Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mid-week Blog is Good

We've had a string of wacky days and the whole Good Days - No Days blog has suffered a bit. The Virgo Moon has been reflecting over the planet since about 9am yesterday and will continue until about 2 am on Thursday. The Virgo Moon asks us to fill in the blanks and attend to details. We need to get organized and label stuff, if necessary. Today, Wednesday, is a Good Day for all of that. Looking towards Thursday we are headed for a No Day. That 2am off the radar for Virgo Moon lasts until about 6pm. So you must really make good use of today. Tomorrow things will bump along and you must go with the bumping, no matter. After 6pm the Libra Moon reflects down on us. This is a lovely moon for pairing up, doing the two-step and for making a compromise.

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Have the best day everyday...

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