Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Days for Lovers and Valentines

The desire to be a pair, to prefer two and say I love you resonates high on the cosmic list. How curious that the lovers holiday should fall so close to this energy. The moon reflects on us in Libra for Thursday and Friday. This will enable those making plans for the weekend to come up with something sweet and lovely. There will be no failed attempts at getting a gift. The howevers do come along on Saturday though and perhaps using the 13th instead of the 14th might bode better. There is a brief exchange of hats on Saturday for 5 minutes between 9:46 am and 9:51am. Scorpio will replace the Libra calm. This moon is more intense and means to take over. There is no hiding from this moon. Lovers will dig deep into their psyches today and tomorrow. If you pop the question this will mean forever, so be sure. Love is not a fleeting thought or word when Scorpio covers us with light.

Roll all this together and we have a good rush of good days. The best part of all the good stuff is whatever we speak need only be said once. No one should second guess anymore. Venus the cupid of the cosmos will dance backward in another month but for now all thoughts of amore are sincere. One more word on Scorpio and the love thing...passion will be kicked up several notches. The spark will become an inferno!!!

Have the best day everyday.


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