Monday, June 2, 2008

Close Your Eyes On Monday

If you do not have all your stuff tied up by 9am EDT then wait until after 5pm. This equates to a full work day for most of us. This week we will have three, count'em, three No Days. Three work days that we can write off. Annoy the boss, and all that daily work "poop-happens-stuff" and it will not matter in the big picture. The days that we write off are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Bite my tongue...having said that I must tell you that the train pulled out of the virtual station this morning for my month long book tour. Whew it left at 6am, under the void's wire. This movie day, what better way to spend a work day. Grab a bag of peanut m & M's and click on to view Belly of the Whale's trailer. This is the creative genius of Kam Wai Yu of Kunati, Inc., my publisher. Kunati has been named Best Independent Publisher of the Year. Hooray for all of us at Kunati. We have much to celebrate as the train leaves the station.

After 5pm the moon will be new in Gemini. The buzz will be out there. Enjoy the trailer and have the best day everyday.

Talk later.

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