Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Until Sunday at Three

Let's enjoy this weekend. The Gemini Moon rolls swiftly into Cancer with only 14 minutes off the radar between 4:23pm and 4:37pm Friday. Enough time to take a break and get ready for Mother Moon to throw her blanket of security over us. Like the Taurus Moon, Cancer Moon likes to cluck and cuddle, she wants to take care of us, feed us, give us a warm place to hang our hat and get in out-of-the-rain. If you are involved in Real Estate this is a good weekend. Family matters also are highlighted. Money issues, more domestic than anything can be a topic. Sunday sees us clear to 3pm and then holds us in wait for the Leo Moon until 9pm.
Enjoy the next three days...

Astrology and the workings of the universe are often left primarily to horoscope columns and "entertainment". But, we are connected to the cosmos, we are not super human beings, what happens out there in mysterious space does affect us. We would be fools to think otherwise. Keep your self attuned to the hum of the universe, the music of its stars and lights. Look up and ponder the wonder of the sky. Remember also, to find the cure.

Have the best day everyday.

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