Friday, March 7, 2008

No Friday...New Moon...Gets Better

Did it feel like the moon had fallen off the radar? If so, you are getting better at recognizing the signs of a No Day. Things went well up to about 2pm, then as the moon changed hats we all got a little off track. This No Day goes on until about 9:30am on Saturday. Don't worry needlessly, the emotions of the Pisces moon need to drain off.

When the moon returns she will be in Aries and since she is in the New Phase, much can be accomplished with this fireball energy. Careful of those folk who are impatient. By now you should know that Aries wastes no time in getting onward and forward.

There is a beauty in spending time with other women. The camaraderie is unmatched. Breast cancer is primarily a disease of women. Help to fight-the-fight, stay aware. If you can spare three minutes, please view the new Belly of the Whale book trailer on the Kunati site or UTube. Feel free to comment. Once you see the trailer you will understand the message I am trying to bring to my posts.

Have the best day everyday.

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