Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day is a Good Day

There is something comforting in the thought that the last day of 2007 is a Good Day. The moon is in Libra which talks about two's. Compromise and negotiation are the key words for Libra. This is a day to partner up, stay close and clink glasses. Even if your only relationship, to speak of, is with your dog then pour an extra glass of canine bubbly for he or she. Watch the Ball drop, croon with Mr. Clark and get in your comfy clothes. Stay safe and together.

Hello and good bye. Endings and beginnings. Leave the voice of 2007 behind and listen to what the New Year has to promise. Thank the higher power for the opportunity to experience another year's entrance. Stay aware. Love is the answer.

Have the best day every day.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Last Weekend of 2007

The last weekend of 2007 is here. How did that happen so fast? There is hardly any dust on my New Year's Eve hat.

Friday is a Good Day with the Moon in Virgo. Virgo asks us for details. Be sure you can handle criticism as you will surely find yourself under the microscope of life over the next few days. The past week has been explosive. The winter solstice brought us a Full Moon that conjuncts with Mars. We were able to see the red planet sitting next to Mother Moon. I remarked that I wondered what would happen to a prominent female figure in world government? Yesterday Bhutto was assassinated. A heads up in the world of dissent and unrest and more validation that the ancients were on to something.

One of our Kunati authors: Red Evans, author of On Ice, is dying. He is in hospice as I write this. I never met Red, but enjoyed his participation in our Kunati author emails and his humor. His reaction to the progress of his cancer was that "his cancer had cancer." For an extraordinary read go to Amazon and buy Red's book and honor his life; it is a writer's life after all. Cheers, Red.

Love is the answer at the end of the day. Have the best day every day.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Day

I hope that the stress of the holiday is not making you grind your teeth. As calm as I try to be there is a point when it gets to me. That is the moment I know that everything is not gong to get done, and who cares? Christmas will come and go whether I have all the gifts wrapped or not. Speaking of wrapping, the moon in Aries is very passionate and very quick. Tomorrow you can accomplish quite a lot. Wrap, shop, bake or whatever you need to do. People have attitude and others are aggressive. No one wants to wait in line to see Santa, so be mindful of the pushing and shoving. Count Tuesday as a Good Day and Wednesday is Good except for a few hours between 2:30 and 4:30pm. Take stock of your plans from Wednesday forward. The Taurus Moon will bring what we desire. It spends money and lots of it. The Winter Solstice comes on Saturday...the day after a No Friday. I do not want to spoil things but Friday is pretty much of a write off. The full Moon in Cancer is on Sunday and the Sun enters Capricorn on Saturday. A very busy Cosmic time.

I spoke to a woman whose husband is quite ill with cancer. She was open about the tragic turn of events in their lives but also willing to share the odd humorous moments. There are times she said when things are so awful that you say this can't be happening, but it is. A friend of their family started a Secret Santa and since Thanksgiving each day a gift is left at their front door or in their mailbox.. This random act of kindness is a way of extending the season and to tell this family they are loved. One of the gifts left anonymously was a fart toy. One of those obnoxious gadgets that annoying little kids love to play with. Well this woman's husband found the gift very amusing, and he asked his wife if when planning his memorial service that she would hand out fart toys. "Make sure everyone has a good laugh..." he said.

While we stay aware and stay hopeful, we must keep our sense of humor.

Have the best day everyday....

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend is Good

The Northeast got a blanket of white and expects more. New Englanders love to crab about the weather but we are hard pressed to move away, something about the seasons changing that roots us here.
The Aquarius Moon continues to keep us wondering what will happen next and the short blip on Saturday is between 7am and just before 8:30am. Pisces Moon takes over and we can all benefit from extending kindness. This will be a perfect weekend to practice some Secret Santa giving. But watch for an excess of drinking on the down side of this moon. Pisces tends to drown in the prospect of escaping reality. Otherwise, compassion is on board for the weekend. Giving and not expecting to receive is how to get the most joy. Pisces takes us into Monday morning so even beginning the week will have opportunities for kindness or hangovers.

I do not watch TV. That whole statement bears writing about, but not today. Because of the bad weather here, I turned on the TV to see what was being predicted. I happened to catch the Montel Williams show while browsing the channels for news. Of course, it was not a coincidence that his topic was women who had cancer. Among those interviewed one had passed away in 2003, her name; Barbara Tarbox. She was from Edmonton, Canada ( home of one of our brilliant Kunati authors). Barbara died of lung cancer. She lived less than a year after her diagnosis but during that time she spoke to over 50,000 young people about NOT smoking. Her message was to stay aware, listen and stay healthy. This one's for you Barbara...the message is still getting out there.

Have the best day everyday.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thursday is a Good Day

In the waning hours of a very long No Day space I am looking forward to the Aquarius Moon. Perhaps we may not be well informed or maybe we'll have to prepare ourselves for surprises but any or all of that sounds like good things. If you are planning on time with friends this is an excellent time. People are in general more friendly and willing to accommodate. This all for one-one for all feeling remains until early Saturday morning. The Aquarius Moon may not appear structured but it is, even surprises are the planned kind. Nothing will be done that has not been well thought out.

Our shopping here on the East Coast is often done at Stop and Shop. This rather large chain has an aisle dedicated to the purchase of cookware. In this season of baking and eating, eating and baking I have found myself (more than once) perusing that aisle. Next time you are searching out the latest and greatest in bakeware check out Alfay Designs/Farberware. These folk are donating 10% of their profits to benefit Komen for the Cure when you purchase a pink spill proof travel mug. Hey who among us does not take their java or tea on the road? Stay aware, stay healthy, stay connected.

Have the best day every day.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mixed Morning...

Here on the East Coast it is still dark. Let me add, cold and dark with that rain-kind-of-sleet-thing-happening. Oh well, just layers into the Mixed Morning message. Happy go-lucky Sagittarius Moon is sliding off the radar about 10:30am and the blank spot will remain until about 2pm. This leads me to suggest that everyone take a long lunch. Eating is a good thing to do during the void. However, we are all not in a position to open our lunchboxes for four plus hours...with that in mind I suggest we try to ignore anyone who has a complaint or asks a question. Nothing will come out of any energy spent answering or listening. Take note that things are moving very slowly today. This phenomenon has become more evident everyday. The act of repeating is a daily do. Saying this is simply a reminder that things won't improve until the end of January. As for handling the day, after 2pm think business as usual. Capricorn Moon takes over and allows us to follow the rules and the traditional ways of accomplishing our tasks. Capricorn has a dry sense of humor and will not even crack a smile. Your job is to laugh and appreciate. After 7pm tomorrow night there is a huge blank spot. Yikes! What will we all do until Thursday. Don't throw Wednesday away, but also don't agree to anything, don't sign on a dotted line, don't make any promises...okay, I think you get it.

I try to follow my own advice about staying aware and over the weekend I was baking Christmas bread. Yum. The recipe requires yeast. At the top of each yeast packet was a swirling pink ribbon with a message: Bake for the Cure. Okay folks, tis' the most wonderful time of the year, let's get some seriously delicious smells coming out of your ovens. Do it for the cure, do it for the love of your family, do it to stay healthy and do it to stay aware.

Have the best day every day.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Friday is a No Day...

Just what we need in December is a day when we can't rely on a plan or anything we've written on a list. After 5am, before the sun rises we will be set afloat on a sea of whatevers. The best use of energy is to "go with the flow." Act like nothing matters and wait until Saturday to carry out anything even mildly important. Activities will take on their own life and probably take you on a side trip you didn't expect.
Saturday and Sunday are more productive and people are in good humor. There is the need to overdue, but in a good way. These are the days of Santa Claus and abundance. Share the wealth and spread good cheer. The New Moon in Sagittarius hovers in the sky just out of sight on Sunday. This moon allows us to start something new, begin again...

I cut out a pharmaceutical ad that said "Bald is Beautiful." It has a photo of a young woman bald from chemotherapy. The cover of my book, Belly Of The Whale, also depicts a young woman bald from chemotherapy. Although a pretty woman, she appears not so on the cover. This ad I mentioned goes on to say that cancer can be ugly, but not the people who fight it. The specific organization is "Bald is Beautiful" founded to help cancer patients feel beautiful. Tell someone you know and/or love, who is battling this disease, they are beautiful to you.

Stay aware. Have the best day everyday.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How do you feel about a Mixed Day?

I hope you are not one of those people that checks their horoscope before putting their feet on the floor. The cosmos flows in and around us but does not prevent us from living our life. Having said that let me suggest that you wrap up (the rest of those presents) negotiations by 9:30am. Our Libra moon is going off the stage for a set change. When she returns about 1:30pm she'll be wearing sunglasses and looking quite mysterious. The Scorpio moon doesn't tell more than you need to know (if at all). The cloak of disguise and mystery appeals to this moons logic and intensity. How do you use this kind of energy? If you are searching for answers this is a good day. If you are working within a corporate environment Scorpio loves a crowd (easy to skulk and hear secrets). The negotiations have ended let's get down to the nitty-gritty. How long do you have? Until early-early Friday morning and then just coast into the weekend. If you have a line-up of things-to-do on Friday, please don't waste a minute worrying. There is no plan on Friday, the moon is off in search of itself. Use the No Day rule all day. What will happen will happen, whether you are present or not.

The question of cancer and dying has come across my desk. The kind of subject that one should clear their desk for. I am not an expert on either subject. I am a mere mortal, destined like everyone else to pass from this planet. Remember no one gets off alive. So where is the controversy in this? Maybe the controversy is with a higher power. Perhaps we can rail at God for hand-picking us or a loved one to have cancer. But the truth is, where does that get us? Belly Of The Whale has been described as a novel that gives hope to all who suffer and want to give up.
Churchill said: "Never give up, never give up, never give up, never, never, never..."
Now there is an expert.

Stay aware. Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let's Begin The Week with a Really Good Day...

Weekend posting fell off the list. Sometimes the "to do's" are just more than one person can handle. I advised keeping close attention to details on my web page but neglected to take my own advice. Now that all the T's are crossed and I's dotted do (I) we feel better. Ah, yes for about five minutes then something else comes onto the radar and it all begins again.
The week begins with a Libra Moon and this always invites negotiation and compromise. How does that work into your world?
These little tidbits I offer are just suggestions but perhaps the use of this energy will come in handy in business or in a relationship. Libra is all about partnership and doing for two. Tables for two, two-by-two and one-on-one conversation are top of the list. Libra has a difficult time making decisions so if you need to choose perhaps you might invite or enlist the help of someone you trust or love. Libra Moon takes us through until Wednesday morning at which time just about 9:30am you might want to refrain from anything too significant. After 1:30pm look for what you can't find. Answers are deep and found only after much research. For those wanting to uncover the unknown, today is a good day.

For those who "believe" this is the month to practice random acts of kindness. To give is far better than to receive. Malls and department stores may come and go but the real gifts can be found in your heart. Hold the sweetness of this life in your hands and remember how fragile it is. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday.

For an excerpt from Chapter One of: Belly of The Whale go to:

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