Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good-Good Days

Here we are back with the Taurus Moon. This is the one that allows us to be the invited guest. Do not over use this power, be wise in your requests. At 9pm on Wednesday this energy began and it continues until Friday about 7pm. Almost two full days and then the segue into the weekend. Very nice for us. Gemini will changes hats and be our watch dog over the weekend. She takes over Friday night after 11pm. This moon carries us all the way through the weekend and allows us a very good few days. Gemini is all about communicating and being in your car, in a plane, a boat or a train. Walking, running any mode of transportation is Gemini.

Be sure to remind people to participate in local breast cancer awareness events. You and I can make a difference. Hope starts with us. Belly of the Whale sends the message of hope, look for us in Central Park on the 19th of October.


Have the best day every day.


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