Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full Moon Eclipse

Can you hear the howling of the full moon? The volume is turned up a bit higher than normal. An eclipse of the moon comes two weeks after a solar eclipse, this is cosmic fact. The lasting effects for us on a personal basis are about five months. Meaning what? Meaning if you are lucky enough to have your birth chart you can see where Aquarius fits into your horoscope and depending on that will see how Aquarius impacts your world. The full moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the free spirit, the all-for-one-and-one-for-all kind of person. Although this sign likes to remain detached it is very responsible so you will experience this as well. For those who would just like to know whether it is a good day or not, it is good. And the goodness flows into the remainder of the weekend when the moon exchanges hats with Pisces. That happens very early in the morning so the blip will be in the middle of a snore. Remember that Pisces makes us compassionate and a bit emotional. If you want something, use sympathy to get it.

I am putting together a team to walk at making Strides for Breast Cancer on October 19th in Central park. Even you can't participate you will be able to donate a few dollars to the cause. I'll fill you in with the facts next week. Fight-the-fight. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday.


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