Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's start off with saying that Thursday the 26th is a No Day. No point in getting yourself worked up over anything much until after 4:30pm. I am postponing mailing my income tax until after the moon goes into Aries. Perhaps using that energy will get my refund to me quicker. We all know how impatient Aries can be, how waiting is considered a punishment. The best use of this energy is to accomplish tasks swiftly. Friday is a Good Day and this takes us into Saturday until 1pm. Go into No Day mode the remainder of the day.

Sunday brings our favorite Moon in Taurus. Ask for what you need. This Moon is ruled by Venus and she is moving very slow right now and getting ready to dance backwards. All finances are grinding to a halt. This retrograde is especially significant. Monday for most of the day you can use the Taurus moon to accomplish special tasks and make requests. Taurus is very materialistic. Your senses will be heightened. The moon will change face after 5:30pm but not until middle of the early morning on Tuesday.

Over all the weekend is a stop and starter. Just when you gain momentum you will have to put your brakes on.

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, February 20, 2009

For those interested we've just had a brief peek into the age of Aquarius. On Monday and Tuesday this week (16th & 17th) we had Jupiter conjunct with Mars. How interesting that here in the US the largest stimulus package ever composed was signed by our President. Jupiter can bring good fortune and extreme excess, much of what brought us to our knees was flavored by a Pluto in Sagittarius (this ruled by Jupiter). I am always amazed at how the cosmos parallels our lives, who says it doesn't work? For those with a Leo rising you will have, as the song says, Jupiter in the Seventh House and, yes, it did align with Mars. So things should be warming up with relationships. This happens every twelve years, think back in your personal history to 1997 and you will have some inkling as to what may occur.

Do not expect too much from Saturday the 21st. The moon is off radar all day and into the night. This is a No Day. Try to stay centered and get in touch with your spiritual side. Let things take their own course and make no plans for they will surely be changed. Wait until Sunday when the moon is in Aquarius as well as Mercury,Mars, Jupiter and Neptun. The Aquarius moon always brings some unexpected goodies. Stay open to the unknown and go left instead of right.

The Aquarius Moon takes us into Monday until 9pm. Pisces will take over on Tuesday at 8am and there will be a new moon on Tuesday evening. New Moons always allow us to begin...this is a good day to begin again.

Have the best day every day.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Days for Lovers and Valentines

The desire to be a pair, to prefer two and say I love you resonates high on the cosmic list. How curious that the lovers holiday should fall so close to this energy. The moon reflects on us in Libra for Thursday and Friday. This will enable those making plans for the weekend to come up with something sweet and lovely. There will be no failed attempts at getting a gift. The howevers do come along on Saturday though and perhaps using the 13th instead of the 14th might bode better. There is a brief exchange of hats on Saturday for 5 minutes between 9:46 am and 9:51am. Scorpio will replace the Libra calm. This moon is more intense and means to take over. There is no hiding from this moon. Lovers will dig deep into their psyches today and tomorrow. If you pop the question this will mean forever, so be sure. Love is not a fleeting thought or word when Scorpio covers us with light.

Roll all this together and we have a good rush of good days. The best part of all the good stuff is whatever we speak need only be said once. No one should second guess anymore. Venus the cupid of the cosmos will dance backward in another month but for now all thoughts of amore are sincere. One more word on Scorpio and the love thing...passion will be kicked up several notches. The spark will become an inferno!!!

Have the best day everyday.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Weekend...

An entire five days has passed since the Super Bowl. I actually watched this mega event. Clearly I was clueless as to the rules and the fact that the Steelers won as predicted irked the Arizona fans present. Sorry. Mercury has chugged forward giving us all our voices back. The return of solid communication has proven itself as high up as the White House. There is much cleaning-up to do from previous talk.

We are headed into the weekend with a Cancer Moon reflecting on us. Friday should be a day of positive results. Spending time with family, cozy with good comfort food is high on the list of good things to do. This moon usually holds her own even during the void which is Saturday from 2pm until almost midnight. The best use of energy is to become more centered and spiritual. Do not push the planet or have high expectations. The Leo Moon takes over through Sunday giving us lots of drama and a reason to celebrate. The Full Moon is in Leo on Monday morning and what a beauty. Think back on what began two weeks ago and ponder as to its culmination. Monday afternoon after 2:30pm the moon changes hats...Just after midnight she comes back dressed as picky Virgo. Follow the rules for a few days and practice makes perfect.

Have the best day everyday...