Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mid-week Good Attitude

Here we are in the middle of the week again, seems we turn around and it is here once more. Where does the time go? Now that it stays light longer we really put in some extra energy after work. Moon is in Sagittarius and reflecting a good attitude and optimism all around. This positive energy stays with us until about 5:30 pm on Thursday. Use this time wisely. Make contact with people in authority, universities, churches, doctors, and lawyers. If you are traveling,
The void tomorrow night leaves us tangling until early Friday morning. Then for the weekend...a good weekend, but a bit more serious and structured then we might like. During the space on Thursday night and Friday morning just go with the atmosphere around you.

I do hope you believe in miracles because our family just added a new member and birth is certainly a miracle. We all are grateful for another face at our table and we do recognize that there is a higher power at work around us. Remember to fight-the-fight...don't give in or give up.

Have the best day everyday

Talk later...
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