Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend of the Best Opportunity

The Taurus Moon joined us just after 9am Friday. We do enjoy the embrace of this moon and if we are wise, we should use the energy to get what our needs met. You should feel like the invited guest in situations where you require assistance. Most often the response is very generous. There is a nice cosmic energy going on at this time and if you are grounded and organized you can put forth very strong energy and opportunities should follow. Sunday Gemini trades places with our Taurus Moon this happens about noon leaving the morning on Sunday very loose and not the best time to do anything more than sleep late and read the paper.

My audience of readers has found its way into the cancer survivor community. I am honored to find myself among such brave individuals. The message of hope and survival in Belly of the Whale is beginning to reach out further and further. Please help take the message out into your community. Stay aware - stay healthy.

Have the best day everyday.

Linda Merlino

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