Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's start off with saying that Thursday the 26th is a No Day. No point in getting yourself worked up over anything much until after 4:30pm. I am postponing mailing my income tax until after the moon goes into Aries. Perhaps using that energy will get my refund to me quicker. We all know how impatient Aries can be, how waiting is considered a punishment. The best use of this energy is to accomplish tasks swiftly. Friday is a Good Day and this takes us into Saturday until 1pm. Go into No Day mode the remainder of the day.

Sunday brings our favorite Moon in Taurus. Ask for what you need. This Moon is ruled by Venus and she is moving very slow right now and getting ready to dance backwards. All finances are grinding to a halt. This retrograde is especially significant. Monday for most of the day you can use the Taurus moon to accomplish special tasks and make requests. Taurus is very materialistic. Your senses will be heightened. The moon will change face after 5:30pm but not until middle of the early morning on Tuesday.

Over all the weekend is a stop and starter. Just when you gain momentum you will have to put your brakes on.

Have the best day everyday.


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thanks mom super helpful!