Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let's Begin The Week with a Really Good Day...

Weekend posting fell off the list. Sometimes the "to do's" are just more than one person can handle. I advised keeping close attention to details on my web page but neglected to take my own advice. Now that all the T's are crossed and I's dotted do (I) we feel better. Ah, yes for about five minutes then something else comes onto the radar and it all begins again.
The week begins with a Libra Moon and this always invites negotiation and compromise. How does that work into your world?
These little tidbits I offer are just suggestions but perhaps the use of this energy will come in handy in business or in a relationship. Libra is all about partnership and doing for two. Tables for two, two-by-two and one-on-one conversation are top of the list. Libra has a difficult time making decisions so if you need to choose perhaps you might invite or enlist the help of someone you trust or love. Libra Moon takes us through until Wednesday morning at which time just about 9:30am you might want to refrain from anything too significant. After 1:30pm look for what you can't find. Answers are deep and found only after much research. For those wanting to uncover the unknown, today is a good day.

For those who "believe" this is the month to practice random acts of kindness. To give is far better than to receive. Malls and department stores may come and go but the real gifts can be found in your heart. Hold the sweetness of this life in your hands and remember how fragile it is. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday.

For an excerpt from Chapter One of: Belly of The Whale go to:

Talk later...

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