Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Weekend...

An entire five days has passed since the Super Bowl. I actually watched this mega event. Clearly I was clueless as to the rules and the fact that the Steelers won as predicted irked the Arizona fans present. Sorry. Mercury has chugged forward giving us all our voices back. The return of solid communication has proven itself as high up as the White House. There is much cleaning-up to do from previous talk.

We are headed into the weekend with a Cancer Moon reflecting on us. Friday should be a day of positive results. Spending time with family, cozy with good comfort food is high on the list of good things to do. This moon usually holds her own even during the void which is Saturday from 2pm until almost midnight. The best use of energy is to become more centered and spiritual. Do not push the planet or have high expectations. The Leo Moon takes over through Sunday giving us lots of drama and a reason to celebrate. The Full Moon is in Leo on Monday morning and what a beauty. Think back on what began two weeks ago and ponder as to its culmination. Monday afternoon after 2:30pm the moon changes hats...Just after midnight she comes back dressed as picky Virgo. Follow the rules for a few days and practice makes perfect.

Have the best day everyday...


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