Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank is Friday!!! That is a good thing. We spent most of the daytime in a No Day mode, once we got past 3:30pm things started to ease up. The best use of No Days is becoming more centered and organizing for future endeavors. Some folk like to begin their travel on a No Day and that is okay if you are up for anything. The Leo Moon will reflect on us this weekend until 11:30am on Sunday. Leo always stirs up the dramatic. Nothing is ordinary. Use this moon to have fun, visit children, take a risk or play an early Santa Claus. Sunday is a No Day after 11:30am. This leaves us a day to take care of the yard, finish cleaning out the basement or tending to your taxes.

The moon in Virgo will not let you off the hook. She will take over at 7pm Sunday night. We always think Of Virgo as being such-a-by-the-rules person but Virgo only appears to be that way. Yes on the exterior it is all very neat but there is some kinky stuff under all those layers.

Please, please spread the word about the new Dan Fogelberg Retrospective CD that offers folks a chance to listen to some great music and to support research for prostate cancer. I will be blogging about this CD on Friday April 10th. As an added note: A very special woman died this week, someone who for a short time walked on my path. Her kindness and generosity of spirit will never be forgotten. My friend lost her battle with colon cancer. We must all fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.


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