Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Day

I hope that the stress of the holiday is not making you grind your teeth. As calm as I try to be there is a point when it gets to me. That is the moment I know that everything is not gong to get done, and who cares? Christmas will come and go whether I have all the gifts wrapped or not. Speaking of wrapping, the moon in Aries is very passionate and very quick. Tomorrow you can accomplish quite a lot. Wrap, shop, bake or whatever you need to do. People have attitude and others are aggressive. No one wants to wait in line to see Santa, so be mindful of the pushing and shoving. Count Tuesday as a Good Day and Wednesday is Good except for a few hours between 2:30 and 4:30pm. Take stock of your plans from Wednesday forward. The Taurus Moon will bring what we desire. It spends money and lots of it. The Winter Solstice comes on Saturday...the day after a No Friday. I do not want to spoil things but Friday is pretty much of a write off. The full Moon in Cancer is on Sunday and the Sun enters Capricorn on Saturday. A very busy Cosmic time.

I spoke to a woman whose husband is quite ill with cancer. She was open about the tragic turn of events in their lives but also willing to share the odd humorous moments. There are times she said when things are so awful that you say this can't be happening, but it is. A friend of their family started a Secret Santa and since Thanksgiving each day a gift is left at their front door or in their mailbox.. This random act of kindness is a way of extending the season and to tell this family they are loved. One of the gifts left anonymously was a fart toy. One of those obnoxious gadgets that annoying little kids love to play with. Well this woman's husband found the gift very amusing, and he asked his wife if when planning his memorial service that she would hand out fart toys. "Make sure everyone has a good laugh..." he said.

While we stay aware and stay hopeful, we must keep our sense of humor.

Have the best day everyday....

Talk later...

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