Sunday, March 2, 2008

No Morning Monday

Saturday we will have to set the clocks forward...this is our last week of sleeping late. Today, Monday we might wish we didn't have to get up at all. The morning will see the moon off radar. All manner of weird stuff can and will happen. After 11:30am the Aquarius Moon takes over but doesn't seem to help much. Aquarius energy keeps thinks a little churned up and offers mixed signals for structure versus freedom. We will navigate this high frequency until about 5pm on Wednesday. All things technical, electrical and that which comes to us through television are highlighted. Expect the unexpected.

I am passing on a website that requires only a click from you:
Once you click it will help insure that free mammograms remain available to those who otherwise would not have this type of screening for cancer.

Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight.

Talk later...

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