is not the goal over the next 36 hours.

Wear your pink ribbon this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Never give up hope.
Have the best day of your life everyday.

Talk Later...

Breast Cancer awareness

It is apparent that "something" is up in the cosmos. We all have this feeling of being interrupted. Stops and starts. Unfinished business. From 7am EST until 2pm the No Day is in force. What of a No Day? Simple logic, don't push the planet. Do not have that all important meeting or conversation or make a definite plan. We, of course, must go along with what happens but for the most part it is better to wait until the afternoon or until tomorrow for better results. Remember that Mercury is slowing down and will do a backward roll by friday. This is beginning already as quirky stuff is happening to our cars, our emails or phone calls and our conversations. The moon shifts into Libra this afternoon allowing us to have one-on-one meetings or conversations that get to the heart of the matter. Use this energy to negotiate.

Remember to fight the fight against breast cancer. Participate in local events and wear your pink ribbon. Never give up hope.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk Later...

Monday, October 8, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness

Monday morning and many folk have today off. The moon remains in the earth sign of Virgo allowing this week to begin with a Good Day. Most success will come through attention to detail. Virgo requires perfection. This is the goal. Along that path is much berating of self for imperfection and failure to lift the bar or raise standards. Virgo folk are not generous with praise. Most often shy, Virgo would rather stay in the background attending to the crossing of t's then be shoved into the limelight. Act out your fantasies with a Virgo Moon because despite the criticism, this moon can get down-right kinky. Prepare yourself -if you must- for a No Morning tomorrow on Tuesday. If your work week begins tomorrow don't expect much until after 2pm.

Wear your pink ribbons and continue to fight-the-fight against breast cancer. Raise your awareness. At a recent reading of "Belly Of The Whale" it became apparent that many people have an experience to share. Be a good listener.

Have the best day of your life every day.

Talk Later...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Otober Breast Cancer month and Belly of the Whale goes public

I did it!!! I went public with Belly of the Whale. I read an excerpt from the first chapter at a literary event tonight. The response was incredible. The whole place was dead silent during the reading. Keep in mind that the location was a Starbucks with high traffic. When finished the applause was deafening. I kid you not. People came up to me single and in groups with their own cancer stories, with questions, with praise and with when did you say I could buy it. Okay so if this is only the beginning I am extremely pleased. With the moon in Leo self expression was no problem. Even the shyest person was able to speak up. Use the Leo Moon on Friday, it is a Good Day to have fun, take a chance, and play with young people. Remember that October is breast cancer awareness month and sport those pink ribbons, please.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Long No Day coming...

There is a long No Day on the horizon...Our comfy Cancer Moon nurtures us until about 4:30pm Wednesday and then drops off the radar. We may all feel a little bit like we've had the floor open up. This strange cosmic hole stays with us until 6:30pm on Thursday. Basicly you can say "don't worry". Putting yourself into stress mode will be a waste of energy. Go with the flow as the boomers used to say. The moon in Leo will welcome us with the stage lights on and the script ready to go. Get all your preparation done and then make your entrance after 6:30. For more Good Days:

Searching for twenty high profile people to preview my new novel: Belly Of The Whale. I have several names and also people connected in some way to breast cancer. If you have suggestions please give me a post.

Make every day the best day of your life...

Talk later

No Morning...

Quick blog to pass along the Tuesday heads up. Do not expect too much of the morning before 1pm. After that the moon shifts to one of its favorite signs:Cancer. Here is another opportunity to ask for what you deserve. Only this act of acsking has more compassion and a feeling of comfort. Asking is for what gives you comfort more than pleasure.

Remember our motto to read. I am reading the first chapter of Belly Of The Whale on Thursday at a Literary Latte at Starbucks in Connecticut. First "Go Public". If you know any high profile folk pass me a post so they can get a galley to preview.

Meantime...have the best day of your life everyday

talk later...