Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mid-Week Madness...A Good day

Mid-week and we have survived the time change, sort of. We still feel jet lagged but we love that it is light at the end of a worked day. The moon has been in Taurus, the sign of mother earth. There will be very little space between costume changes...be mindful in the space of minutes Wednesday, 1:26pm to 1:54pm. Gemini takes over and stays with us until late in the afternoon on Friday. The Gemini Moon asks us to communicate. The need for the written word is more pronounced. Gemini goes from here to there and doesn't like to be bored. Folk may seem restless and a bit nervous. Most of us will get by with less sleep.

I talked to a dear friend tonight who is going through radiation for throat cancer. He is a singer and a pianist in New York City. Our exchange was not long, but he told me that he was talking to another patient about treatment. This person said, "Mine are almost over." My friend answered saying that, "He had another six weeks."
"No," the other person countered. "You must talk about your treatment in days, days are easier. Say, "thirty days, that's what you have left, thirty days."

Life is all about mind set. Don't let cancer win the battle. Fight-the-fight today.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...
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