Monday, December 10, 2007

Mixed Morning...

Here on the East Coast it is still dark. Let me add, cold and dark with that rain-kind-of-sleet-thing-happening. Oh well, just layers into the Mixed Morning message. Happy go-lucky Sagittarius Moon is sliding off the radar about 10:30am and the blank spot will remain until about 2pm. This leads me to suggest that everyone take a long lunch. Eating is a good thing to do during the void. However, we are all not in a position to open our lunchboxes for four plus hours...with that in mind I suggest we try to ignore anyone who has a complaint or asks a question. Nothing will come out of any energy spent answering or listening. Take note that things are moving very slowly today. This phenomenon has become more evident everyday. The act of repeating is a daily do. Saying this is simply a reminder that things won't improve until the end of January. As for handling the day, after 2pm think business as usual. Capricorn Moon takes over and allows us to follow the rules and the traditional ways of accomplishing our tasks. Capricorn has a dry sense of humor and will not even crack a smile. Your job is to laugh and appreciate. After 7pm tomorrow night there is a huge blank spot. Yikes! What will we all do until Thursday. Don't throw Wednesday away, but also don't agree to anything, don't sign on a dotted line, don't make any promises...okay, I think you get it.

I try to follow my own advice about staying aware and over the weekend I was baking Christmas bread. Yum. The recipe requires yeast. At the top of each yeast packet was a swirling pink ribbon with a message: Bake for the Cure. Okay folks, tis' the most wonderful time of the year, let's get some seriously delicious smells coming out of your ovens. Do it for the cure, do it for the love of your family, do it to stay healthy and do it to stay aware.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...

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