Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Word Wednesday-“To give up hope is to give up life.”

I confess. Here is the truth and nothing but the truth. My finger did not slide down the page of my American Heritage dictionary to land on this week’s word-HOPE. No. Hope, the four letter word, was stuck in my head this week. Webster defines hope: to wish for something with expectation. Page one of HUDSON CATALINA makes a bold hair-on-your-arms-straight-up-statement. Every morning we hope for a good day-a reason to get up and put our feet on the floor. We as a collective are hopeful. Life is a game that we are hopeful to win-there is no getting out alive, but hopeful that nothing awful will happen along the way.

Hudson Catalina has given up hope. She wakes one morning convinced she will die from the disease that has taken her breasts. Hope, for her, is lost. She tells her own story about that day. Twenty-four hours in which hope plays an integral role in deciding who lives and who dies.

My hope is that you will share this message with your friends/followers. Share this message of hope. October is breast cancer awareness month-have you had your mammogram-tell your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt or cousin to make an appointment today. Hudson Catalina tells her story, not about breast cancer, but how so many of life’s tragedies can rob us of hope-how life can turn ugly in a blink and of how hope creates heroes and brings us closer to the face of God.

Blog what you see, feel, hear, touch and think.

Live each day well…or write a book.


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