Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Update is Good

Mercury is now dancing forward which has given us back our ability to speak without mistake. The moon is in Aquarius since early this morning and will stay there through most of Monday. Summer Solstice was our longest day and summer is officially here. The weekend is full of surprises and because these are Good Days we can accomplish a fair amount. Activity that is centered around technology does well and anyone giving a surprise party should have great success.

For those folk who follow this blog I am sure you know that I routinely mention events and snippets of info related to cancer and its cure. Relay For Life has taken up several weekends and fund raising for breast cancer. Please support you local group for this event. Come the fall...Strides for Breast Cancer will be fund raising and promoting hope. Look for more on this and Belly of the Whale.

Have a great day everyday.

Talk later...


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