Friday, June 6, 2008

Let the Weekend Begin...

Friday was a No Day. There was no way to get around the energy. Fortunately the Cancer Moon usually keeps the momentum going so perhaps you did not feel the blank spot. After 6pm the Moon splashed into Leo and will burn bright and hot throughout the weekend. Expect a lot of drama and expressive energy. Children could be a focus of the weekend and theater or any spectacle that requires an audience.

Just before noon on Sunday the moon falls off radar and stays in a No Day mood until 10:00pm. Whatever you have planned for Sunday will experience its share of glitches and planning. Try not to get upset, just rework and review.

My recent blog for my Virtual Book Tour is below. I've added it today because I think it would be worthwhile to check out. The original blog is: Blog an Excerpt.

Excerpts often require ten minutes of reading out loud, that’s probably two minutes over the normal attention span; but you go over anyway, because you need to finish your thought…

The Dark Phantom Review posted an excerpt from Belly of the Whale. This is day five of my Virtual Book Tour and the cyberspace train keeps chugging along inviting passengers aboard to browse, discover, read, buy and win prizes.

Chapter One of Belly of the Whale is the excerpt. No better place to begin then at the beginning. The reader meets Hudson Catalina, finds out who she is, where she came from and begins to understand that the story unfolding is not an ordinary tale.

Hudson is named after a car, the Hudson Jet, one of the last of its kind to roll off the line in 1955. To be named after such a unique automobile carries a timeless honor. I recently attended a memorial Weekend Car Show. There were lots of Muscle Cars and 50’s Drive-in classics along with Flat Heads and 65’ Corvettes, but the one that stopped me, the one that put a smile on my face from earlobe to earlobe, was an ocean blue Hudson Jet.

As you read the first chapter excerpt you will get caught up in the turbulent twenty-four hours that surround Hudson Catalina’s story. She is a thirty-eight year old woman, wife and mother with breast cancer. As she narrates the story from a gurney in Whales market you recognize that the Hudson Jet of so many years ago and this young woman will both, stop you in your tracks. She will pull you into her story, page after page, until you reach the end, and then Hudson Catalina will stay in your head long after you finish Belly of the Whale.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

Linda Merlino, author of Belly of the Whale

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