Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Day to Begin the Week

Monday is a Good Day. The Moon is in the sign of Gemini which will keep the lines of communication busy. Gemini never rests. There is so much to do and why waste time sleeping or eating. If you need to travel short distances or want to tell your story, today is a good day. This energy continues into Tuesday until just before 11:30am. There will be a brief break and the moon will return in Cancer a little after 1pm. Best thing to do is take an early lunch. Cancer makes the request to nurture, to eat well and to stay fluid. Wednesday the moon remains in Cancer all day so that mid-week energy is very good. Cancer always allows us to seek what we need. Taurus and Cancer are the best times for this.

Perhaps we all need a little inspiration as the month of July disappears. If you have something you feel passionate about, like writing, painting or music please give yourself permission to spend a little time everyday enjoying what you love to do. Do not let time slip by, ignore age and life status, just do it. Do your can always be what you dreamed...

Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight...


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