Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What about Caregivers?

I do a lot of talking about not giving up hope, about staying aware and about supporting friends and family that are battling cancer. So what about the caregivers? Lest we forget those folk, these are the family members or friends that heed this advice or know instinctively what they must do. The main character in Belly Of The Whale is married to an endearing man named Jack Emerald. He is an incredibly sensitive caregiver. He puts his feelings and emotions away, keeps these out-of-sight, brings them out only when he is alone. Like Jack, there are many people caring for someone they love. What can you do to help? Give a caregiver the day off. Step up and step into their shoes for a few hours, a day, or a week. Let a caregiver remember what it is to get stuff off his or her chest, become their place to vent, be a good listener. Caregivers need to be reminded that they will survive, that life has twists and turns and that no matter what the outcome they as caregivers, must stay healthy for them self and for their loved ones.

Remember we are under the Good Day umbrella. Whatever the weather the sun is out with the Leo Moon. In case you wondered about all the drama, if you aren't using that tool you haven't been reading Good Days. Pretend if you must. The best actors are the ones that act like nothing is happening. Met anyone who resembles this description over the last few days?

Have the best day today.

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