Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heading into the Weekend

This should be a great weekend, except for the quick change of hats on Thursday between noon and a little after 3pm the moon stays solid. Look out your window as the Full Moon in Taurus lights our sky. What a beacon to guide us through the next few days. Gemini takes the stage late in the afternoon of the 13th and she always brings good talk, busy hands and "got-to-go" kind of activity. There is no stopping to rest through the Gemini Moon. Gemini takes us into the weekend so many folk may find themselves in their cars or traveling short distances. Our next favorite moon in the sky is the Cancer Moon and she will reflect on us beginning Saturday afternoon. The speedy change is between 2:15pm and just before 3pm. No time to even think about it. Use the Cancer Moon to take care of family business, to cozy around the fire and join hands and be a family. Real estate is always a biggie during the Cancer Moon, also anything to do with restaurants and the like; food in general. Anything that is comfortable and familiar.

Have the best day everyday and remember to tell someone you love them this weekend. Fight the fight.


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