Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take off on Saturday...

Friday the Moon was in our favorite sign of Taurus. Things clicked, a Good Day. This morning in the early hours the Taurus Moon went off radar and she's gone for the day, not returning until about 5:30pm wearing her Gemini hat. For twelve hours we will be in the magical place of "nothing matters". Well maybe that is a bit exaggerated. There is a purpose to everything but on some days it just doesn't pay to push the planet. This is one of them. Some believe that the No Day thing is exempted during Taurus and Cancer Moons, could be fact, but just the same try not to commit or take a job, get married or stuff like that when it is a No Day. This evening with a Gemini Moon expect people to turn up the volume, lots of activity and chatter.

Belly of the Whale and me will be giving our message of hope and survival at Central Park on October 19th. Making Strides for Breast Cancer is having its annual walk-a-thon in many cities in the US. We are raising awareness, hope starts with me is the slogan this year. Please join us in your city or come to Central park and visit Belly and I under the Survivor Tent. We'd love to see you and we are putting together a team to walk, more info to follow.

Fight-the-fight. Stay aware.


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