Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog Writer's Challenge

Month number two: February Report: Seven hundred words short of January goal.

Writing my third book in ten years does not exactly make me prolific, persistent, maybe, but not prolific. The third manuscript should be a piece-of-cake as the old cliché goes, but no, cake it ain’t. For one thing, the discipline needed chafes my inner free spirit; a five a.m. start is the key but not always achievable. When I am in a rhythm, it clicks, rise at five, dog, yoga, write, work, home, dog, dinner, write, and sleep. Throw in, or throw out, the following: fending off life’s surprises, also life’s responsibilities and oh yes, having a life.

The truth is I am committed to this writer’s challenge. There is no stopping the writing machine; I am out of the gate, tweets and blogs all about words and numbers, 500 a day, 12,000 a month by June 30, 2010, no rest until “The End”.

Inspirational thought: Nothing to do but write, write as if my life depended on it.

Blog what you think, see, hear and feel.

Have the best day everyday.



Lauren said...

You go, girl! We've got your back.

Linda Merlino said...

RWG...you are the best!!!