Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aries Moon into the Weekend

Thursday begins with an off radar moon. This will continue through most of the day. After 4pm things will speed up. Aries Moon expects no delays. Patience is abandoned and new ideas abound. With Mercury dancing backwards the effect can slow down the energy of blazing Aries. Try not to argue a good point. What you begin, you may not complete for three weeks.

Saturday is a No Day. This can be good for just letting things happen without a plan. Who needs plans anyway? No worries, enjoy...

The Taurus Moon, one of our favorites joins us this weekend about 6pm on Saturday through Sunday. Ask for what you need. Hope in Motion is June 1...a good day to use the Taurus Moon. Fight-the-fight...

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend is a long one....

Where did the week go? The planet Mercury is slowing down and will soon go onto the dance floor for its backward waltz. This begins Monday morning. We can feel the reverse, we can feel the effects already. I for one can't seem to keep up with daily do's, conversations, writing, replies, revisions, remembering. Anything with the prefix RE qualifies during this time frame. The slow dance continues until June 19th. Be careful traveling and communicating. Much can be misunderstood. If you have something to speak that has been said before, then go ahead and say what is on your mind. In the publishing world, remakes of old books or second editions do well at this time. Nothing new should come across the board unless you are a risk taker.

As for the long weekend, count Saturday off. The moon is void the entire day. I mean the entire day. Get out into the yard and work the land. Capricorn Moon gets everybody off on their journey...not much smiling or looking at the scenery. Just get there. On Sunday and beyond...Aquarius reflects over all so there should be good surprises and maybe even a Gemini Birthday to celebrate.

Hope in Motion is an effort by a local hospital to raise funds for cancer. Hope in Motion was created by two people who are now gone. The Christopher Reeves foundation gives hope to all. For the message of hope and survival in a novel, please pick up a copy of Belly of the Whale on sale in bookstores and online.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Update...

The Libra Moon welcomed us into the weekend. Friday was a day to negotiate and compromise. If you were traveling, going in two's worked better than one. Saturday holds back until 11am. Scorpio Moon covers us from then on. This Moon is intense. People you meet will grill you and all the questions will need answers. If you say I do, mean it. The Full Moon is in Scorpio on Monday. Please look up. The full moon talks about completion. What you began two weeks ago has come to fruition. The blip of off radar is very brief after the full moon. We welcome Sagittarius Moon just before midnight. On Tuesday the Sun goes into Gemini and the moon dances with its polarity. Tuesday should be a fun day. Talk and Talk.

Belly of the Whale is now six weeks old. My bookmarks are my calling card. The message of hope and survival is getting out there. Remember to fight-the-fight. Check out amazon to buy a copy.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday and forward...

The tug of Mercury slowing down has us all wondering what is happening. Travel is becoming an issue. This is just the beginning. As usual before the onset of the backward Mercury we begin to see its effects. Weather is also a factor...lots of the predictable stuff is early this year. Mercury goes into its reverse on the 26th of this month and stays in that mode until the 19th of June.

In the meantime Monday did not get started until after 3:30pm. All the morning stuff just became a wash out. No effect on the long term. Virgo moon of details and hard work stays with us until about 12:30pm on Wednesday. Use this energy to organize and label. The moon off radar will remain until just before midnight on Wednesday. Libra Moon begins after that and remains through until almost midnight Friday. Two-by-two is how these days are best spent. Stay tuned for the weekend update.

Belly of the Whale needs a boost on amazon. tell your friends what an amazing story this will keep you turning the page and stay with you long after the last line.

Have the best day everyday.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mid-week through the weekend...

The moon is off radar as we coast into Thursday. This goes out in that space. Energy expended now may be wasted. Plans that are made may need to be reviewed. The Cancer moon will embrace us about 7am from Thursday until just after 8pm on Friday. This is always a favorite moon to accomplish family or domestic endeavors. Real Estate negotiation is also favored. Since the weekend started off so good, it will continue all through Sunday. People become very expressive and down right dramatic over these few days. Prepare to deal with some fine academy award performances.

Be aware of the way life can knock you off your path. Stuff happens sometimes with no warning. If your world is rocked do your best to find the balance. If someone you know needs a helping hand please extend yours. Mother's Day is this weekend...remember to say I love you.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good Saturday and Sunday

The Aries Moon has been pushing us to achieve this weekend. Fast and furious is the pace. Aries plants the seed...for many this weekend prompted us to plant seeds in our yards, on our terraces, in a windowsill or next to the front door. On Sunday the Aries Moon will go off radar in the middle of the night and about 8am return as the Taurus Moon. This is a monthly favorite and the one we like to use when asking for special favors. Money can be spent on luxury items, watch money spending in general. This lovely moon stays for a few days. The New Moon is on Monday...can't get better than that. Tuesday the Gemini Moon jumps in a little after 7am. People will be talking and moving and very busy.

Passing on the info regarding water in plastic bottles. Please do not drink out of a bottle that has been left in your car. The heat and the plastic have a not-so-good chemistry and there is the possibility that the water can get contaminated and be a cause of breast cancer. There is research to back this up, be careful, stay aware. Fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...
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