Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday and forward...

The tug of Mercury slowing down has us all wondering what is happening. Travel is becoming an issue. This is just the beginning. As usual before the onset of the backward Mercury we begin to see its effects. Weather is also a factor...lots of the predictable stuff is early this year. Mercury goes into its reverse on the 26th of this month and stays in that mode until the 19th of June.

In the meantime Monday did not get started until after 3:30pm. All the morning stuff just became a wash out. No effect on the long term. Virgo moon of details and hard work stays with us until about 12:30pm on Wednesday. Use this energy to organize and label. The moon off radar will remain until just before midnight on Wednesday. Libra Moon begins after that and remains through until almost midnight Friday. Two-by-two is how these days are best spent. Stay tuned for the weekend update.

Belly of the Whale needs a boost on amazon. tell your friends what an amazing story this will keep you turning the page and stay with you long after the last line.

Have the best day everyday.

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