Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog some Stressmas

This is the season that brings a huge amount of stress. Some call it Stressmas. The plunging economy has added extreme pressure and stress on all our lives. We need to safe guard our minds, bodies and our spirits to survive difficult trends. A friend of mine had a heart attack one week ago. She is my age, very fit and a not-a-candidate for an acute heart attack. She has, however, led a very stressful life. When speaking to her the next day, she recalled how the thought of having a heart attack seemed unbelievable. I couldn’t be having a heart attack, she said. But once again life takes us off our path, and in this instance almost off the planet. The quick thinking of those around her and the medical people who cared for her are part of the reason she is still alive to tell her story. Stop if you will, and write down everything that causes you stress. Eliminate as much as possible, delegate to others and give up some of the responsibility, real or imaginary, that keeps you tied to the worries of a world that will spin with or without you.

Looking at the week ahead and the coming weekend, I can safely see the mid-week madness as we countdown to the end-of-the-year, Good Days are here through Sunday morning. We can get last minute shopping done, decorate the tree, and attend a few parties, all before noon on Sunday. The Virgo moon took over Wednesday and takes into Friday morning. This Moon is a stickler for detail and fussy, very fussy. Don’t forget to make lists. Santa is probably checking his twice under the Virgo moon. Libra Moon joins us for the weekend at 9:30am on Friday. This energy suits activities done in two’s; it is also nice energy for the arts and theater, anything that is refined and beautiful. If you are attached spend some time as a couple, use the Libra moon to compromise and make peace.

Have the best day every day.


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