Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Wednesday Word

Again I cheated-no blind finger down the page of Webster in search of a word. No. HERO was stuck in my head. HERO is the Wednesday word. The dictionary defines a hero as “a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose-selflessly brave”. The protagonist in my novel HUDSON CATALINA was interviewed on a recent blog. She was asked about the hero of her story. Hudson said the readers should decide about heroes and went on to talk about Willy WU, the autistic grocery cart collector she meets at Whales Market the night she, Willy and the store’s manager are taken hostage by a killer. Willy is my hero she said. Many might disagree with me, because there is no way to measure how much he processes. Willy Wu is special and capable of saving a life.

There is an author message on the back page of HUDSON CATALINA from me, the author, to you the reader: “The seed or inspiration for HUDSON CATALINA came from a character in the book, Willy Wu. I have long had a fascination with heroes, the idea of heroism in the pure sense of the word, the selfless act of giving your life to save another without thought of anything else beyond that act.”

Today anyone of us could be thrust into a situation that tests our own heroic ability. Thank you to all the heroes that keep us safe and free.

Write what you see, hear, think and feel.

Live each day well…or write a book.


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