Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weekend is looking Good...

Once we get through a Wednesday the weekend seems so close. Three days of work and we are ready for a few days off. The Virgo Moon is directing traffic beginning about 8:30pm Wednesday night. Virgo likes details and lists. Santa likes lists too, so maybe we should check our lists twice. Use Virgo Moon to clean-up after other folk's mistakes. If you want to downsize, the Virgo moon allows you to trim, if you want to begin a diet the Virgo Moon says go for it. Health is a big issue with the Virgo Moon, so if you visit a physician ask many questions. Thursday and Friday are Good Days. Saturday we will awake with a Libra Moon that covers us through the weekend. Libra is partial to tandem activities and prefers one-to-one conversations. Libra Moon asks us to negotiate, compromise and keep the peace.

We all have many people and things to be grateful for, at this time of the year let's take the time to say thank you.

Have the best day everyday.


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