Friday, May 1, 2009


Got to love the weekend and since it is May Day let's dance around the Maypole in our finest outfits because the moon is in Leo and we must make an impact. Presentation is the answer, if you are hoping to be noticed it is all about what people see. Today and tomorrow until 6pm you will be judged accordingly. Sounds shallow but it is the truth. Leo likes center stage and all the drama that goes with it.

Good Day stays until Saturday night...kick back for the evening and make no promises. Virgo Moon reflects on us Sunday and Monday until 9:30pm...Virgo asks us to be perfect and pay attention to details. This is a good way to begin a week that will end with Mercury dancing backwards. Have all your talking ducks lined up properly so you are not misunderstood later. We'll have three weeks of that. Yuck...

Have the best day everyday.


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