Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good Day to begin a New Week

Pisces took us through the first few days of the weekend and on Sunday she trades places with blazing Aries. The exchange is brief, about an hour, late morning 11:30am. Aries Moon asks us to get things done. The only planet dancing backwards is Uranus and we can handle that. With the forward signs in neon we should put all boosters on full speed ahead. The election is over here in the US and we are churning into the final days of 2008. Pluto (yes we still acknowledge the little guy) will go into the sign of Capricorn on the 26th of this month. So what you might say? Well ask any Sagittarius how the last fourteen years have been and you will get an earful of hair curling replies. Capricorn folk must fortify for the cycle of the small planet in their sign.

With all the changes that have been wanted so passionately will also come rules and strict guidelines. These will not be frivolous changes. Remember awhile back I said some might be flattened by what lies in store, well whoa Nellie Buds cuz the time has come.

Aries Moon fills Monday and most of Tuesday. The week heats up from the start. Our favorite Taurus Moon comes on the scene after a brief 45 min space on Tuesday between 2:15 and 3pm. The full Moon will be in Taurus early on Thursday morning. Hopefully what you began two weeks ago will come to fruition now. Use the Taurus Moon to get what you need. Money will be spent, most of the time for things of luxury and pleasure.

Have the best day every day. Continue to fight-the-fight.


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