Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pay attention to your dreams...

Just a few words to get your Good Day started...the moon being in the sign of Taurus gives us permission to seek what we desire. Taurus being an earth sign makes us think of desire as something physical, something material. In fact the moon in Taurus might have us spending money on material things that are more costly. Taurus is tactile, ignites the senses, so wherever you are remember to smell the flowers, touch the petals, listen to the birds, and look up at the sky.
Tomorrow the moon slips into Gemini about 10:30am, so early in the morning that we will barely notice. However once awake the shift brings much activity and communication. Gemini moon asks us to keep busy, transportation from A to B becomes important. The writer, Truman Capote was born on September 30, eighty-three years ago. Mr. Capote was a master at bringing the heinous acts of crime onto the page. "In Cold Blood" still resonates in many of us. I wonder how much of Mr. Capote's writings came from his dreams. His genius was dealing with reality but where and how did he use his dreams in his work?
For all of us it is important to pay attention to our night dreams. So many questions from our waking life can be answered through dreams. One level of interpretation uses emotion to dissect meaning. How did we feel during the dream? How did we feel when we wake? Is this emotion trying to come to the surface in our daily life? More on dreams to the meantime go to for info on my debut novel "Belly Of The Whale" to be released March 1, 2008 and then go to for more Good Days/No Days and a little Cosmic Gossip.

Have the best day of your life everyday...

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Autism in the news

Autism has been headlined this week on Larry King as well as other venues. Magazines have full color photos of celebrity and son while other high profile parents rally to the front speaking on behalf of their children and the medical intervention needed on their behalf. One of the central characters in Belly Of The Whale is Willy Wu. He is described as "a gift from God", a special child. He is not identified as autistic but one might assume that he is. Willy becomes a hero through an act that the medical community might agree he is not capable of. This leads readers to wonder if there is anyway to know decisively what someone such as Willy would do to save a another person's life. To learn more about my debut novel go to:

As for the status of a Good Day this is one. As a matter of interest today is better than Good. Moon in Taurus makes the moon feel comfortable and allows folk to ask for what they need. This feeling continues until the wee hours of the 30th. For more Good Days go to:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harvest Moon announces Breast Cancer Awareness

The Full Moon in Aries is at 3:45pm EST. This one should be a howler, absolutely magnificent. Two years out of maybe three the Harvest Moon is in September, other times in October. So consider this a special event. Now remember full moons make people a little bit unstable, crazy even. Vampires, again. Emergency rooms are brimming with folk who go bump in the night and try to fly on broomsticks. Attempt to keep from being too impatient and remain attentive but not aggressive. Aries Moon puts us on fire; kind of like a rocket booster. For more insight go to:

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Sport your pink ribbons and join with others to fight this devastating disease. "Belly Of The Whale" is about a thirty-eight year old woman with breast cancer. It takes you through twenty-four hours in her life. Check out: and while there read about the other books from Kunati now available. "Belly Of The Whale" will be on bookshelves March 1, 2008. It is dedicated to my mother, a breast cancer survivor, and to all the people who have died, survived and shared with a loved one the heartbreak of cancer.

Make everyday the best day of your life.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Moon In Pisces

If you want some sympathy or need to use a crying towel to make your point, today and tomorrow are Good Days. So do you get what I'm attempting to say? Use the energy of the day well. Pisces is often over-worked, taken advantage of or the martyr. Turn these negatives into positives with some clever thinking. Remember the half-full glass? For more Cosmic Gossip go to:

Now for the reading part of your day. Next Thrusday I get to read an excerpt from the first chapter of my debut novel "Belly Of The Whale". This will be my first public reading. Wish me luck and send good energy. The moon will be in Leo that night. Great time to stand on stage and self-express. For more good books:

Remember to have the best day of your life everyday.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bitten by a vampire

Cosmic newsflash: Saturn and Venus are dancing a tight tango. This intensity is very draining on sweet Venus. For many of us it feels like a vampire has taken a huge bite out of our necks. Drinking our blood seems appropriate for how we are feeling in the romance department or financially. Of course not everyone shares the faed out of color and energy. Some folk thrive on this kind of stuff, usually these are the people doing the draining. What to do? Be patient, get a lot of rest, don't break up with your lover, after the 15th the planet will do the doing for you.

Remember to read. There are so many new titles coming from Kunati Publishing, the best thing to do is check out: and navigate through all the selections. Keep that thought through until March 1, 2008 when Belly Of The Whale is released.

Even No Days should be our friends. Use everyday well and everyday will give you something back.

Talk later....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do you believe in angels?

One thing I consider on these Good Days, especially a moon in Aquarius when the unusual is norm, is the high incidence of angel experiences. What do I mean by this? Actually my favorite term is non-entity, but same-same no matter. Point is that these non-entitiies are looking out for me and you and they send messages via odd channels. I've grown accustom to these entities showing up in some way or another and have learned that the best way to acknowledge their presence is to say...thank you. My suggestion for others is to do the same. When that little voice gets loud in your head, when something you've thought about materializes, when a complete stranger rolls down their window, not to ask directions, but to tell you something they have observed, a very good thing that you thought had gone unnoticed, thank your favorite angel for finding a way to communicate.

Every day is a Good Day to read. Remember to pick up a book. Go to to view my book and see the Kunat line-up.

Talk more later....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday to Stephen King

So even Stephen King can turn 60. I admit I have read many of Mr. King's novels and have found them good reads. I keep his book on writing close by because I find I can simply open to any page and get a chunk of wisdom. As a writer, these snippets of brilliance are like buried treasure.
The weather in the Northeast has been picture perfect and very good for inspiration. If you are reading remember to check out Kunati Publishers. Recent buzz has been about Lynn Hoffman's "bang Bang" and Rosemary Poole-Carter's "Women of Magdaline". Check out the reviews for Lynn Hoffman on Amazon and Foreward has just published a great review for Rosemary.
My book deals with a loss of hope. "Belly of the Whale" releases on March 1, 2008. The main character has breast cancer and the story deals with 24 hours in her life. The day she gives up, gives in to the beast...cancer.

For those keeping track of the Good Days...this is one. Expect the unexpected and do the unexpected. Use this energy well. Technical stuff has a high success rate. So blog, and email like crazy.

Have the Best Day everyday.

Talk later...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Day

Yes, the Good Day Moon is in effect. She will carry over into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Friday should prove to be pretty much the same as today. Don't know how you all faired but I did well. Earned money and spent money. If you want to be successful tomorrow please keep in mind that the moon in Capricorn is all about material things. People tend to get bogged down in taking themselves too serious. Others can be a bit "cut-throat". Watch your back (literally) and take your time. Be diligent and remain rooted to the moment.

Did you pick up a book today? Kunati Publishers have so many titles to select from, please go to the web site or to Amazon to get more info. My debut novel release March 1, 2008. The story deals with 24 hours in the ife of a young woman with breast cancer. It is an uplifting tale that takes the reader into the darkness of a life and back out transformed.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Too tired to read...

On the days I'm too tired to read, I audio read. So this equates to one of those days. I hope that all of you got through the afternoon without attempting to right any wrongs or promote a successful venture. Tomorrow will be a better day for all of that. Just be prepared for straight faces and an all business attitude. Be serious.

My debut novel Belly of the Whale ( to be released 3/1/08) has a wonderful charcter named Willy Wu. Willy is that special person we meet everyday in the market or lining up grocery carts. We do not think very much about the Willy Wu's we meet, but after reading Belly Of The Whale you will.

Look for other titles published by Kunati Publishing that are on bookshelves. Never let a day go by without reading. Make even No Days the best day of your life.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Debut Novel deals with Breast Cancer

Good Day...that Sagittarius Moon keeps us all fairly optimistic It will cover us until about 1pm tomorrow then settles back and coasts until 8pm. So during that time do not discuss anything that requires significant results, do not make an important phone call, ask for a raise, mail a question that you want a specific answer you get it? After 8pm expect a more serious view and more business. Dry humor prevails...

My debut novel "Belly Of The Whale" being released March 1, 2008 deals with a young woman who has breast cancer. In this past Sunday's NY Times, front page story focused on a young woman with the BRCA Gene. Not identified as such in my novel, the main character's mother and grandmother have died from breast cancer. Not to exploit this awful disease but so many women and their families will be able to relate to the meaning of Belly Of The Whale. "To give up hope, is to give up life."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Food for Cosmic thought

Something interesting in the cosmos has recurred. Five years ago a man named Michael Skakel was convicted of murder. A killing that took place in 1975 when he was fifteen years old. The verdict came on June 7, 2002, twenty-seven years later. The planet Mercury was retrograde on June 7, 2002. This occurs about three times a year for three weeks each time. During this backward dance of the Winged Messenger it is often likely that decisions made will later be challenged. In the case Of Mr. Skakel there is purported to be new evidence and the request has been made for a new trial. Just food for cosmic thought for today.

Mantra: Read. My novel releasing on March 1, 2008 deals with a loss of hope. Most of us can relate to this on some level. The main character has breast cancer and believes she will die from the disease. Those who have experienced the ravages of cancer will know that hope does not die easy. Readers will discover, that just when you think you know what will doesn't.
In the meantime check out Kunati Publishers for their current released

Sunday, September 16, 2007

No Night

Truth is this is the kind of night you would be better off going to bed early. Some nights are like that. The moon has gone over the edge and is in the black space of the cosmos waiting to slip into Sagittarius. This will occur at just after 8am tomorrow. So go tobed early and get up late. Huh! you say...most of us have jobs. Okay so you might over sleep but it won't matter because your boss can't find his keys and your room mate spilled coffe on her best skirt and had to return home to change. See how this works? The Sagittarius moon asks us to have a good sense of humer, speak many languages and practice optimism.

Mantra: Read, okay? Don't turn on the a good book. Select a new title from Kunati's Fall releases or Spring 07 releases. AND...Belly Of The Whale releases March 1, 2008...
So why am I posting this blog at a void moon? No to go with it...
Talk later...