Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend is a long one....

Where did the week go? The planet Mercury is slowing down and will soon go onto the dance floor for its backward waltz. This begins Monday morning. We can feel the reverse, we can feel the effects already. I for one can't seem to keep up with daily do's, conversations, writing, replies, revisions, remembering. Anything with the prefix RE qualifies during this time frame. The slow dance continues until June 19th. Be careful traveling and communicating. Much can be misunderstood. If you have something to speak that has been said before, then go ahead and say what is on your mind. In the publishing world, remakes of old books or second editions do well at this time. Nothing new should come across the board unless you are a risk taker.

As for the long weekend, count Saturday off. The moon is void the entire day. I mean the entire day. Get out into the yard and work the land. Capricorn Moon gets everybody off on their journey...not much smiling or looking at the scenery. Just get there. On Sunday and beyond...Aquarius reflects over all so there should be good surprises and maybe even a Gemini Birthday to celebrate.

Hope in Motion is an effort by a local hospital to raise funds for cancer. Hope in Motion was created by two people who are now gone. The Christopher Reeves foundation gives hope to all. For the message of hope and survival in a novel, please pick up a copy of Belly of the Whale on sale in bookstores and online.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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